The Letter of Evelyn #6


Yes, Doctor Edgar Montero, my parents thought I am a monster. They became angry, and my father will not anymore acknowledge me as his daughter and my mother although she said nothing, I knew she was on the side of my father, in one word I lost them. But I do not care, I found my happiness with Roy, and I want to be with him always.

“You must not make problems with your parents.” Roy answered Evelyn as she just stays complaining about her parents.

“They irritate me. They do not have the right to stop me from doing things that make me happy.” Evelyn answered Roy.

“Forget about them.” Roy said and poured more wine to Evelyn’s glass. Then he handed Evelyn a tablet. “One for you, one for me.”

Not only I drink alcohol, through Roy, I learned to smoke marihuana and taking drugs. First the ecstasy pill and then the meth. It was just for enjoyment at the start but later it was already addiction. But as I said, money is no problem, so Roy and I could always buy the drugs we need. Then I decided to be always with Roy.

“What does it mean, those suitcases?” Nelson asked me.

“I am leaving this house! I am leaving you!”

“You are also leaving your son?”

“He is also your son; you can have him all.” Evelyn answered Nelson.

Nelson paused for a while, then said, “Where will you go?”

“To Roy. We will be living together,”

“Are you sure? Do you know and understand what you are doing?” Nelson asked Evelyn.

“I am sure, and I know what I am doing.” Evelyn confirmed to Nelson that she knew what she was doing.

“You will not say goodbye to your son?”

“He will not understand, no need!”

“And yes, I forgot, I am divorcing you!”

“Evelyn, I know already that you do whatever you like. But I advise you, be careful of what you are doing because regret always is late.”

“I will not regret!”

I leave Nelson; I leave our house, I leave Sonny, my son. I was really convinced that I can have the half of Nelson’s wealth when I divorce him. Roy was certain about it, so we talked to a lawyer. The lawyer told me; his firm will do research of the total assets of Nelson before filing the divorce.

Three months after I lived together with Roy, and I cannot use my credit card and could not take money from the bank. The bank told me that my credit card and my account were blocked by my husband, and upon knowing it I am furious, I rushed to Nelson.

“Why can I not use my credit card anymore?” Evelyn furiously asked Nelson.

“Because I withdraw my guarantee.” A short answer from Nelson.

“I also cannot take money from the bank!”

“Evelyn, it is not my problem! You leave me, my son, and this house. I am not anymore responsible for you.” The answer of Nelson shocked Evelyn.

“We are not yet divorced; I am still your wife!”

“You are living with another man, and you expect me to finance you? Are you out of your mind? Do you think I am crazy?”

“I have no money; how can I live?”

“Your problem, not mine.”

“Nelson, you cannot do this to me.”

“Evelyn, when you leaved the house I gave you three months to rethink. You did nasty things to me, but I just let it go. I have no patience anymore. So please leave.”

“Okay, just wait, I talked already to a lawyer. As your wife, I have right on the half of all the assets, I am telling you now!”

“I know you talked already to a lawyer. My lawyer had told me. Do your best Evelyn, do your best.”

Roy upon knowing that there is no spring of money anymore was angry at me.

“You are stupid, you know that?” Roy said to Evelyn.

“I am stupid because Nelson stopped giving money?”

“Yes, because if you use your brain, you withdraw money from the bank before it close.”

“How could I know?”

“What we do now if we have no more money?”

“I think you have to work.”

“You are telling me to work?” Roy grabbed Evelyn’s hair. “No woman could tell me what to do! You understand it?”

“Let loss to me! Why are you angry? I only said you have to work?”

“As I said, no woman could tell me what to do!” Roy let lose the hair of Evelyn.” Give me money to buy meth.”

“I only have coins. I have no more money!”

“You have to find money; we need to buy meth!”

“You can dispose this.” Evelyn takes out from her arm her gold bracelet.

“How much money I can have with that?”

“I do not know how much. The pawnshop will tell it you. This is a 22k gold and weighs more than twelve grams.”

“Give me the key to your car!”

So was it, because Nelson closed the money tap, I used my jewelries to finance my lifestyle together with Roy that was dependent of me. But I was not worried about my financial. I am divorcing Nelson, and it is just a matter of time, I will be rich. But when I talked again with the lawyer, I was shocked. I could not believe what he told to me about the assets that I would have, the half of Nelson’s wealth.

EVELYN looked at her lawyer with disbelief.

“I am telling you the truth; your husband is a billionaire! He is very wealthy!” the lawyer repeated to Evelyn what he had told her about the assets of Nelson. “He has many businesses and properties in America and here in the Philippines.”

“And am I entitled the half of it?”

“If you have not signed any pre-nuptial contract, I am sure.” The lawyer replied to Evelyn.

“Now, Attorney, please, work hard for my divorce with Nelson, and you will not regret because I will pay you generous.”

“I am doing my best. I just cannot help myself to let you know about the good news of the possibility how much you can have with the divorce.”

”I dreamed already how rich I would be. Nelson is a billionaire, imagined not knowing it, I married a billionaire. Waiting for my lawyer to the outcome of my divorce, he had already filed in the court, one day Nelson came to the apartment of Roy, seemed distress. And me with Roy we are high with meth.”

“I am begging you to come home.” Nelson asked Evelyn to come home.

“I will not come home. You know it already. I am divorcing you, and my lawyer filed it already in the court.” Evelyn, who was high from the drug Meth answered Nelson, declining to his plea for her to go home.

“Evelyn, I am asking you not for me, but for our son.” Nelson has tears in his eyes.

“Why, what can I do to your son? He has a Nanny.”

“Our son is in the hospital.” Nelson tears fall from his eyes.

“In the hospital? Why what happen?”

“He becomes sick, the doctor said he has Pertussis.”

“Pertussis? What is that?” Evelyn does not know what Pertussis is. It is the first time she heard the word.

“It is a sickness. Our son is terribly ill and dying.”

“He is already in the hospital. He needs the expertise of the doctor. I know nothing about sickness. What can I do for him? Nothing.”

“Our son has a little chance to survive. Even for a moment in his life, you can let him feel the love of a mother. You are his mother, Evelyn; you are his mother!” Nelson was heavy emotional.

“As I said I can do nothing for him.”

“I am begging of you, please.” Nelson was desperate. His tears just kept falling on his cheek, he was crying like a child, but it did not bothered Evelyn, not at all.

“You are very heartless. How could a mother not love her child? You must pity, Sonny. Since he was born, you never had cuddled him, nor a kiss from you, you even did not looked at him. Where is your heart Evelyn, where is your heart?”

Where is my heart? My heart at that time was …hmm…I do not know. What I know was that I wanted always to be with Roy and our meth. Meth became my existence. I cannot function without meth.

That was the last time I saw Nelson. I even did not know that Sonny, my child died in the hospital. My son has been buried, and I am not in his funeral. I then could not understand myself. I do not know why I felt pain in my heart. When I heard that my son was no more, I realized I have a heart. I realized I loved Sonny my son. I started to ask myself. Why did I do what I had done to my son? He did nothing wrong to me, he did not asked to be born? I searched my soul, why did I neglected my son? Why? How do I regret, but what could regret do to all the mistakes I made that damaged people who loved me and the one innocent angel I realized I love? Too late to realize, too late to regret.

Frankly, the realizing, the regrets came behind because number one in my agenda is meth, which I cannot without.

My jewelries were almost gone. My lawyer I noticed became not so enthusiast anymore about my divorce with Nelson, and if I called him, he just answered he is working on it, and I only must wait.

My relationship with Roy deteriorated. Always, he was angry at me because there is no money to buy meth. ****to be continued****