Reflection of a Vampire #7


ON bed, Martin quickly tore out the negligee of Rosalie, and he begin to kiss her whole body when he felt someone was on his back. When he turned his head to see who it was, he saw the smiling face of Queen Riza also naked.


Martin was stunned, how could it be? He saw two women or rather two Rosalie’s. Lying on his back and Rosalie at one side and Queen Riza at the other side, Martin seemed liked it. He was not afraid, no fear at all.


“I am seeing double!” Martin said laughing at the same time touched Rosalie and Queen Riza with his both hands.


“We do polonaise!” Rosalie suggested. She then quickly stood and out the bed and began to dance slowly while humming the music Polonaise by Chopin.


Martin could hardly believe seeing Rosalie dancing naked, no inhibition. He was married for many years with her and Rosalie was shy and introvert. She looked at Queen Riza who was still lying on bed near him, looking him with her tantalizing eyes.


Martin took Queen Riza and kissed her from her lips, to her neck, and down to her breast, when Queen Riza stopped him, and she self-began to kiss softly around his neck and before Martin realized it, Queen Riza was already sipping blood from him, as she, at the same time pulled the blanket, and covered them both.


But Martin had no pain. What he felt was a kind of extasy he never had.


Rosalie saw Martin and Queen Riza under the blanket and she was suddenly out from the trance. She thought Queen Riza only wanted Martin to come inside her room for earthly pleasure and she decided to go out her room. She grabbed her robe put it on and out her room she was.


Rosalie made a cup of tea for herself. Her adventure inside her bedroom was already forgotten, she barely remembered the details of what had happened.


While sitting by the table in the kitchen, Rosalie took her mobile phone. There was a message and the message was from Agnes, live-in girlfriend of Martin. Agnes was looking and asking where Martin was.


Rosalie ignored the message, as she still had hard feelings with Agnes. Because of Agnes, her marriage with Martin was damaged, and that Martin abused her both mental and physical. Rosalie could not forget.


Rosalie after she finished her cup of tea, sit down in the sofa in her living room. She scrolled in her mobile phone searching some You tube videos to watch when she heard the doorbell.


Rosalie looked at from the window to see who was by the door, she saw Agnes. Rosalie opened the door.


“Why did you not answer my message?” Agnes was angry.


“I am not obliged to answer any one’s message.” Rosalie was upset.


“Where is Martin?” Agnes asked Rosalie where Martin was.


“Why asking me? You are the one living with him together.” Rosalie could not hide anymore her irritation to Agnes.


“Let me in! I know Martin was inside. You crazy woman.” Agnes pushed Rosalie so that she can come inside the house of Rosalie.


Rosalie who lost her balance as she did not expect Agnes will push her, quickly followed Agnes and grab her in the hair.


“You cannot just enter my house!” and Rosalie dragged Agnes out the door and pushed her out. Agnes fell down the ground. “Bitch!”


Rosalie closed the door and locked it. She was surprised by herself. She thought, where did the strength she just manifested came from. Agnes was firmed and not so small woman but she had her dragged easily. And the words that come out her mouth. Rosalie never ever cursed someone.


Agnes angrily stood up and banged the door.


“Open the door, you crazy woman!” Agnes was scandalous shouting that attracted the neighbors and so Daniel, the police that live few doors away from the house of Rosalie. Daniel come to Agnes and asked her.


“What are you doing?”


“That crazy woman will not let me in!” Agnes was furious.


“It is her house, if she will not let you in, it’s her right.” Daniel said to Agnes.


“But Martin is inside!” Agnes answered Daniel.


“How do you know that Martin is inside?”


“Because, look, that is Martin’s bicycle!” Agnes pointed the bicycle parked just in front of Rosalie’s house, for Martin to see. Rosalie who stayed behind the door heard that Martin had his bicycle parked just in front of her house.


“If you’re convinced that Martin was inside, why not called his mobile phone? He has a mobile phone, I guess!” Daniel suggested to Agnes that she must call Daniel.


Rosalie who was just listening remembered that the mobile phone of Martin was on the center table in the living room with the papers Martin wanted her to sign. She quickly took the phone and put it out, and together with the papers, she quickly went to the kitchen and put it inside the washing machine. Then she quickly returned behind the door, and listened what the people outside were talking about.


“His telephone is out!” Rosalie heard the voice of Agnes.


“He does not want to be disturbed!” Daniel answered Agnes.


“Martin is inside, I knew it and I feel it!” Agnes insisted that Martin was inside the house of Rosalie.


“You better calm yourself, and I will see what I can do.” Daniel said and knocked on the door. Rosalie did not respond.


“Rosalie, I know you are there. Will you please open the door? It's me, Daniel.”


“Just open the door and let them in, Rosalie.” Rosalie heard the voice of Queen Riza saying to her to just open the door and let Daniel and Agnes in.


“Rosalie!” Daniel knocked again at the same time calling the name of Rosalie.


Rosalie opened the door.


“Will you let us enter your house?” Daniel calmly asked Rosalie if Rosalie will let them in.


Rosalie did not answer but open wide the door for Daniel and Agnes to come inside her house. **to be continue**Remy Dorio