The Letter of Evelyn - #20


Evelyn was shocked. Anymore, her mother does not want her as daughter. The sudden change of feeling and that to not recognize her as daughter, Evelyn really could not understand.

“Mama, please let me understand why you will not want me anymore as your daughter?” Evelyn was almost crying. “You said you loved me.”

“Evelyn, please just go back to Manila and as I said, don’t come back to this house. I am sorry, but you are not welcome here anymore. Do not ask me questions because the only answer you can have from your why questions, is that, that’s what I want. Now I want to rest in my bedroom, I am tired.” And Teresa went into her bedroom.

Dejected Evelyn doesn’t know what to think, but she knew well what she felt. Her mother doesn’t want her anymore. Her mother blamed the death of her father to her. Evelyn looked at the box that her father wanted to be given to her secretly. Why? She does not understand it too.

🤦‍♀️Doctor Edgar Montero, really, I could not understand the secrecy about the papers in the box, the sudden rejection from my mother. I grieve to the death of my father and more to the rejection of my mother. Sad, it is very sad, Doctor Montero. Many things are happening around me, and I could not recognize anymore which one gave me the most pain. I had no urge to look inside the box of papers, so I gave the box to Lolita, our or my parent’s housekeeper. I told Lolita to keep the box for me, that he will not gave it to nobody or deny that she has it when in case someone asked for it, even my mother. Also, I asked her to take good care of my mother. I paid Lolita a lot of money, I do not know why I did it. I gave her one hundred thousand pesos. Am I buying the loyalty of Lolita? I don’t know. I only want to be sure that the box is safe and that my mother will be taken safe care. Until I went back to Manila, my mother did not talk to me anymore, even did not want to see and bid me goodbye.🤦

“Evelyn! Evelyn!” Adora was ringing the doorbell of Evelyn at the same time calling her name. Evelyn just stayed inside her apartment. Adora rang the doorbell many times before Evelyn opened.


“You look terrible. Since you came back from the province you are more than two days staying inside.” Adora said to Evelyn. “Your secretary said that since you arrived you did not entered your office.”

“I am so tired and isn't feeling good. I need rest.” Evelyn answered Adora.

“May I come in?” Adora asked Evelyn if she could come in, as Evelyn did not invited or let her in.

“Oh, sorry, of course come in. The house is a mess!” Evelyn let Adora in.

“Sorry, we did not know it. We were not in the funeral of your father.” Adora after she sat on the bank said to Evelyn. She and Greg were not in the funeral because they don’t know about it.

“It was so sudden, Adora. My father died in the hospital from the heart attack, and he requested my mother to buried him directly. He doesn’t like that people know he died or that they will come to his funeral. My mother fulfilled his wish, from the hospital he was directly buried.” Evelyn said it with tears in her eyes.

“Why? I could not understand!”

“Me, I could not also understand. And what I could not understand was that my mother drove me away.” Evelyn was sobbing.

“Drove you away?”

“I am no longer her daughter!”

“What? What does it mean that you are no longer her daughter?”

“Adora, that is what my mother said. I don’t have to come home because I am not welcome. She considered me, not her daughter anymore. Adora, my mother was angry at me!”

“Evelyn, give your mother a space for a while. She will later realize that she cannot just reject you as her daughter.” Adora comforted Evelyn that everything will be fine as the anger of her mother soon will be over.

🤦‍♀️I thought, Adora was right. I must give my mother space to let her be over with her anger, and later everything will be all right. Roy stayed hammering, asking money from me. Because of my bodyguards he could not come near me, he did the approached thru the mail, using alias name so that it will go through to me. When I opened the letter, it was signed ‘doux’ the words he wants me to call him, when everything between us were all have the color of rose. His letter was crying for help. If we can talk for the last time. After that, he will not bother me anymore. I do not know, but I decided to give him his request. I called him to meet me in the same restaurant. Doctor Edgar Montero, I brought my licensed revolver with me.🤦

When Evelyn arrived in the restaurant together with her bodyguards, Roy was there already. Evelyn noticed that Roy was uneasy with the bodyguards that were only three meters away from them.

“Could you not send them a little farther away?” Roy asked Evelyn.

“No!” a short replied of Evelyn to the request of Roy.

“But they could hear everything what we are talking.”

“Roy do not waste your time. Say what you want to say.”

“Evelyn, I really need money!” Roy said to Evelyn what he wants.

Evelyn chuckles sarcastically and with a firmed voice said, “You has the courage of always asking money from me, after what you had done to me, after you killed my father?”

“Killed your father? I did not kill your father!” Roy answered Evelyn about her accusing him killing her father.

“You did it Roy, by sending my parents the film video!”

“My God, you mean..” Roy did not finish what he was going to say because Evelyn cut in.

“Yes, Roy, the video that you let me be abused by those dirty men!” Evelyn now became angry.

“Evelyn, believe me; I did not send the video to your parents.” Roy denied the allegation of Evelyn.

“And who sent it, Roy, who?”

“Them!” after a moment of silent, Roy almost whispering answered Evelyn.

“Them?” Evelyn repeated the word of Roy. Roy was talking about ‘them.’ What does Roy meant?

“Them, Evelyn, them!” there was fear in the voice of Roy. “The people who wanted your money!”

“What are you talking about? Who are these people?” Evelyn could not follow Roy’s talking.

“The money I am asking from you is for them. Everything from the start, were all planned by these people, and believe me Evelyn, you cannot mess with these people.”

“With all the reasons that are there, that is what you can think? That you are asking money from me not for you but for these people. Hear yourself, and you know that what you are talking is nonsense!” Evelyn said to Roy.

“Please, Evelyn, you must give me the money I am asking, because if not, they will kill Trudy and me!” Roy stayed persistent to the story that Evelyn found ridiculous.

“Kill your wife. You are afraid that these people will kill you and your wife.”

“Yes, Evelyn, yes!”

“Your wife is rich I heard. Why not ask her the money you want?” Evelyn suggested to Roy that he could ask money from his wife.

“You do not understand it yet, Evelyn. These people are after you. What they want is your money!” Roy insisted that the people he was talking about were after Evelyn. Evelyn’s money.

“Roy, we have to stop in here. You talk nonsense! Sorry, I have no plan to give you money, not anymore!” and Evelyn stood up to leave.

“Evelyn, please, pity me. Please!” Roy was begging.

Evelyn heaved a sigh. The macho Roy was begging, and Evelyn could not explain it to herself, but she felt a kind of joy inside her. “I have a lot of money. I can give you as much as you needed. I could not understand and catch up what you are saying to me. Write it on paper, about these people and explain what you said that everything was a plan, that these people were after me. Let me understand, and you can have the money you are asking.”

🤦‍♀️Doctor Edgar Montero, seeing Roy begging, gave me a kind of joy. I am happy that he was agonizing. Is that not funny. What a fantasy story about these people that were after me. That he was asking money not for himself but for those people. That if he cannot have money from me, those people will kill him and his wife. Frankly, if what he was talking was true, he can die, me a care. What he had done to me; and that because of him, my father died, and my mother do not recognized me anymore as her daughter, he can go to hell. Doctor Edgar Montero, as Roy said it, the hell will explode; I can say that the Hell was already exploding and I have no fear, I am not afraid.****to be continued****