The Letter of Evelyn - #33


As Evelyn and Adora agreed to go shopping, Evelyn after she dressed herself, put into her handbag the letter she was writing for quite of time. The letter was for Doctor Edgar Montero.

The first time that Evelyn came out her house with no bodyguards. Adora drove her car to the shopping center where they agreed to do shopping.

Evelyn was jolly, not the melancholic Evelyn that Adora was used to. Adora wondered the sudden changed of the mood of Evelyn but since she knew Evelyn, Evelyn could be sad at a moment and suddenly be happy. Adora could not understood how Evelyn can do it.

The two friend have an enjoyable time in the shopping center. They have snacks, have their laughs and they bought nice and expensive things. Evelyn bought a pen in gold with a diamond, ruby, and emerald, very beautiful pen. Evelyn let it wrapped as gift and then handed the gift to Adora.

“For you.” Evelyn said to Adora. Adora looked at Evelyn, she could not understand why Evelyn was giving her a gift. “What for?”

“No reason, I just like to give it you.” Evelyn answered Adora.

“Thank you Evelyn, this is very nice.” Adora was glad and happy.

“You’re welcome!” Evelyn replied.

After their shopping spree, while Adora was driving home, Evelyn requested Adora to drop her on a clinic.

“Clinic? What clinic?” Adora asked Evelyn.

“Please, just drop me there.” Evelyn did not answer the question of Adora but requested to just drop her.

“If you need a doctor, we have doctors in the foundation.” Adora thought that Evelyn wanted to see a doctor. “Is there something wrong?”

“Nothing is wrong with me Adora.”


Adora did drop Evelyn in the front of the clinic, and before Evelyn stepped out, Adora asked Evelyn.

“Are you sure you do not want me to wait for you?” Adora looked at to the direction of the clinic. It’s already late in the afternoon. Evelyn for a while looked at the direction of the clinic, looked at Adora then came back to the car.

“You’re right. I will go tomorrow.”

Adora had a deep breath of relief. She started her car and drove.

The next morning, Adora wake up late. From the kitchen of their apartment she looked out at the window, but she saw no activities in the other apartment, the apartment of Evelyn. She thought Evelyn was already in her office as the time was already 9 o’clock.

But later Adora learned that Evelyn was not in her office. A security guard told Adora that Evelyn was gone driving self her car but did not mention where to.

Evelyn on the other hand, was already in the parking area by the clinic of Doctor Edgar Montero. She was there very early in the morning. She saw already the secretary of the doctor and the arriving of several patients but there’s no Doctor Edgar Montero yet, so she just stayed in her car.

Evelyn was not well dressed that morning. She just dressed herself very casually and she wore sunglass to hide her haggard-look eyes. That night she did not sleep well, and for a few hours that she slept she had again the nightmares that tormented her for a quite of time.

Evelyn saw a car parking, and it was Doctor Edgar Montero. Evelyn quickly came out her car and came to Doctor Edgar Montero, who came out his car after he parked.

“Good morning, Doctor.” Evelyn said good morning to the doctor and quickly gave him the letter. “Please, read this letter, it is a question of survival!”

Doctor Edgar Montero was surprised and before he could say something, Evelyn was already walking away. “Wait!”

But Evelyn did not even turn her head. She just continue walking and went inside her car, started it, and drove away. Doctor Edgar Montero then shrugged his shoulder. The woman seemed familiar although she wore a sunglass. The words ‘it’s a question of survival’ made him curious about the letter, he wanted to read it immediately.

When Doctor Edgar Montero entered his clinic there were several patients waiting, but the doctor told his secretary to hold first the patients because he wanted to read the letter he had in his hand. It was a long letter of many pages. When Doctor Edgar Montero opened the envelope, there’s a key and it made him more curious. He started to read the letter.

Evelyn did not drive that far. She stopped her car in front of a coffee shop not far away from the clinic of Doctor Edgar Montero. She just sat for a while because she felt dizzy, it’s not responsible to drive, she thought.

Evelyn was almost fifteen minutes sitting inside her car when she decided to have a coffee in the coffee shop. She opened the door of her car, stepped out and she did not notice a motorcycle approaching and running very fast toward her. Screeching of the tire and a loud sound of crash, Evelyn was hit hard by the motor!

People saw the accident, some women screamed. Inside the coffee shop one called the emergency number and one person ran to the clinic of Doctor Edgar Montero.

“Doctor, Doctor, help! Accident!”

At the scene of the accident, Doctor Edgar Montero saw, it was the woman who gave him the letter, it was Evelyn.

Sirens of the ambulance, of the police!

After the chaos and commotions of the accident, Doctor Edgar Montero was back inside his clinic. He was beaten from what had happened. For a while he just sit and then later, he called his assistant and asked a cup of coffee. When Doctor Edgar Montero finished his cup of coffee, he decided to come to the hospital where he knew Evelyn was brought. He take with him the letter of Evelyn and the key.

The hospital told Doctor Edgar Montero; Evelyn was dead on arrival in the hospital. The head of Evelyn was fatally struck by the motor.

THE next day, it was the headlines in many newspapers. The death of Evelyn Romano, the secret billionaire and philanthropist who only lived simple in an apartment above or top of the building of the foundation. One newspaper covered her tragic story, so many tragedies happened in just a brief period, in the span of five years. One tragedy to another tragedy, the Law of Murphy had dominated the life of Evelyn. Adora was sad, her mother told her, if someone gave a pen as gift, its means departing as of saying goodbye. When Evelyn gave her the beautiful pen, it meant Evelyn was saying goodbye.

The lawyer who had the testament of Evelyn went to the Law firm that was founded by John Mar and now Armand Gomez was the top associates, only to deliver the wishes of Evelyn. She wanted to be buried in her birthplace, in Bacolod City next to the grave of her beloved family. Adora and Greg were the one to manage the burial. The Lawyer said, the testament of Evelyn which was in a safe box deposit of a bank will be read before the funeral. Doctor Edgar Montero have they key.

The mother of Adora will inherit all the wealth of Evelyn. She was the rightful family of Nelson. She was the one who will decide what would be done with the wealth. Adora and Greg to supervise the Law Firms that managed the businesses here in the Philippines and international. The five hundred million pesos time deposit that Evelyn before had decided to stop will go to a trust fund. The roll-on time deposit contract will continue to generate funds for the same charity foundations with exception of the three accounts that was of Evelyn, instead it will go to three foundations under Doctor Edgar Montero’s disposal which. Adora will have Evelyn’s personal things, the building and her apartment on top of it, plus the small plane. Doctor Edgar Montero will have the brown envelope that was in the safe box deposit with the testament.

DOCTOR Edgar Montero opened the brown envelope when he was at his home. The envelope contained papers of values. US treasury Bonds, Sovereign Gold Bonds, State Bonds, and many more. Doctor Edgar Montero could not estimate the value. The bonds are payable to the bearer.

Doctor Edgar know what to do with the money the papers could deliver. In the last part of Evelyn’s letter, Evelyn requested him to upgrade his clinic so that many could be helped, and the many that Evelyn meant was the people who suffered mind sickness.

Doctor Edgar Montero concluded that Evelyn had realized that she had mind sickness, for indeed, Evelyn was sick in her mind. The trauma, the sorrows, the depression, and the drugs contributed it all. Now, Doctor Edgar Montero understood why Evelyn said it’s a question of survival. Evelyn was reaching help from him.

Doctor Edgar Montero and his family attended the funeral. Adora and Greg; the whole family that Nelson never known was his long lost family. Congressman Valdez was also present and so the dignitaries of the city of Bacolod. The Media discovered Evelyn Romano.

What ever the reasons of the Elites that were present or attended the funeral of Evelyn Romano; Doctor Edgar Montero as he silently observed the many ordinary, poor people who were also there, silently having their tears; some with banners with words “We love you, Evelyn” “Thank you, Evelyn” “We will miss you Evelyn” “Fly to heaven in peace” “You are an angel!”, Doctor Edgar Montero was touched. Evelyn who complained that she was alone, that nobody loved her, if she only could see how these people loved her and grieve!

Doctor Edgar Montero, put the white rose he’s holding to the coffin of Evelyn and softly like whispering said, “ Rest in Peace, Evelyn!” ****The End/Finished/Completed****Remedios Dorio


NOTE: Watch for my coming novel, The Pigs Too Are Waiting.