The Letter of Evelyn - #31


Adora saw Evelyn looked pale.

“Evelyn, are you feeling alright?”

“Wait, I go to my apartment. I will come back.” Evelyn went out the apartment of Adora and hurried to her apartment. She quickly took the medallion and the booklet of Nelson and also hurried back to Adora. Adora did not understand Evelyn.

Evelyn opened the medallion and let see to Adora the photo inside. “Look, what can you say about this?”

“The same photo that my mother had, the aunt of my grandma. Where did you get this photo?” Adora was puzzled about the photo that Evelyn had. Evelyn paused for a while. She doubted if she will tell Adora that the woman was the mother of Nelson. “Evelyn! I am asking you, where did you get this medallion, this photo?”

“I suspect she was the mother of Nelson!” Evelyn answered Adora.

“What?” Adora could not believe what she heard. The aunt of her grandma could be the mother of Nelson Romano. Adora gave Evelyn a smile of disbelief. Quite an assumption and Adora could not believe it.

“Here, read this.” Evelyn gave to Adora the booklet of Nelson, where the photo of the same woman was fastened. Adora read it. After reading it, Adora exclaimed, “ My God!”

Adora take the photo that she had and compared it to the photo that was in the booklet of Nelson, and they both convinced, Adora and Evelyn that the photo was the same woman.

“Where did you take this booklet and the medallion?” Adora asked Evelyn.

“In the safe box deposit of a bank.” Evelyn answered Adora.

“I will call my mother. I will ask her about this!” Adora was very eager to ask her mother.

“It’s late, Adora, why not do it tomorrow? We can go together to talk to your mother if you like.”

🤦‍♀️Doctor Edgar Montero, what a coincidence! The mother that Nelson was looking was just around, that is if the woman was indeed her mother. Adora and I decided to visit her mother. We both wanted to clarify things about the mystery of the photo. Things around me became complicated. I still have my nightmares and why; I do not know. The mother of Adora gave a name to the woman in the photo. Her name is Aurelia. Aurelia was the youngest in the siblings of five. Aurelia was eighteen years old when she gave birth to a baby boy. Nobody in the family knew because Aurelia eloped when she was seventeen; returned to the family alone after giving birth and when she told the family that she had a baby boy and had left her baby at the door of the orphanage, the family could do nothing anymore because a childless couple already adopted the baby. That baby boy was the cousin of Adora’s grandma, so Nelson was already a grandpa of Adora. Nelson was Aurelia’s baby. Doctor Edgar Montero I was stunned by this rare and strange development about Nelson’s life, and so Adora’s family too, most of them could not believe, especially the ninety years old great grandma of Adora who was still alive. The old woman was relief that the long-lost son of her sister was found although they have nothing on it because Nelson was already gone. Nelson is dead already. Aurelia never married and was long dead. The mystery that was Nelson Romano is gradually unraveling.

The bank account where every year the interest of the time deposits was deposited, Armand Gomez told me that the account was empty. Each time the twenty-five million pesos entered in the said account, it was directly divided into ten accounts owned by different people.🤦‍♀️

“Who are these people?” Evelyn asked Armand.

“Due to privacy, the bank will not reveal the names in these beneficiaries accounts.” Armand answered Evelyn.

“I let stopped the time deposit after it matures, what will happen then if these accounts receive no money anymore?” Evelyn asked Armand.

“We do not know it yet, Evelyn. According to the bank, the time deposit, every five-years roll-on automatically if there’s no order to stop it. You had let it stop when it will mature, and you can do that because you are the legal heir of Nelson.” Armand explained to Evelyn.

“These kinds of things give me headaches. I will ask your opinion about what I am thinking.” Evelyn asked the opinion of Armand.

“About what, Evelyn?”

“I want to distance from all of these.” Evelyn said what she had in her thoughts.

“What do you mean by that?” Armand asked Evelyn as he did not understand what she meant.

“I do not want these anymore. I had headaches, and I had nightmares. I cannot understand what were happening. I want to distance myself with the wealth of Nelson, I will distance myself from all his businesses, from his estates!” Evelyn said to Armand.

“Evelyn, you can do what you want and what you will.”

“Can I give all the wealth of Nelson to his lawful family?” Evelyn asked.

“Lawful family? Nelson has family?” Armand was stunned to what Evelyn said that Nelson had a lawful family.

“I think so, will you please talk to the family of Adora?”

“Do you mean Congressman Valdez?”

“Yes, please talk to them.”

🤦‍♀️Doctor Edgar Montero, I want peace of mind. If I stay the guard of Nelson’s wealth, I will never have a peace of mind. So many things I did not understand. So many complicated things. I gave to Adora the medallion and the booklet of Nelson. I am convinced that they were the family of Nelson. If I don’t want anymore the wealth of Nelson, they can have it. I really want peace of mind. I am so tired Doctor Edgar Montero; I am so tired. That night, I received a call from the mother of John Mar.🤦

“Evelyn!” Clara, the mother of John Mar, was crying at the other end of the telephone.

“Ma’am Clara, why are you crying?” Evelyn asked Clara.

“I am sorry, Evelyn, but John Mar is no more. He did not make it. He’s dead!” Clara told Evelyn that John Mar did not made it. John Mar is gone.

🤦‍♀️Doctor Edgar Montero, after that conversation with the mother of John Mar, I was paralyzed for a moment. I just kept staring the window, and I saw no white clouds in the blue sky but darkness. John Mar did not survive, he’s gone. Even in the darkness of the night, I looked for the white clouds, in my thoughts I can see John Mar, waving goodbye to me as he travels to heaven, but I saw nothing, what I saw was darkness and an endless emptiness. My heart feels it will burst and suddenly I screamed and broke down to tears. Doctor Edgar Montero did John Mar die because of me? I knew John Mar was a married man, if I did not cling to him and did not let live the love that we have to each other, he was still alive. Am I egoistic to embrace the love that he also freely gave to me? I felt guilty! Could or would I blame Olivia for what she did to John Mar? Olivia that day, before I received that night from the mother of John Mar that John Mar died, Olivia announced her engagement to another man. John Mar down, Olivia up! The next day and the day after I just stayed inside my home. Do you know what I am doing Doctor Edgar Montero? I am writing a letter! To whom I am writing? To you, Doctor Edgar Montero, I am writing a letter to you. You may ask why I am writing to you, maybe because I want help. You are a neurologist at the same time a psychologist, yes, that’s what I am thinking, you can help me. I thought in one way or another, at the same time, I could let you know what I felt when you once approached me and then rejected on a way that hurt me.🤦

“Evelyn, I am worried about you!” Adora said to Evelyn as she stood outside the door of Evelyn’s apartment as Evelyn did not open the door for her to let in.

“Adora, please I want to be alone!” Evelyn at the other side of the closed door, answered Adora.

“I heard you talking, was there someone with you?” Adora asked.

“No one here, I am alone.” Evelyn answered Adora.

“But I heard you were talking. If you are alone in there, to whom are you talking?” Adora was worried.

“Adora, please if you heard me talking, that is on the phone. Will you please go away? I want to be alone.” Evelyn asked Adora to leave her alone.

“Are you sure there’s nothing wrong?”

“I am okay. There’s nothing wrong!”

🤦‍♀️Adora was worried. She thought I was talking alone to myself. She thought I was becoming crazy. I am not talking to myself Doctor Edgar Montero. I am talking to the phone, to the lawyer that nobody knew I had my testament be made. Of course, sometimes I talk to myself. I thought it was logical to talk to yourself if there’s nobody around.****to be continued****