The Letter of Evelyn - #26


🤦‍♀️Doctor Edgar Montero, John Mar was just playing with me. The love I thought was just an illusion, just like what I had before concerning you, but I cannot compare it, with you it was indeed an illusion because the love with you was just in my mind. With John Mar was different. We enjoyed the pleasure together. We were really love birds, whispering to each ear sweet little nothings. Pain, I thought I am already immune with it, but I am wrong. It was painful that someone you think loved you, but he is not.

How did Olivia enter my office? It was Adora. The receptionist of the foundation told me.🤦

“Why did you let Olivia into my office?” Evelyn asked Adora.

“I will not deny it. She begs me to help her.” Adora answered Evelyn. “As a woman, I understand her.”

“I thought you were my friend.” Evelyn was disappointed with Adora.

“I am your friend, Evelyn. I did it because I am your friend!” Adora replied to what Evelyn said. Evelyn said no words. She just looked at Adora sharply.

“Do not look at me like that. You must not be angry with me, instead be thankful!” Adora said to Evelyn that Evelyn must be thankful to what she did. “Look, you are busy destroying a marriage and yourself.”

“I am destroying no marriage. I am not destroying myself. But it doesn’t matter anymore.”

“Does it means that you will stop seeing John Mar?” Adora asked but Evelyn did not answer. Evelyn walked away and Adora then only shrugged her shoulders.

🤦‍♀️I avoided Adora, and she do her best for me to understand why she did what she had done. I still had my suspicion, but I thought, what the hell, I tried to resist the happenings around me, but I can do what I will, things still happened, so I said to myself just let it be, for if I accept it or not, it is only Adora that is around, and I can talk to. I really have no one, I am alone.🤦   

“Evelyn, at last you answer my call.” John Mar was relief upon hearing Evelyn’s voice in his mobile phone.

“John  Mar, it is better we don’t see each other anymore.” Evelyn said.

“But why? I cannot understand.” John Mar could not understand why Evelyn suddenly changed, that Evelyn will not see him anymore.

“Love and take good care your wife and your children, John Mar, then everything will be okay.” Evelyn told John Mar that he must love his family then there will be no hustle, no problem.

“We already have an appointment, an understanding; our relationship will not destroy my marriage.” John Mar said to Evelyn.

“Yes, but there’s seemed a problem anyway.” Evelyn replied to John Mar.

“What is the problem you are talking about Evelyn?” John Mar asked Evelyn what problem she was talking about.

“Olivia came to me.” Evelyn answered John Mar.

“Olivia comes to you, when?” John Mar doesn’t know that Olivia was been by Evelyn.

“You did not know that Olivia was been here by me and humiliated me?” Evelyn asked John Mar.

“I do not know that.” John Mar told Evelyn that he did not know that his wife went to Evelyn.

“You know, John Mar, I am very disappointed.” Evelyn said to John Mar that she was very disappointed.

“Disappointed of what Evelyn? Please, let me understand.”

“Olivia said to me, that you both together look the video, a porno video and I am in it.” Evelyn said.

“Video? What video, I never watch a porno video with Olivia!” John Mar denied the allegation.

🤦‍♀️Doctor Edgar Montero, John Mar denied that he had seen the video about me. Because he knew that Olivia came visit me and told a story about the video, John Mar confronted his wife.🤦

“Why did you go to Evelyn?” John Man was furious to Olivia.

“And why not? Do you think I will just sit in the corner and let her take you away from me?” Olivia was also angry.

“What is this video, that you said to Evelyn we’d watch together?” John Mar asked Olivia. Olivia did not answer. “I am asking you, Olivia, what is about the video that you told to Evelyn that we had watch together?”

“I could not understand, why you were so concerned about that?” Olivia asked John Mar.

“Where is that video? Where did you get it? Who gave it to you?” John Mar was firing questions to Olivia.

“Oh, you are curious too, how your whore made love with many men together at the same time?” Olivia answered John Mar sarcastically.

“Watch your mouth, Olivia! Watch your mouth!” John  Mar was really angry.

“Why? You do not want to hear it? Your whore made love with many men together at the same time!” Olivia repeated her words about Evelyn in the video tape. “And do you know what? She enjoyed it doing with many men!”

John Mar suddenly slapped Olivia on the face as he cannot control himself anymore. Olivia was shocked.

“You hit me!” and Olivia sobbed.

“Olivia, I am sorry!” John Mar realizes what he did, asked forgiveness from his wife.

“You hit me because of Evelyn!” Olivia shouted to John Mar.

“I told you already to watch out your mouth, I am sorry.” John Mar again apologized to his wife.

“You do not love me!” Olivia kept sobbing.

“That is not true, Olivia. I married you and we have children.” John Mar answered the accusation of Olivia that he do not love her.

“I knew and felt it from the beginning. You do not love me. You only married me because I am pregnant, but it was Evelyn that you love.” Olivia is accusing John Mar that it was Evelyn John Mar loved. By John Mar himself he knew Olivia was telling the truth. When he told Evelyn before to forget him because the family of Evelyn was poor, that was the only reason he can gave. At that time without the knowing of Evelyn, he dated Olivia and Olivia became pregnant. He had no choice but to marry her. His parents wanted no trouble to the influential family of Olivia. John Mar knew by himself, he never had stopped loving Evelyn, his first love. He heard a lot of things that happened to Evelyn. The marriage with Nelson Romano, the affair with Roy Sanchez, the drug addiction, and so on, but he had tried to ignore it even it did pain to him. He just concentrated to his family and his ambition to be a lawyer. Yet destiny connected him again to Evelyn. He cannot deny to himself; he loves Evelyn, always loved Evelyn.

“Olivia, you are just making the problem with yourself. I could not understand why you’re making these problems. We are married and will stay married till death does us part.” John Mar after a while said.

“Yes, till death does us part. Perfect, you go home to me and pretend to be my perfect husband after you spent sinful moments with your whore! The whore you love!”

“Will you please stop calling Evelyn a whore because she is not!” John Mar told Olivia to stop calling Evelyn a whore.

“She is a whore, and I will call her a whore!” Olivia angrily answered John Mar.

John Mar heaved a deep sigh and decided not to mind Olivia. He was tired arguing with her, and he wanted to sleep.

“Why you sleep?” Olivia asked John Mar when she saw him going to bed.

“I am tired Olivia and there’s no sense arguing with you. I want to sleep!” John Mar answered Olivia.

“And you will not watch this?” Olivia asked and at the same time threw to John Mar a video tape. It almost hit John Mar in the head.

“What is this?” John Mar asked.

“The video tape that stars your whore!” Olivia answered John Mar.

John Mar did not answer. He had in his hand the video tape and he doubted if he will watch it or not. He decided not to and just pushed the video tape away from him.

“Oh, you do not want to watch it. You do not like to watch how your whore does it with many men at the same time.” Olivia took the video tape on the bed and put it in the video player. “Look, I am playing the tape for you. Look!”

John Mar angrily stood up from bed, put his robe on.

“Look, look!” Olivia insisted John Mar to look at or watch the video that was playing.

John Mar didn’t bother to look and walked to come out their bedroom.

“Where are you going?” Olivia was shouting and tried to stop John Mar. “You have to look!”

“Leave me alone!” and John Mar pushed Olivia hard away from him. Olivia fall on the floor. Her head slightly struck the small side table near the television that was in their bedroom.

“Olivia!” John Mar exclaim.

“You bastard!” and suddenly Olivia have a small gun in her hand. A gun she hid in the pocket of her pajama. “I will not accept you treat me like this!”

A gunshot was fired. ****to be continued****