Born in Granada, Bacolod City, Negros Occidental, Philippines on July 13, 1946 to my parents Miguel Tornea Dorio and Lourdes Pareñas de la Cruz.

Had worked as a drama talent and soap opera scriptwriter. Also published some printed works and stage play in my native tongue Hiligaynon. 1961-1972

Lived in the Netherlands since 1980. Had worked as a City Steward (walking tourist information) of Rotterdam. My last work before I retired was Assistant Bookkeeper/Financial Clerk in a foundation, the Ontwikkelbank Rotterdam.

I started to write again in 2020 and self-published four books with KDP Amazon.  

I am married to Albert ten Hooven, retired and former administrative worker in the library of Erasmus University, Rotterdam.


I have a YouTube Channel. The contents are not that much because I am focusing at the moment in writing. My videos were mostly about card readings and the meanings of the cards. I am planning to alternate my time in writing stories and making more videos, quality videos.  If you are curious, you can click the link and I will appreciate if you subscribed. 

You can find me too in Facebook. 


PINOY REAL- Katrina Sevilla interviewed me about my writing.  In that interview I told how I became a drama talent and a scriptwriter.  The interview was last year in the month of September.

With Stories, See Through the Past, See the Joy, Hear the laughter, See the Sorrow, Hear the Cry.

With Stories, See Through the Future, See Hope, Hear the Prayer, See Dream, a Fata Morgana in the Air.