The Red Car – Part 3 - The End


THAT night, Marie could hardly sleep. She was concerned about the young girl. She could do nothing but only to hope that no terrible thing would happen to that sweet, innocent face who fully endorsed herself to somebody when she step-in to the car. The young girl with a platinum blonde hair.

The next morning, the day was Saturday and Marie woke up late as it was weekend and she doesn’t have to work. After she had prepared her breakfast, she took it to the living room and opened the TV. She wanted to know if there’s something in the news about the girl, for she had a strong belief that there’s something bad had happened to that teenager, but there’s no news about it.

The next day, Sunday the thought of Marie was still occupied about that girl but same as yesterday, there’s no news about what she expected would happen so she thought to forget for nothing terrible happened anyway.

Monday, Marie was driving to her work when she turned the radio on to listen music when there was an interruption. It was a flash report about a young girl found dead and naked precisely on the same spot that Anneke was found. The young girl has a platinum blonde hair.

Marie headed her car to the Police Station. The police must know who was responsible for the death of the young girl and of Anneke.

Sitting in front of an officer, Marie told him that she knew who was the murderer.

“The murderer of who?” the police asked.

“Of the young girl and of my cousin Anneke,” Marie answered.


“Yes, she was found on the same place, also naked and dead, about six months ago,” Marie said. The police looked at his colleague who said to him about a woman that was a wife of a truck driver.

“Ah, now I know what you mean,” the officer said to Marie. “And you know who murdered them.”

“Yes,” Marie answered. “The man with the red sports car.”

“The man with the red sports car. You know him? What is his name?” the police officer asked.

“You may not believe me, so I guess I must tell everything from the start,” Marie said.

“Okay, tell us,” the police officer told Marie to tell them everything.

“My cousin Anneke has a job interview that day. I went to her house to babysit her child but before she leave, she told me about her dream.,” Marie started to relate what happened that day.

“Dream?” the police officer was puzzled, and he thought Marie was talking gibberish.

“She dreamed about the red sports car, and the driver of the car had given her a plate number,” Marie continued her talking.

“Wait a minute, I thought you came here to tell us who were the murderer of the two women?” the police interrupted Marie.

“That is what I am about to tell, that the murderer was the driver of that red sports car,” Marie answered the police officer.

“The man in the dream?”

“Yes, he gave the plate number to Anneke and told her; it will give her justice!” Anneke was a little irritated as the officer would not believe her.

“Henk, let this woman out,” the police officer that entertained Marie told another police to guide Marie out the bureau.

“Wait, that dream of Anneke became real,” Anneke insisted.

“You’re talking nonsense. You are crazy or you just making jokes to what we were doing here. Go home,” the police officer stood-up and went away. The other policeman who answered to the name of Henk, guided Marie out the bureau.

“You better go home, you’re not feeling well,” Henk, the policeman said to Marie.

“I am really not feeling well because nobody will listen to me!” Marie was upset. “You even did not know who the murderer was of that two women!”

“And you know?” Henk asked.

“Yes, it was the mayor of this town. He has something to do with that young girl found dead!” Marie told Henk.

“Of course,” Henk answered Marie.

“Of course? You know already he has something to do with that young girl?” Marie looked Henk askingly.

“It’s in the newspaper, that young girl was the daughter of the mayor,” Henk said.

“What?” Marie could not believe what she heard.

“Yes, so go home, relax and visit your doctor,” Henk advise Marie.

“I could hardly believe it, that young girl was the daughter of the mayor, the driver of the red sports car,” Marie mumbled. Although she was mumbling, Henk clearly heard what she was talking.

“You would also not believe what just happened fifteen minutes ago,” Henk said.

“Why, what happened fifteen minutes ago?” Marie asked.

“The Mayor and his wife were on their way to the morgue to identify the body, but they have an accident. The Mayor and his wife were dead.”

THE whole day, the news covered about the accident. The Mayor and his wife did not survive. There’s a whole coverage of what happened in the TV. The place where the daughter of the Mayor was found dead, on the same spot where Anneke was also found. The photos of both Anneke and the daughter of the Mayor were featured also as the police still did not solve the case who murdered the two women; and asking the public for any information that could lead to the perpetrator of the crime. The wreckage of the red sports car was featured and, in the photos, Marie could clearly see the plate number that Anneke dream about.

From what happened, Marie thought, how could the plate number of the red sports car gave justice to Anneke? Anneke had dreamed about it for nothing? Marie, how she tried it but she could not put together the puzzle of Anneke’s dream, the murders, and the red sports car.***The End***