The Letter of Evelyn - #14


“Amalia had told me that Roy has something to do with Nelson’s death.” Evelyn said. Carlos and Teresa hardly can believe what Evelyn told to them that Roy has something to do, to what happen to Nelson.

“How does Amalia know?” Teresa asked.

“Roy with his three friends, they did it with the help of the security guard of Nelson.”

“Yes, that is according to the two maids, but that security guard was also dead, and he consistently told the police he has nothing to do about the robbery and the dead of Nelson.” Carlos said.

“Dead? I thought he was in prison!” Evelyn thought that the security guard was prisoned.

“I also do not know what happened. It was chaotic time. The police detained that security guard. We were busy with the funeral of Nelson, you, you’re grieving from what happened, then these lawyers about Nelson’s wealth. He was forgotten and one day the police found him dead in his cell. He hangs himself.” Carlos explained to Evelyn about what happened to the security guard.

“It means only one thing. We cannot connect Roy to the death of Nelson.” Evelyn was disappointed because she was convinced that the security guard could tell the truth about Roy and his friends’ involvement to the death-murder of Nelson.

“So, forget about Roy; forget Amalia; focus on your own life.” Carlos advice his daughter.

“Well, at the time being, I can do nothing. But I really want a justice on Nelson’s death. Please open the gift I brought.” Evelyn means the two little packages she brought as gift to her mother and father.

Carlos and Teresa opened the gift Evelyn brought to them. A little machine that she thought will be handy for her parents to have.

“What is this for?” Teresa asked as she could not figure out what she had on her hand.

“Mama, that is a telephone!” Evelyn answered her mother.


“Yes, Mama. A mobile phone. You can bring it anywhere, so at any time you can use it.” Evelyn explained to her mother. She brought a mobile phone as gift to her parents. One for her mother, one for her father.

“Handy! Wherever you go you always have a telephone with you!” Teresa was amazed by the new gadget.

“I read already about this modern thing.” Carlos commented.

“It is now in the Philippines. I also have one for me. I already input my telephone number in your both phones, and I also have your both number in my phone. It would be easy for us to call each other at anytime.”

“I like this thing.” Carlos was happy of the gift he received from his daughter.

“By the way, Adora’s honeymoon soon will be over.” Teresa said.

“Yes, Mama. She and Greg over two weeks will be returning back.” Evelyn replied to her mother.

🤦Doctor Edgar Montero, my suspect about Roy that he murdered Nelson as suggested to me by Amalia has no proof. I had hope that the security guard involved in the case could help me because I decided already to use money, no matter how it may cost as long what happened to Nelson can have justice but the security guard was deceased. He hung himself in the cell. For the first time in my life, I had a goal. And that goal was justice for Nelson. The question is what will I do? The private investigator I hired could not come further with his investigation.

That day from my parent’s house, I was already seated in the airplane that will bring me back to Manila, while the other passengers still looking for their designated seats. The last passenger to board the plane made my heart pounded fast. It was Roy. And if it is not fate’s joke, I could not understand why, why Roy’s seat was the seat besides me. He saw me and smiled.🤦

“Hello, Sweetie! I am surprised!” First lines of words that Roy said to Evelyn. Evelyn did not answer. She tried to be calm but inside her, she cannot explain what she felt. Evelyn did not answer Roy.

“What a coincidence! Long time no sees!” Roy again said but the same, Evelyn did not answer him.

“What happened to my lively Sweetheart?” Roy did not stop talking to Evelyn. “You lost your tongue?”

“Will you please, stop bothering me? Evelyn said to Roy. Roy chuckled and the chuckles of him annoyed Evelyn. But Evelyn kept quiet.

“An answer as ‘Hello, Roy, how are you?’ could be nice.” Roy continued.

“I am not interested to know your situation or how is your life, totally not interested. And I have no intention to give you a nice feeling.” Evelyn answered composedly.

“Okay, you are not interested, I can live with that.” Roy grinned that for Evelyn was very irritating. “You look pretty, you know. The same Evelyn I saw for the first time.”

“I am not the same Evelyn that you know.”

“I know. You change! But not for long!” Roy again with a grin in his face.

“And what do you mean by that?”

“Sweetheart, you will know what I mean later.”

“I am not your sweetheart!” Evelyn replied to Roy sternly.

“Not yet Evelyn. But eventually, you will again my sweetheart!” Roy whispered to Evelyn what he said when he leaned a little toward her when he said it. Evelyn sensed an intimidating word from Roy, a threat and inside her, Evelyn quivered. She knew Roy was targeting her for whatever he had in his mind, and it was a very frightening assumption. ****to be continued ****