The Island Negros

by Remedios Dorio

(Note: I created this poem when all sugar centrals in Negros closed, I could not remember anymore which year it happened.)


A sock-alike island you are,

To hear your name means sugar,

Truly for once really you are,

A sugar land that’s rich and popular.


You was an apple of the country,

The dollars you pulled-in were so many,

You made some extremely wealthy,

Let themselves drown with their money.


Your existence made many survive,

Day by day you’d made them alive,

For them music is the sound of knives,

A melody for their children and wives.


Still you are there as time goes by,

With Vulcan Kanlaon that’s so friendly,

Because of her there’s continuity,

Of your soils undying generosity.


They said sugar is not forever sweet,

It could turn sour impossible to eat,

Is this true to you my Negros beloved,

That your glorious days had ended?


Your sugar centrals smokes no more,

A pity for those who are poor,

Hungry and their hopes no more,

For many refused, besides sugar you’re more.


Your people cried and screamed for help,

Rebellion to deterioration threaten,

Sad, it’s not at all an inspiration,

People against people in one nation.


Hunger unbearable, easy to manipulate,

Fellow countrymen I’m calling for help,

Let’s help our Negrense brothers and sisters,

Open your heart before it’s too late.