Winter Love Madness

by Remedios Dorio


Still a summer in his winter age,

Swiftly bringing me his warm breezes,

Calling me names, Sweetie, Honey and Babe,

Struck my heart, the arrow of Cupid,

His will so strong, an endless storm,

Liked a bamboo grass I’m helplessly bowing down.


A womanizer, from one woman after another,

Red wine he liked, he’s a heavy drinker,

So sweet he brought me to heaven,

So rude humiliated me to cry,

Killing at the same time making me alive,

His cocktail of pains and ecstasy I’m drunk.


Crazy with feelings, three season’s wisdom gone,

Blurring my eyes not able to see,

Blocking my mind to stay zero degree.

I hate him can’t sleep I want him,

I despise him can’t eat I need him,

If this madness is love I am lost.


Damned or blessed love is a gamble!