Reflection of a Vampire #8


When Rosalie did the door of her house wide open, Daniel and Agnes stepped in to get inside.


The eyes of Agnes were swirling around, scrutinizing every corner of the house as she walked through the house without even asking Rosalie if it’s possible.


“You’re now satisfied? Martin is not here!” Daniel said to Agnes when they saw no any signs that Martin was in the house.


“That room and that room, I also want to look, Martin maybe was hiding there!” Agnes have it the room of Rosalie and one spare room that Rosalie used as stocks room.


Daniel looked at Rosalie, but Rosalie said nothing.


“Could you open the door of your bedroom, Rosalie?” Daniel asked Rosalie if she could open the door of her bedroom.


“I am crazy I let you in my house when you have no search warrant.” Rosalie answered Daniel.


“I want no trouble. She’s making scandalous noise!” Daniel said that Agnes was making scandalous noise, it disturbed the neighborhood.


“Because she’s making scandalous noise, you agreed to become her snipping dog.”


The words of Rosalie made the face of Daniel red. He was insulted.


“Watch out your word, Rosalie. You are a foreigner in this country and you must behave.” Daniel was upset. He knew Rosalie as a sweet, soft woman, just a little eccentric and he was surprised by her being sharp now.


“Are we talking now discrimination?” Rosalie was sarcastic. “I may come from

another land but I am also a citizen of this country.”


“I asked, if you did not like, you can say no! Agnes, we go out this house.” Daniel told Agnes that they must go.


“I like to look at her bedroom. Martin I’m sure was there.” Agnes protested, she liked to look for Martin in Rosalie’s bedroom.


Rosalie will the people quickly out from her house, so she opened the door of her bedroom.


“Look at every corner of my room, look inside the closet and if you find Martin, you can drag him out this house and chain him so that you will not lose him from your sight!”


Rosalie said it but her heart was fast beating. What if they could find Martin inside her room?


Inside her bedroom, Daniel and Agnes even look at under the bed and in the closet but Martin was nowhere to be found, and Rosalie thought only one reason why, Martin with Queen Riza were just hiding in the mirror.


Getting out from the house of Rosalie, Daniel apologized to Rosalie.


“I am sorry, Rosalie.


When Daniel and Agnes were out the door, Rosalie quickly went to her bedroom. There’s no one there so she called Queen Riza.


“Where are you, where is Martin?”


Outside, Daniel and Agnes heard the talking of Rosalie although they could not catch what Rosalie was saying.


“Did you hear that? The crazy woman was again talking to herself!” Agnes said to Daniel.


“Go home, Agnes. Just go home!”


Inside her room, Rosalie for how many times touched the mirror, trying to let the mirror open but the mirror did not open.


She stayed in her bed then and while lying she waited. She thought that at any moment, Queen Riza and Martin will reappear, but no, until it was night and she fall asleep, nobody come out the mirror. No Martin, no Queen Riza.


Rosalie wake-up in the morning again according to her biorhythm. It’s Monday and it’s working day.


At work, all of her colleagues were drinking coffee or tea before the briefing and assigning of works for them.


“I heard from Isabel that you were a queen before?” one of the colleagues said askingly to Rosalie.


“I do not believe that woman!” Rosalie answered.


“Me, I believe in reincarnation!” a colleague that originated from India said.


“I am not a reincarnation of no one.” Rosalie answered her.


“I am jealous, imagine you was a queen before, but me, I do not like what that woman told me that I must be aware and avoid vampire people who will only suck my energy out.” Isabel said.


“Vampires are not true, it’s just imagination.” 


“Who had seen the news about a homeless man decapitated?”


Nobody had no chance to talk more about what happened to the homeless man when their leader interrupted and told them all to go to the conference room for the briefing about their work that day.  


Rosalie was paired with Mieke and their vicinity of work was in the Witte de Withstraat. Always Mieke to start her day work, will come along by the big department store known as a store for people with money. She will go directly to the perfume department to spray herself perfume from the tester bottle. This habit of Mieke was known to every colleague and so Rosalie knew it too, so she just follows Mieke and look as she chose the most expensive perfume and spray herself with the tester and then go out the store.


“Smell good, isn’t it?” Mieke told and asked Rosalie that the perfume she sprayed to herself was just smells good. “And gratis”.


Rosalie just nodded. The Dutch people like gratis, but giving a thought of it, who do not like free things? Rosalie thought, not only the Dutch people love gratis, everybody may what race they have.


After for more than two hours strolling the Witte de Withstraat, Mieke want to drink coffee so they choose one coffee shop and sit down in one of the tables.


While Mieke drink her coffee and Rosalie her tea, they talked from everything what. They have the topic about Mavis their colleague that will be getting married soon. She had met her groom through chatting on the internet, when Mieke notice something in the neck of Rosalie.


“What is that in your neck?”


“Why, what it is about my neck?” Rosalie asked Mieke.


“I think it’s an insect bite!”


Using the camera of her mobile phone, Rosalie opened the selfie menu, look to her neck, and she saw, two small punch bite on her neck. **to be continued**Remy Dorio