Reflection of a Vampire #6



Prince Suryabhan as he stood at the side of the ally, looked at Rosalie. His smile made Rosalie’s thoughts wandered, where did she know this smile, it is so familiar?


“My husband, Prince Suryabhan.” Queen Riza introduced to Rosalie her husband. Rosalie gave her hand but Prince Suryabhan ignored it. He walked fore and Queen Riza and Rosalie must follow him, when suddenly a doorbell ring filled the space where they are.


“Doorbell!” Rosalie exclaimed. “That was my doorbell! I know the sound!”


Queen Riza stopped and so Prince Suryabhan.


“Okay, look who is it. You visit this place some other time.” Queen Riza said to Rosalie that she must look who was at the door.


Queen Risa touched the mirror and Rosalie learned for the first time that the mirror was two-sided. The mirror became blurred and it split opened like a door. Rosalie stepped out and before she knows it, she was back in her bedroom.


The doorbell continued and when she opened the door, she saw her ex-husband, Martin.


“May I come in?” Martin asked Rosalie if he could come in.


“Why, what do you want?” Rosalie could not guess why suddenly Martin appeared on her door and was asking if he could come inside her house.


“I want to talk with you, inside your house, please,” Martin said.


“Okay, you can come inside.” Rosalie agreed that Martin could come inside. Martin who was carrying an envelope stepped inside the house of Rosalie. He sits down on a sofa after Rosalie invited him to sit.


“Tell me directly what you want.”


“I want you to sign this paper.” Martin said.


“What paper is that?” Rosalie asked Martin and take from him the envelop. She took out the papers, read it, then she learned that Martin would like to sell the house where she was living now.


“You want to sell this house?” Rosalie asked Martin. “Where will I live if you sell it?”


“Rosalie, you know that I am entitled to the half of this house. I need money, so we have to sell it. You can buy if by yourself if you like.” Martin suggested to Rosalie that she could buy self the house. Then suddenly Martin stopped talking. He heard noises that came from Rosalie’s bedroom.


“Did you hear that?” Martin asked Rosalie.


“I heard nothing.” Rosalie answered Martin. “Maybe the radio, I let it stand. Moment, I will put it out.”


Rosalie walked into her bedroom and when she’s inside she closed the door and locked it. Martin was right, he heard voices from Rosalie’s bedroom because Rosalie heard too that Queen Riza was calling her name.


Rosalie stood in front of the mirror. She touched it with her hand and to her surprised, the mirror after it blurred for a moment splits to open and she saw the ally. But she did not step up to enter, she just stood still where she was standing.


“Queen Riza, you are calling me.” Rosalie talked to Queen Riza even though she doesn’t see Queen Riza.


“Prince Suryabhan and me, saw that your visitor is Martin, your ex-husband.” Queen Riza said to Rosalie but Rosalie saw her not yet.


“How you and Prince Suryabhan know that my visitor is Martin.” Rosalie asked Queen Riza how she and Prince Suryabhan know who her visitor is.


“Rosalie, we are half immortals. We hold powers above the mortals.” Queen Riza said that they were half immortals and hold or have powers.


“I go back to Martin now. He is maybe wondering what I am doing here inside my room. I come to know why you are calling my name.” Rosalie said she will come to Martin before Martin wonders what she was doing in her room while they were still talking to each other.


“That’s why I called to request you, invite Martin inside your room.” Queen Riza asking Rosalie to invite Martin inside her room.


“Why? I hate him, I will not invite him here inside my room.” Rosalie rejected Queen Riza’s request.


“Rosalie, we are sisters. Believe me, if you invite Martin here inside your room, I assure you will not regret it.” Queen Riza insisted.


Rosalie did not respond to what Queen Riza said to her.


“Think about it, if you invite him to come in your room, your problem will be solved. He wants to sell this house, and where will you live then? You know how Martin is? Think good!” Queen Riza told Rosalie that if she lured Martin to come in her room, her problem will be solved.


Rosalie was thinking. She was a battered wife. Martin abused her both physical and mental. What Martin’s wants; Martin gets! Martin wanted to sell the house and she could do nothing; she could not stop him. Rosalie then thought, Queen Riza was right. She needed their help, and she must accept the help offered or else she will be on the street.


Martin who was sitting in the living room was a little upset. What’s Rosalie did, leaving and let him just waiting irritated him. He stood up and walk toward the room of Rosalie. He was to bang the door of Rosalie’s room when the door opened. He saw Rosalie so sweet smiling to him.


“Will you come inside my room?” soft and sweet voice of his ex-wife, inviting him to come in her bedroom, Martin for a while was speechless.


Then Rosalie opened the door wide, Martin could not believe what he saw, the petite, beautiful body of Rosalie clearly can be seen under the transparent red negligee, Rosalie was wearing no underwear.


The room was darkened as the curtain were closed and only a shimmering table light, lighted the room, and the air was filled with essence that added to the irresistible sight, making the body of Martin warm.


Martin quickly took his clothes out, grabbed Rosalie as he was already panting with excitement. He kissed her passionately, then carried her to the bed. **to be continued**Remy Dorio