by Remedios Dorio


When I was a baby,

I didn’t know what I felt,

What I wanted, what I needed,

Or what I did and will.


I am just liked I must be,

A life that nee to survive,

How I am to hunger, pain and love,

Were just but my parents memories.


I didn’t know that maybe,

They laughed when I cooed,

Or they spanked me when I wet,

Or cuddled me when I cry.


I didn’t know too,

What had they dreamt,

Or their aimed future for me,

Or did they crave hard.



A question that could meant a lot,

Maybe blaming unsuccessful parents,

But does a child has right?


Human was born to live,

With one and only mission on Earth,

Live and survive within the path,

Of happiness, pains or hardships.


One’s journey of life was itself alone,

An individual adventure to its limit,

Joying, hurting when passing by,

Itself was in mind and heart.


Parents were no exemption,

So you and I as a child,

We’re all an individual,

With our own pace of life.