The Letter of Evelyn - #32


🤦‍♀️I gave to Adora the booklet of Nelson; the booklet was also full of numbers I could not understand. I said to Adora your husband is a lawyer, you with the help of Greg or whoever they will let be involved could search what were the meanings of ciphers in Nelson’s booklet.

While waiting for the coming home of John Mar to the Philippines, I went to Bacolod to wait him there. I know his parents will bury him in his birthplace. I visit the grave of Nelson and my son Sonny. Again I asked the forgiveness of Nelson, to all that I had done and this lastly, not giving value to his wealth. I said to Nelson, I thought I would be happy with a lot of money, but it is not true. Money does not make me happy; disposing his wealth was not an insult to his labor and memory but just losing it together with the evils in it. Yes, Doctor Edgar Montero, money is evil. I also talk to my son Sonny. I said to my son, I regretted what I had done. I am an evil mother to him, but I repent. I talked also to my parents. I was once a bad daughter and did not value there love. Now, can you imagine Doctor Edgar Montero how lonely I am? I had nobody! I want to talk; I want to open my feelings to people I love but they were all gone. Am I crazy talking to dead people?

 I did not go to a hotel. My parents house was already a clinic, and I decided to come to Lolita and will stay there until the funeral of John Mar. My bodyguards were not happy when I told them to just buy a tent where they have to stay and sleep, while we are staying by Lolita’s family.🤦

“Ma’am, I am so ashamed, our house is not comfortable.” Lolita apologized to Evelyn about their house. Lolita was still staying in her parent’s nipa and bamboo house; she was already engaged to be married with the widower and Lolita was building a small stone house for her parents from the money Evelyn had given to her. Her gift to her parents before she will live together with her husband after the marriage.

“Lolita, I like to stay here with you and your family, that is if you agree.” Evelyn said to Lolita.

“Ma’am, you can stay here with us as long as you want.”

🤦‍♀️Why I did it? Because Doctor Edgar Montero, I want to see it by myself, how come that poor people were happy? In three days that I stayed in the family; I could not still understand where the happiness of poor people came from. The two brothers of Lolita have children, the other two and the other have three. Seeing the children so untidy, playing around, screaming, and laughing, I admit to myself that their joy were real. Their mother sometimes shouted when the children do naughty things or climbing that their mother was so afraid they fall, but I saw in these women that they were satisfied, just satisfied with their situation. The mother of Lolita said that children are the joy of a home. It makes me think, if I did love my son Sonny, Sonny will be my joy, the joy of my home with Nelson. But times that past, will never come back; regrets always come after. I also saw the men that works in the building of Lolita’s stone house for her parents. Most have simple meal, rice with dried fish or just a mix of many vegetables only cooked in water and salt. They ate with their hands, no spoons or fork, but as I watched them, joking to each other, laughing, Doctor Edgar Montero, they were happy people. Poor people are happy people! They are satisfied with their lives as it is, never thought about tomorrow, they live by the day. Could I live the way they do? I do not know; I think I could not. Honestly, I envy their happiness; but I cannot and is afraid to the way of life unknown to me.

The funeral of John Mar was full of sorrows and hatred. Olivia came with her children, two little boys and a girl. Her children with John Mar. The family of John Mar, all threw an angry look to Olivia as her new husband was with her, and also of what happened that it was Olivia who shot John Mar but they all behave, only if a look can kill. Olivia on her side just ignored all angry eyes, as she herself also was looking angry to me. Human being sometimes are difficult to understand. Should I be angry at Olivia too? I do not know; I thought I gave her the privilege of making mistakes and regrets later. People could also not understand me.

Back to Manila I continue my letter to you Doctor Edgar Montero. It is like a novel, and I hope I had attracted your attention and you continue reading. Because there’s nobody to talk, I opened my heart by writing, it is better I write than talk alone, people then will think I am losing my mind. In writing nobody hears me.🤦

“You fire all your bodyguards!” Adora was surprised that Evelyn fired all bodyguards of her.

“I don’t need them anymore. They cannot complain because I give them a fat bonus.” Evelyn answered Adora.

“Are you sure you do not need bodyguards?”

“I am sure, Adora. I hired bodyguards because of fear, but fear was only in my head. There’s nothing I must be afraid of. All what I thoughts are not true.” Evelyn answered Adora.

“Why, what thoughts did you had?” Adora asked.

“Imagine, I thought there’s a complot going on, a conspiracy!” Evelyn replied.

“Complot? Conspiracy?” Adora was surprised. She had no idea what Evelyn was talking about.

“If you are me, Adora what would you think. Amalia said Roy had something to do with the death of Nelson, Amalia said to me that Roy wanted to push her from a high building, and Amalia found her death, falling from a high building.” Evelyn asked Adora what Adora’s thought about what happened with Nelson and Amalia.

“Okay, but where can you find the complot or conspiracy your talking about on what happened to Nelson and Amalia?” Adora asked Evelyn. Evelyn did not answer Adora. She’s thinking. Where indeed she could apply the theory of complot or conspiracy from what happened to Nelson and Amalia?

“Roy said, there are people that after my money. They force Roy to ask money for them. Roy also said that you were in the complot!” Evelyn after a while said to Adora. Adora could not believe her ears. Roy was telling Evelyn that she was also in the complot.

“Roy said to you that I am in the complot? Complot of what? And you believe Roy?” Adora cannot believe that Roy had implied to Evelyn that she sits also in the complot.

“Why would I not believe him? He was so afraid that if I will not give him money, this group of people will kill him.” Evelyn answered.

“My God, Evelyn! Does it not occur to you that Roy was doing his best to squeeze money from you? That Roy was just manipulating you? If this group of people were after your money, why they have to use Roy to ask money from you? Think well, Evelyn, Roy was manipulating you!”

🤦‍♀️Adora said that Roy was just manipulating me to squeeze money. I don’t know Doctor Edgar Montero. Giving thought to what Adora said to me, I now accept that I am a stupid person. Roy was already dead, I cannot ask him if he indeed just manipulates me, but on the other hand, I do not care anymore. Roy had given me joys and pains, I just let it there.🤦

“Enjoying the sun? Do you want to know what the numbers in Nelson booklets were?” Adora asked Evelyn. Evelyn was lying on a relax seat by her terrace on the top of the building of the foundation. Evelyn was sunbathing and so Adora on her terrace as their terraces are annex to each other.

“Yes, of course.” Evelyn answered Adora.

“Greg search for it, three sets of numbers belong to you, they were your bank account numbers. Your three bank accounts were beneficiary of the yearly dividend of the time deposits. The other was all charity foundations. They also received a dividend.” Adora explained to Evelyn the reeks of numbers in Nelson booklets. Evelyn never had noticed that three bank accounts of her was in the list.

“It is not a mystery then!” Evelyn commented. Adora nodded as she thought there’s no use arguing with what Evelyn believed. “Okay. What do you think if we go shopping?”

“Shopping?” Adora was surprised that Evelyn just suddenly talking about shopping.

“I had read somewhere that shopping is a kind of therapy.” Evelyn said.

“Therapy for what?” Adora asked Evelyn.

“I don’t know. I suddenly want to go shopping! So, what do you think?” Evelyn wanted to consume the activeness she suddenly felt.

“We are in the middle of our sunbathing!” Adora said.

“So what? Tomorrow the sun will come again!” 

“Okay!” Adora agreed, and they dressed up to go shopping.****to be continued***