The Letter of Evelyn - #28


🤦♀️Doctor Edgar Montero, I felt guilty. Because of me, this tragedy happened to John Mar. There is a saying, it takes two to tango, but I will not blame John Mar. I cannot take from him if he has the feeling of love to me, as that no one can take from me the feeling of love that I had to John Mar. One word, we were simply in love to each other, and John Mar and I were only humans. As humans all are susceptible to sin, so true for John Mar and me. If to love someone that is married is a sin, so let it be. I am a sinner but who are they, the people that will judge me? No one is perfect, nobody!

The doctor talked about the situation of John Mar to the family. Because of the damage in the spinal cord of John Mar, he has this kind of paralysis they called quadriplegia. Paralysis has no medicine. It can be only cured thru therapy or surgery, a kind of nerve transplant, I don’t know. I cannot talk about medical things; I had no knowledge of it, I only had one year college of the course Liberal Arts because I was not so sure what will I be, or what direction my study would be or what profession I want. I talked to the family of John Mar, his parents and I offered help. I said they must bring John Mar to America and looked for a specialist that maybe could help John Mar.🤦♀️

“Very generous of you, Evelyn” Clara, the mother of John Mar said to Evelyn.

“Ma’am Clara, I will do all my best to help John Mar.” Evelyn answered the mother of John Mar. “Money would not be a problem.”

“Yes, but legally we cannot decide what to do for John Mar. I know that Olivia was busy with the annulment but until their marriage was not annulled yet, Olivia as wife still has the right of everything concerning John Mar,” Clara said.

“But she literally had abandoned John Mar. She even did not bother to look at John Mar,” Evelyn answered to what Clara said.

“Law is law, Evelyn. Nothing we can do about it.”

🤦‍♀️Yes, Doctor Edgar Montero, law is law. The family of John Mar could not decide yet what they will do concerning John Mar, they must wait for the annulment of the marriage to be finalized. I hope and pray that it will happen soon because John Mar I noticed was fast deteriorating. He even hardly could talk. Every day I visit John Mar, and I saw his agony, his eyes projected it. It breaks my heart. Everything was ready for the travel of John Mar to America with his parents. There was already a hospital and a specialist waiting to help John Mar. The parents of John Mar were told that there’s no guarantee that John Mar could be helped but in one’s life sometimes you have to gamble. I will shoulder all the expenses and sky is the limit. For me I will spend all the money Nelson left to me, much better than it will go to a group of people who conspired to grab it and do what ever it needs to succeed, that is if it is true what Amalia and Roy planted in my mind.🤦♀️

“I heard via-via that John Mar and his parents will go to America,” Adora said to Evelyn.

“Well, John Mar’s parents are well-to-do. They can afford it.” Evelyn answered.

“You are not going with them?” Adora asked Evelyn.

“What will I do there? I am of no help; besides, I have many things to attend here.” Evelyn answered Adora.

“You know, I could not understand Olivia.” Adora started again to bring gossips to Evelyn. Evelyn did not reply. “Do you know who her boyfriend is now?”

“Adora, I am not interested. It’s up to Olivia how she will handle her life.” Evelyn answered Adora that she was not interested on the life of Olivia.

“I think you will be interested if you know who her boyfriend is.” Adora said that if Evelyn will know who the boyfriend of Olivia is, Evelyn will be interested about the life of Olivia.

“Okay, tell me. Who is her boyfriend?” Evelyn told Adora to tell her, who is the boyfriend of Olivia.

“You know Armand Gomez?” Adora said to Evelyn the name. Evelyn looked at Adora. She knew who Armand Gomez was. It was one of the associates of John Mar in their Law Firm.

“How come, Armand Gomez was with us in America. You said to me that Olivia started a relationship with someone when John Mar was in America?” Evelyn asked Adora, because she remembered that Adora said that Olivia started a relationship with someone when John Mar and she and the associates were in America. 

“Is that what I told you? No, what I mean was that before John Mar was with you in America, she already had a boyfriend means she already had a relationship with Armand Gomez. But strange is why shot John Mar. She can divorce him?”

“She was doing it now, for short the annulment of their marriage will happen.”

“Only John Mar is half dead.”

🤦‍♀️Doctor Edgar Montero, I do not know where to put Adora on my thoughts. Why she always brought news to me about what Olivia was doing. But I did not put so much attention on Adora, my thought was to Armand Gomez. Why Adora have to mention to me the name of Armand Gomez. I thought that maybe Adora was giving me an indirect warning. Warning about what? I do not know but why I am full of suspicion? Suspicion of many things and to many people. But one thing for sure I know; I must not trust Armand Gomez. I realized now that if you are rich, you have suspicion to people around you. Can these people be trusted? Even your bodyguards you have also the doubt. Will they really offer their lives for you? Doctor Edgar Montero, money gave no happiness at all, and I do not understand why all, everybody dreamed to be rich.🤦♀️

 “Their marriage was already annulled.” Adora again brought Evelyn the news.

“Really?” Evelyn could not hide her excitement. If the annulment was granted, then John Mar and his parents could come to America. John Mar medical treatment could begin.

“Tomorrow John Mar will be handed with the paper, but he cannot sign it, so only thumb mark I guess.”

 ðŸ¤¦‍♀️Doctor Edgar Montero, when the marriage annulment of John Mar and Olivia was definitive, John Mar and his parents went to America. I whispered to John Mar ears that I will follow him to America after I finish what I am doing. And you know what I am doing, Doctor Edgar Montero, I am busy giving away the wealth of Nelson. The wealth that Nelson had worked so hard in his whole life. I also want to know who Nelson was. Does he have family? How did Nelson become so rich, very rich? But there were many things I have to do and know the person Nelson was not the priority.🤦♀️

“Evelyn, it’s not my business but are you sure you know what you are doing?” Armand Gomez asked Evelyn when they together with the other associates were discussing the sale of one of the factories in Taiwan.

“I know what I am doing, and besides, I think I can do what I like with my property.” Evelyn firmly answered Armand.

“Okay, I am just a little concern. This factory in Taiwan runs well. It brings a lot of money. If you look at the accounting books of the company.” Armand handed Evelyn the accounting books of the factory in Taiwan.

“I have no understanding about accounting, I am not good in Math.” And Evelyn pushed away the books. “If you don’t like I sell the factory in Taiwan, what will you suggest?”

“I don’t know.” Armand answered Evelyn. “I guess I can give you my suggestion if I know what your purpose is of disposing many properties that you inherited from your husband.”

Evelyn did not answer Armand. She looked at him scrutinizingly. Calculating thru looks what kind of person Armand Gomez is. What Evelyn know was that, John Mar and Armand were friends. Does Armand and Olivia have really a relationship behind John Mar’s back?

“Are we going personal, Armand? Is that not personal asking me or demanding what my purpose was in selling my property? Evelyn asked Armand.

Armand for a moment don’t know what to answer Evelyn. “ I am sorry, Evelyn. I do not mean to be personal.”

“It is okay, because I want also to ask you a personal question.” Evelyn said.

“What personal question?” Armand asked Evelyn.

“Do you have a relationship with Olivia?” Evelyn looked at straight into the eyes of Armand. Evelyn wanted to see in the eyes of Armand if his answer to the question is honest or not. ****to be continued ****