The Letter of Evelyn - #24


🤦‍♀️Doctor Edgar Montero, I tried my best to not let Adora know that I have my suspicion so as what Roy planted in my mind. I felt Adora seemed was watching every move I made. I do not know if it was just my imagination but one time, I saw Adora put something in my drinks. Seeing it, I was in panicked and to not consumed the drink I created a little accident. I let fall my glass, and I saw in the face of Adora a kind of disappointment. Then John Mar and his associates lawyers want a meeting with me for something very important.🤦

“We have a problem.” John Mar said as they sit around the table.

“What problem?” Evelyn asked.

“We made a list of all the companies of Nelson.” And John Mar asked the secretary to give a copy to Evelyn. Evelyn looked at the list, and she could not believe it.

“Are these all businesses of Nelson?” Evelyn asked as she looked at the more than ten pages papers.


“My God, so many!”

“Yes, and you still own that. In the next list you can see companies that was yours but not anymore.” As John Mar said it, one of the lawyers handed Evelyn a piece of paper. Evelyn look at it. In the list Evelyn saw more than a dozen names of companies.

“What do you mean by what you said that these companies were mine but not anymore?” Evelyn asked.

“Because you sold it all! Just within a few years!” John Mar told Evelyn that the names of the companies in the list were all sold already by Evelyn only within a year.

Evelyn looked at John Mar and the other attorneys across her. “How come?”

“What do you mean by how come?”  

“Because I never had sold even a single company from Nelson’s property or wealth!” Evelyn firmly said and it made everybody sitting around the table speechless. They all looked at Evelyn directly to her face seeking in there the trueness of what she said. Evelyn again repeated what she said. “ I never sold even a single company!”

Silence. Then John Mar let Evelyn see another set of papers. It is a copy of the selling of one of the properties.

“Evelyn, is this your signature?” John Mar asked. Evelyn looked at the signature. The signature was hers. She had signed the selling of the company.

One by one, John Mar let Evelyn see the papers of the selling of the companies, and some was just donated. Evelyn confirmed all were her signature.

“I signed all these papers, but how come, I never as I said, sold no property and gave it away as donation.” Evelyn was sure about what she said that she never sold any property nor just had given it away.

“The signatures are yours?” John Mar asked.

“These were all my signatures. But how come I had signed these papers without knowing it?” Evelyn could not understand how she had signed the documents without knowing it.

“Evelyn, I think if you sign papers you must look at good what you are signing. You must be careful. Properties that are sold and donated were four here in the Philippines, three in Singapore, two in Japan and the rest were in America. My firm will look at, and we will see what we can do about these properties. You will be notified for the development.” John Mar said and advised Evelyn that she must be careful in signing papers from now on.

🤦‍♀️Doctor Edgar Montero, there are people who were stealing my properties, Nelson properties. I do not know if the Law Firm of John Mar and his associates could do something about it but what I am interested to know who are these people. If I had signed the papers, I thought it happened when I was a junkie and high in drugs, and Roy let me sign it; or when I am signing papers in my office in the foundation. Sometimes when my mind was full of many things, and I am pre-occupied with sorrows and self-pity, I do sign papers without reading it. I cannot ask Roy because he was already gone, and who will I ask in my office, my secretary? If my secretary was in the complot, sure she will deny it. Adora? No, I cannot confront Adora, not yet. I cannot just ask everyone, so I must just wait for the development of the investigation of the office of John Mar and his associates.

John Mar suggested that we must go abroad. First to Singapore, then Japan and America. He said it was better that I travel with their group to let things smoothly work, and I thought why not? I never had traveled abroad🤦

“You are going away?” Adora was surprised seeing Evelyn with suitcases.

“Yes, I have a flight to Singapore.” Evelyn answered Adora.

“Alone? What are you going to do in Singapore? Vacation?” Adora was surprised because she does not know that Evelyn will travel. Evelyn didn’t tell her.

“It is business, Adora. I am going with the group of John Mar,” Evelyn answered Adora.

“Oh, you had not mentioned it to me.” Adora said that Evelyn did not tell her about the business travel of Evelyn.

“I did not? If I did not, I would be sorry Adora. It slips my mind.” Evelyn answered that she had forgotten it to tell Adora.

“You do not have to apologize. It’s your right not to tell me everything, only I am used that we know each other what we were doing.” Adora replied.

“It is only a business travel, Adora. John Mar and his group arrange everything.” Evelyn said.

“No problem, don’t worry. It’s all right!”

🤦‍♀️Adora was sounded disappointed when she doesn’t know I am traveling. But Doctor Edgar Montero, I am very careful now. She doesn’t have to know all that I am doing. Even with signing papers, I started to read it good. I still suspected her, Adora my friend, to be in the complot of the group that is aiming Nelson’s wealth. Sorry, I always mentioned Nelson’s wealth when it is now mine, but I still had the feeling that I am not that rich, I do not know why but that is what I feel.

Singapore, Japan, I did nothing at all. It was the lawyers that do all the jobs. My work was only to show my face. In America, we stay in a five-star hotel, and who own it? Me. The group could hardly believe it. Nelson had a chain of hotels not only in America but all over the world. Yet, still it did not penetrated to me that I am that rich. If Nelson was a billionaire, that makes me a billionaire too. Now, the more I ask myself, what will I do with all the money?

In America, Nelson had three companies in different states that all the employees wanted to buy it and turn it into a cooperative. They have a representative that when they learned I was in America presented to me their request. Wow, Doctor Edgar Montero, there I am someone, really someone!

I ask John Mar, what will I do? John Mar answered me that its up to me whatever my decision would be. The lawyers in America also agreed; it’s up to me. I decided to give the company to the employees, and they were happy. They even made a video, all employees one by one thanking me. Now three companies were added to the list of Nelson’s businesses that was scrapped from his wealth, sorry, my wealth.

John Mar and I were always together. When I go shopping, he accompanied me. We ate together in many different restaurants in New York where we stayed longer as the office of the Law firm managing the businesses of Nelson had it’s home office in the city of the Big Apple.

Doctor Edgar Montero, I do not know that us being together always something is cooking. I told you already that John Mar was my first love. Only he had forsaken me when my family became poor. I forgot already about it. John Mar was young and ambitious I do not blame him. Because the hate was gone now, I enjoyed the company of John Mar, sometimes we were like teenagers when we roamed the streets of New York. I am laughing, I am enjoying my life, I felt it.

One time, when we were on the boat to tour into the island of the Statue of Liberty, I felt a little cold that I shivered. John Mar noticed it, and to warm me he put around his arms and pulled me closer to him. Doctor Edgar Montero what I felt that time, was like the same feeling I had when we were still fully in love with each other. A warm sensation run into my body; I looked at John Mar and I gave him a smile and softly leaned my head to his chest. Leaning on his chest, I heard his heart beating fast. Being close together gave him also a kind of sensation. Doctor Edgar Montero, I know to myself, we both are experiencing the rebirth of our love. John Mar was my first love, and I am also his first love. First love as most people know it, never dies.****to be continued****