Reflection of a Vampire #14


Rosalie saw the teenagers as they flee horrified. Rosalie stopped her flying around and she downed herself near Queen Riza.


“What happened to them? Why were they running away frightened?” Rosalie asked Queen Riza.


“They were naughty boys!” Queen Riza seemed amused to what happened.


“I think we go home.” Rosalie said and walked toward her car. Queen Riza followed her.


DANIEL with his partner were still roaming around with their patrol car when they saw the four teenagers that just kept running.


“What happened to those boys?” the partner of Daniel asked as he’s looking at the teenagers seemed horrified.


“We ask them,” and Daniel drove the patrol car toward the boys who stopped when they saw that the car following them was a police patrol car.


“What happen? Why are you running?” Daniel asked.


“Officer, you won’t believe what we saw,” one teenager came near to the window of the car and said to Daniel, Daniel clearly smells alcohol and weed.


“Why, what had you seen?” Daniel asked.


“A vampire!”


“A vampire?” Daniel called the other boys who just stayed standing and looking.


“Come, all of you. I want you to tell me, he’s telling the truth!”


The teenagers came near the car. They were already a little calm because of the presence of the police.


“Now tell me, he said, he saw a vampire? Is that true?” Daniel asked the boys while his partner was just calmly grinning.


“Yes, we saw it too, and not only that, there’s also a witch!” the teenagers simultaneously answer the question of Daniel.


“I never had seen a vampire. How it looks?” Daniel asked again the teenagers.   


“With two long teeth, I guess!” it was the partner of Daniel who answered the question with a laugh.


“Officer, you must believe us. They were two.”


“Yes, I think they were twins because the look alike!”


“The other is a vampire!”


“The other is a witch, she’s flying!”


“A twin, one is a vampire, one is a witch. How many beers you’d drinks and how much weeds did you’d all consumed?” Daniel said. “You all go home!”


“It’s true what we said officer. They tried to kill me with the car!” the teenager  who was almost hit by the car of Rosalie insisted.


“It’s true, I wrote down the plate number,” the other teenager said and gave Daniel a piece of paper. “You can look to that car.”


Daniel accepted the piece of paper and put it on the car board and told the boys to go home.


“Tsk, tsk, too much alcohol and weeds and hallucinated a vampire and a witch.” Daniel shook his head and started the car.


“You know how young boys are,” the partner of Daniel said.


That night Rosalie could not sleep. She’s thinking about what happened this evening in the park. She doesn't know that she could fly and enjoy it, but Queen Riza say to her that she had more powers in her and what power were she doesn't know.


Rosalie also thought about her adventure with this strange man that answers to the name of Martin. She could not understand herself. Why she acted this night the way she acted,  like that when she’s together with Queen Reza, seemed everything were just happening without brakes, no stop, no inhibition, and like she was in trance.


She also thought about Daniel. She had a date with her neighbor this weekend who was police. How many times Daniel had invited her for dinner, and she always declined but last night she just spontaneously answered yes.


She thought also about Queen Riza, was Queen Riza really her sister? Does she really exist? How could Queen Riza with her husband Prince Suryabhan come and go via de mirror she bought from the Paranormal Fair.


With her many thoughts, Rosalie sleeps not knowing there’s someone inside her room just hiding, waiting for her to fall asleep.


Rosalie as she slept was dreaming. She dreamt she was in a room, an impressive room, the wall was painted with gold.


She was lying on bed with her long gown when a man in a uniform accompanied with three also in uniform men rushed inside the room. In her dream, the man was her husband who just suddenly take out her long sable to stab her when she heard shuffling and a voice shouting no, and Rosalie wake-up from the noise. When she opened her eyes, she saw Agnes, the girl friend of Martin.


Agnes has a long knife in her hand, she was standing near the bed and has a plan to stab Rosalie, but a strong hand was holding her hard that Agnes was shouting no.


Rosalie sit straight on her bed. She saw who was stopping Agnes from stabbing her, it was Martin, her ex-husband but it could not be. Martin was chained in a small room and according to Queen Riza could never be freed anymore.


“I am right. You are just here inside this house hiding.” Agnes was talking to Martin not knowing that the man she sees as Martin was Prince Suryabhan.


“Yes, you are right. You want to see where I am hiding?” Prince Suryabhan made a snap in his fingers like hypnotizing someone.


Rosalie saw that Agnes became calm. Agnes just follow Prince Suryabhan, as Prince Suryabhan hold her in the hand and they walked toward where the mirror was.


It takes a while for Rosalie to realized what was happening. If Agnes walked in the mirror, she would never come back.


Rosalie stand up and walk toward the mirror but Queen Riza stopped her.


“Go to sleep Rosalie, you are sleeping.” Queen Riza told Rosalie to go back sleep.


“But what will happen to her, to Agnes?” Rosalie asked.


“Why worry? She wants to kill you!” Queen Riza answered Rosalie.


“If she disappears, people will look for her.” Rosalie said.


“They could look, but they will never find her.” And Queen Riza walked into the mirror. **to be continued**Remy Dorio