Life of a Homeless Soul

by © RCD


Roving around, no destination---

but the busy streets, full of strangers,

faces that gaze quickly turn around---

no sympathy but spite!


The bed is where sleep asked,

Always quivering, cold; to yearn

for morning to come fast, for him

to mingle again with strangers!


The stomach that rumbles asking for food,

survival instinct fades the way---

garbage, the favorite restaurant,

menu, left-over, thrown away!


With weak and slow steps,

walking to the way of garbage;

hoping for food to survive the day---

the routine life of a homeless soul!



Note: This poem was published in 2004 both written and in audio production by, The International Library of Poetry, under my name Remy Cruz Dorio (Remedios de la Cruz Dorio).