The Letter of Evelyn -  #23

🤦‍♀️Doctor Edgar Montero, all that happened and suggestions to me, were many storms that bundled and formed a whirlwind in my mind. Now I started to not distinguish which was true or not, what to believe. I made copies of all the papers. The originals, I asked Lolita to hide it in her family’s house, the copies I let it send to the Law Firm of John Mar with a request to look after it. How the firm of John Mar will manage against the other firm, I don’t know. I know nothing about Law, so I let the lawyers settled out how would they manage such problems.

Coming back to Manila, I tried to be as casual as I could be with Adora. The poison that Roy planted in my mind was still hanging, every time telling me to be careful with her, as what Roy said that Adora was also in the complot or conspiracy. Adora was a friend I believe I had helped, and had wished a good life, and happiness with her husband. It was hard to accept that she, as like Roy, were messengers of the evil that were dancing around me.🤦♀️

“Evelyn, please try to live. You are just inside, if not in your office, you are in your apartment.” Adora convinced Evelyn that she must not just stay inside.

“Adora, it is good so.” Evelyn answered.

“The death of your parents and of Roy, you must forget it.” Adora advised Evelyn.

“Adora, I am used already from wat sorrows or sadness or tragedies that are happening around me.” Adora heard and saw apathetic Evelyn.

“What I mean, it is time for you to live. Roy is no more; you even can go out with no bodyguards!” Adora said.

If Adora words were just normal urges for Evelyn, it vibrated to Evelyn a different meaning. Why does Adora want her to have no more bodyguards? Evelyn’s mind said, because Adora was in the complot.

“If you like, we go shopping today?” Adora invited Evelyn to go out for shopping.

“Adora, I really not in the mood to go out especially go shopping!” Evelyn answered Evelyn.

“Come on, Evelyn. People say that shopping is a therapy especially if you are down.” Adora used the word down instead of depression to not insult Evelyn. “Besides, you need a new outfit for Saturday!”

“Saturday?” Evelyn looked at Adora askingly.

“You forgot? We are invited to the jubilee of the most prestigious Medical Institute?” Adora refreshed the memory of Evelyn about the invitation they received a month ago.

“Oh, yes!”

“Now, it is time for you to socialize. Come on, we go shopping. We must be presentable that night; you don’t know what may happen!”

“You are a married woman!”

“So what? A little flirting could bring spice to my married life and for you, who know, a charming handsome guy?” Adora tried to cheer Evelyn.

🤦‍♀️That day, Adora convinced me to go out shopping. Well, what could I say? That going out shopping was a diversion to my shattered mind, I described my mind shattered because my thoughts have no direction, no focus, Doctor Edgar Montero. I bought a nice purple blouse with a deep décolleté and a purple jersey pant and a high heel shoe in the color of flaming red. That night, in the jubilee of the Medical Institute I stand out. The women have disapproving glare, but the men were all have that penetrating eyes on me. Sometimes I saw them whispering each other and grinning. That whispering and grinning have a different content or meaning, but I had taken it as a kind of attraction to me, especially when I saw you smiling and approached me. 🤦♀️



🤦♀️That’s how we greeted each other. We talked for a while and then you gave me your calling card and whispered to call you, sometimes.🤦♀️

Doctor Edgar Montero paused for a while in reading the letter of Evelyn. Traveling the times in Evelyn’s life, he could not find a reason how a woman so fragile by look could survive the many turmoil in her life. Evelyn doesn’t knew it by herself, but she was a strong woman in the sense of her resiliency. Her endurance to survive.

Doctor Edgar Montero thru the intercom, called his secretary to enter his room.

“Yes, Doctor.” the secretary said as she opened the door.

“Will you please apologize to the patients waiting outside that there’s no consultation today?” Doctor Edgar Montero said to his secretary. The secretary askingly looked at the doctor. She wanted a reason the doctor could not attend to his patients.

“Tell them, I am needed in the hospital. And please can you bring me a cup of tea.”

“Yes, Doctor.” And the secretary closed the door, then told the patients that the doctor could not attend to them giving the reason as what Doctor Edgar Montero said.

After he had his cup of tea, Doctor Edgar Montero continued reading the letter of Evelyn.

🤦‍♀️I cannot take out my mind your smiling face. You are so charming, and I’ll tell you I fall in love with you at first sight. Confusing thoughts in my mind were gone because I am just thinking about you. I fantasized the glory of being with you, making love with you, until I decided I must call you. You had given me your calling card, so I am convinced that you are really expecting or waiting for my call. Doctor Edgar Montero, I was so excited, so nervous when I heard your telephone was ringing. It was your secretary that answered the telephone. Your secretary connected me to you, and when I heard your voice, oh, it was glory. My heart beat so fast, I am very excited.

“Evelyn!” Doctor Edgar Montero was surprised.

“You still remember me?” Evelyn at the other end of the line.

“Yes, of course.” The doctor was glad upon hearing that it was Evelyn calling him.

“I call you because I want to invite you to escort me.”


“Yes, the grand opening of a fine restaurant and I am the one to cut the ribbon!”

Doctor Edgar Montero pause for a moment and before he can talk to answer Evelyn, he saw from the window of his clinic, the auto of Elsa his wife, stopped at the parking area of the clinic. Elsa with their three little children.

“Sorry, Evelyn. I have no money, bye.”

🤦‍♀️Doctor Edgar Montero I could not believed what I heard and that you just cut off our talking to each other abruptly. I do not know what to feel, because I cannot understand what and why you reacted like that. ‘I have no money,’ you said. What do you mean by that? I called you because of money? Inviting you to just escort me in cutting ribbon you have to pay me? I am hurt with those words of you ‘I have no money,’ why? Because that words of you Doctor Edgar Montero, you know it by yourself, have a meaning.🤦♀️

Doctor Edgar Montero for a while stopped reading the letter of Evelyn. Evelyn was right. What he said I have no money, subconsciously have a meaning. Few meanings. First, he had thought Evelyn was a hooker, a gold digger as what some of his friends suggested. Then one of his friend had this video that Evelyn was talking about. First he thought they were looking a commercial porno film but later they realized it was not. Second, he had a family, had a wife and three little children. Must he gamble his family, his profession to one Evelyn, that he honestly accepted to himself, he was attracted to? But why did he say it to Evelyn? It was just a spontaneous answer from him, and at that time have no meaning but subconsciously well.

🤦♀️Your degrading insult, had taken me days to digest. I went to that ribbon cutting with one of the social workers as my escort. I had survived the humiliation, Doctor Edgar Montero for I said to myself people sometimes reacted to things they didn’t know and just gave false judgement without digging deeper for the truth.

I continue my existence that has no purpose for myself. I dedicated myself in the welfare or charity world. I spend the money I inherited from Nelson as water, and Adora commented on it.🤦♀️

“Evelyn, take me not wrong but if you don’t stop what you are doing now with your money, you will wake someday poor.” Adora said to Evelyn.

“The businesses of Nelson were making money and it will not run dry because I am spending only the profits.” Evelyn answered Adora.

“Business could not give profits forever.” Adora said.

“Adora, I knew nothing about business. There were people who managed, and they were doing good.”

“Okay, I say no more.”

🤦‍♀️I found Adora becoming too mindful about what I am doing. I noticed she was particularly concerned about my money spending.🤦♀️****to be continued****