The Dream, The Meaning

By Remedios Dorio


A person of many interest, I could surely define myself with that. I liked to write and at the young age had made it my career and had a huge income I never anticipated as being a drama talent and a soap opera script writer. With limited opportunities in the Philippines because of poverty I had not further exploited any inborn talents liked painting, although when playing with other children I would sketch on the sand whatever I wanted to draw, like people, plants, flower, animals and so on.


Coming in the Netherlands as I saw a window glass displaying paintings for sale, I would stand at their for a while admiring and asking myself if I could also paint.


My first try in painting. (See photo above)I hung it in the living room, and people would look at it and asked who was the painter? When I said I am the painter some doubted and would look again the painting especially if I told them it was my first attempt. They would ask if I study Arts and my answer, of course, was no, some gave compliments and some just hold their opinion to themselves.


Let's forget painting because what I would like to tell is about dreams. I strongly believe that dreams have meanings. Of course, others believed that dreams have no meanings and I respect it.

People having different meanings and beliefs made life exciting.


I liked it very much to do practical jokes to my friends, sometimes performing tricks I learned or would read their palm or predict their future with numerology and card readings. I also tried to explain the meanings of their dreams.


A friend had a dream, she said just kept coming back.


She was walking on a road. First everything was just normal but suddenly she felt afraid because liked someone was following her, but she saw nobody. She walked hurriedly so that she would be soon home and there she would be safe. Arriving home she quickly closed all the windows but before she could close all the doors there’s this big man approaching. Suddenly she had in her hands a bow and arrow, and she tried to hit the man but the arrow just bounced away. Then the big man was standing in front of her. She pushed away the big man and said to him,

“I am not afraid of you; I even could make love with you.”


I tried to analyze her dream.


Dreaming that someone wanted to kill you, meant there’s a problem in your life that must be solved. But you was afraid and hurried home because you thought you were safe there, meaning you are running away from your problem. You know you must solve your problem, but you do not have the solution or you are afraid that it would ruin or damage you if your problem was a secret of yours. Or you do not know how to come out from your present situation you hated.  

You said to the big man that you are not afraid and that even could make love with him, meant you ignored your problem because even you know that what you’re doing was wrong and was against your virtue and morality, you do not know how to correct or won’t correct it, because your doing was practically acceptable to people around you.


My humble analyzation of her dream. I am not an expert about dreams and their meanings but if you had a dream and wanted your dreams to be interpreted, click the link and it will bring you to the Worlds of Dreams