The Letter of Evelyn #12


I am also happy for my friend Adora. Her hope to have happiness together with Greg was being established. Greg finished his study and with success passed the bar examination. And Greg shined in his profession.

Adora was in ecstasy when her family accepted Greg and welcome him to be their family as Adora and Greg were engaged and had announced their marriage.

Adora, being a known Socialite was always invited in many different occasions. It was good because we need people with status or the wealthy to donate in the foundation.

But Dr. Edgar Montero, I thought I am really destined for damnation. I asked God, why? Must I be punished for what I had done to Nelson and my son? Everything has been already good in my life, and I had tried my best to be a good person; I lived to my promise that I will never be in love again with another man; yet fate or the devil was just dancing around me, waiting to strike whenever he likes.

It happened one day, when a woman, terribly looking woman through her drug abused and being battered by a man came to the foundation begging for help. That woman was the reflection of me when I also abused myself with meth and been battered by Roy. She experienced the same I had experienced. The woman was the woman that take my place in Roy’s life. Yes, Dr. Edgar Montero, the woman was my best friend before, it was Amalia.

As I see Amalia, Doctor Edgar Montero, I already knew what happened to her life. She already lost all her wealth to Roy and Meth and now she knocked on our foundation for help.

I forget to tell you the name of our foundation; it is NELSON-SONNY FOUNDATION. I named it for the memory of my husband Nelson and of Sonny, my son. The foundation accepted Amalia in the rehabilitation program. She saw me but she said no words, she just looked at me, a kind of look I cannot explain what. I did not talk to her either; it's just like we were strangers and did not know each other.

But Amalia stayed in the rehabilitation center for only few weeks and without even checking out, she just disappeared.

Few days later, the security guard of the foundation told us that he spotted Amalia in front of the Foundation building standing there just looking from across and with a man.

I thought that the man was Roy but to be sure I look at the CCTV video, and I am right. The man was indeed Roy.

“ Roy, your ex-boyfriend?” Adora was surprised to hear from Evelyn about Roy that seemed on surveillance toward the foundation.

“Yes, remember the woman that stayed only for few weeks in the rehabilitation center, it was Amalia, I told it you.”

“Yes, I know.”

“What are they planning to do? I think, it is possible that Amalia enrolled to the rehabilitation program only to spy!” Adora said.

“That’s what I am thinking too. But spying for what?” Evelyn could not understand the doings of Amalia and Roy. “I do not know, Adora, and also I do not understand why they were here in Manila?”

“Are they not after you?”

“What after me? I did no wrong to them.”

“Whatever, you must be careful. You have to look out!”

“You know what I think. We must forget them. We must focus on the coming big events in your life. About three months, you and Greg will get married, and I cannot wait to stand besides you as a bridesmaid!”

Adora and Greg got married. As expected, it was a big event. It was even covered by newspapers, television, etc.

Adora shined on her wedding day and me too. I am happy for Adora and for Greg. The dream of Adora comes true.

Amalia and Roy were not seen after that suspected surveillance in the building of the foundation. I said then to myself, there’s nothing wrong, maybe Amalia had just told Roy that she saw me in the foundation. Roy for curiosity maybe came just to look.

Adora and Greg went abroad for their honeymoon. Me, I make myself busy with the foundation. Everything was okay, my life had a meaning, doing charity works gives me satisfaction. Slowly but surely Doctor Edgar Montero, I am paying back my debt to Nelson and to my son, Sonny.

But I am wrong. One day, Amalia showed her face again in the foundation. She was already off-limit to enter the foundation, but she was persistent in arguing with the security guard that she only wants to talk to me. I let her in.

In the small coffee shop of the foundation, we talked. First, I asked her if she wants to eat, and she said yes. I ordered food for her, and I saw the once rich Amalia was hungry as she slurped her food like she had not eaten for many days. To me, she looked like a beggar who is homeless.

“Thank you, Evelyn.” Amalia thanked Evelyn after she had finished her foods. “I was very hungry. I had not eaten for two days.”

“May I ask why?” Evelyn asked Amalia.

“I have no money anymore. No more properties! All are gone! My families, they all rejected me, I am an outcast. Roy drove me away from him, for two weeks I am homeless. I am a beggar!” Amalia cried.

“Why did you go away from here? I thought you wanted to change your life?” Evelyn asked Amalia why she went out from the rehabilitation center of the foundation.

“I do not know. I could not give you a good reason why. Evelyn, can I come back inside, I will really want to rehabilitate myself? Please.” Amalia wanted to return inside the rehabilitation program of the foundation.

“Amalia, I cannot decide about that. Running away from the center was not good. You must again pass the assessment of the doctors.” Evelyn relied to Amalia.

“Please, Evelyn, help me. I know you have a say in here. You and your friend Adora are the big bosses. I am begging you, help me.” Amalia was begging.

“Amalia, this foundation has board of directors. The doctors that are working here, most of them are volunteers. Donations of private people and a subsidy from the government maintained the financing of all activities in the foundation. I can request, but I cannot command anybody here. The foundation works not on that way, but I will see what I can do for you.” Evelyn explained to Amalia how the foundation worked.

“The name of the foundation is Nelson-Sonny Charity Foundation. Named after your late husband Nelson and son, Sonny. I know, you can help me Evelyn if you like. Please, for the sake, that we were best friends before, help me, please.”

“Okay, this foundation is to help people, friend or not. Come back tomorrow for an intake. I will insert your name to the intake appointments.” Evelyn said.

“I am planning to leave Manila, back to our place, it is one possibility of help I also want.” Amalia said to Evelyn that she wants to comeback to their place.

Evelyn looked at Amalia. She wants to see sincerity in Amalia’s face. Evelyn thought what Amalia said of her coming back to their place. Amalia could rehabilitate herself in the same rehabilitation center where she and Adora had been rehabilitated. She can help her ex-best friend.

“Amalia, can I ask you why you and Roy are here in Manila?”

“It is Roy’s idea. He said maybe he can find a job here. You know already that he lost his job in our place. He said maybe he can return to his former work in Manila. He was an actor before, you know.”

Evelyn knows that Roy was an actor; a third rang actor. Roy failed as an actor but was successful in drug dealings. Seducing women and discarding them.

“Amalia, if you really want to go home to our place, I can help you. There’s a rehabilitation center there. I will pay it for you, but you must promise me that you will go through with the rehabilitation.”

“Evelyn, thank you, thank you very much!”

Doctor Edgar Montero, I cannot refused Amalia, her asking of help. I was surprised that I held no grudge to her. Well, maybe because, she takes away from me the devil. If not for her I had not loosened myself in the gripped of Roy, the devil itself. Or maybe I just help her because as I said, I am becoming a good person, learning, and applying empathy.  ****to be continued****