The Letter of Evelyn #15


I was frightened when Roy said to me that sooner or later, I will be his sweetheart. Doctor Edgar Montero, I do not know what Roy’s plan is, but I know for sure I hate him and that I am afraid. I began to loss my freedom. I prefer to stay just inside the premises of the foundation and lucky enough I had the apartment inside the building. I instructed the people to not let Roy in. Then Greg and Adora returned from their honeymoon.🤦

“Something wrong?” Adora noticed that there was something wrong with Evelyn.

“Nothing wrong with me. Why do you ask that?” Evelyn forced a smile.

“Are you not glad to see us? Come on, we just arrived! And I have many stories to tell you!” Adora said. “We can talk woman to woman. Greg started already to work. And I am happy that for a while my apartment would be our home.”

Evelyn paused for awhile then she opened to Adora about her big problem, Roy.

“Roy?” Adora was surprised to hear the name of Roy. “Are you seeing Roy again?”

“No, but he is trying to come in again in my life!”


“Adora, I am afraid.”

“Afraid to let him in your life again. Do you want him?”

“You do not understand me, Adora. He wants, but not me.”

“If you do not want him, that is not a problem?”

“It is a problem because he wants me whether I like it or not. I mean hook or by crook I will be his woman,” Evelyn said to Adora.

“He cannot force you if you don’t like.” Adora could not understand why Evelyn found it as a problem.

“Adora, I am afraid of him, do you know that I suspect him about the death of Amalia?”

“Amalia, she is dead?”

“According to the police, she killed herself. She jumped from a high building.”

“And why you suspected Roy of her death?”

“Because Amalia told me that Roy made an attempt to push her from a rooftop of a building but lucky for her, there’s a couple so the plan of Roy did not get through” Evelyn explained to Adora why she thought that Roy have something to do with the death of Amalia.

“My God!”

“Not only that; Amalia because I helped her, told me about the involvement of Roy to what happened to Nelson.” Evelyn told to Adora about the involvement of Roy to Nelson’s death.

“Go to the police!” Adora said.

“I cannot.”

“Why not?”

“I have no proof. Amalia is dead already. She was the one that told it me. Which court will believe me? The security guard of Nelson that was involved was also dead, he hung himself in his cell.” Evelyn explained to Adora the reason why she cannot go to the police.

“Evelyn, you must avoid Roy. He is a dangerous man!” Adora warned Evelyn that Evelyn must avoid Roy.

“That’s what I am doing, but I cannot live like this forever, always watching my shadow.” Evelyn replied.

“You can hire bodyguards.” Adora suggested to Evelyn to have bodyguards.

🤦‍♀️I listened to the advice of Adora, Doctor Edgar Montero. I hired bodyguards to protect me. Imagine I must protect myself again the man I once loved. The man I thought was my happiness. But if a devil wants you, the devil will have you. I believe it now. Roy found a way to come near to me.🤦

“Ma’am, a letter for you, we did not open it because it says personal.” Elsie, the personal secretary of Evelyn, handed her a letter.

“Who was the sender?” Evelyn asked Elsie.

“It is from a woman.” Elsie replied to Evelyn. Evelyn looked at the letter. It comes from a woman; the name on the envelope was unknown to her.

“Okay, thank you.” And Evelyn opened the letter. The letter was not from a woman; it was from Roy. Roy had found a way to contact Evelyn. Evelyn read the letter and panicked. Quickly, Evelyn went to Adora.

“Evelyn, you look pale!” Adora was surprised when Evelyn rushed to her office. Evelyn looked pale and in panicked.

“Read, read this!” Evelyn gave the letter to Adora. Adora read it and she was worried from what she read in the letter, send by a woman’s name but it came from Roy.

“Evelyn, you must go to police!” Adora again told Evelyn to go to the police.

“For what? Only because of this letter? The name of Roy is not even in the letter.” Evelyn reasoned out.

“But even me know, that letter came from Roy.” Adora said.

“That is only our assumption. If we go to the police, they police will think that I am crazy. That I imagine things.”

“What will you then? Well, he cannot just come to you, because you have your bodyguards.” Adora assured Evelyn that Roy cannot just come to Evelyn.

“Yes, but he mentioned in the letter about my parents. He said he knew where my parents were. What my parents are doing.” Evelyn was worried about her parents.

“A kind of threat!” Adora said. “You have to warn your parents.”

“I cannot do it. I do not like them to worry constantly.”

“Bodyguards! Like you, they can also have bodyguards!”

“I know my parents. They cannot live with bodyguards. My father will take it as a kind of prison. Besides, they were already old to have such kind of life, always watching their back.” Evelyn doesn’t like that her parents will have bodyguards.

“What do you want to do then? You must do something.” Adora asked Evelyn what she will do to solve her problem about Roy.

“I think I will confront the devil.” Evelyn answered Adora after a short pause. Adora looked at Evelyn.

“What do you mean by that?” Adora asked.

“I will confront the devil; I will confront Roy!”

🤦‍♀️Yes, Doctor Edgar Montero, that is what I decided. I must have the courage to confront Roy. I presumed that Roy was after money. He knew that I was rich. Yes, he only wants money!🤦

“Don’t look me down! What do you mean by what you said?” Roy asked when Evelyn asked him to name his price.

“You heard me good and clear. I said, name your price.” Evelyn repeated what she said to Roy.

“Does it mean you are buying me?”

“If you understand it on that way, yes, I am buying you out my life!” Evelyn firmly answered Roy.

“Evelyn, are you that rich?”

“Roy, just name your price.”

“Why is it you think that you can buy me?” Roy was surprisingly calm.

“Everybody can be bought.” Evelyn answered.

“Including you, I guess,”

“What do you mean by that?”

“Nelson had bought you, isn’t it?” Roy said with a grin in his face. Evelyn face became red. “Remember you told it me, Nelson paid your father twenty-five million pesos.”

For a moment Evelyn was silence. Roy was right, one way or another she was bought by Nelson thru the disguise of a dowry in the amount of twenty-five million pesos.

“Roy, I will make no quarrel with you. Let us handle this as mature people. I know you are after my money, just name you price.” Evelyn said after a brief pause.

“Why are you so focus with money? Does it not occur in you, that what I want is you?” Roy asked Evelyn.

“I am not the same Evelyn as before Roy. I am now a totally different Evelyn you knew.” Evelyn answered Roy.

“I know. You are not a drug addict anymore! You are now extremely rich! You belong already to the elite group, in the high society.” Roy said.

“I am just trying to better my life. I made many mistakes that I regretted.”

“Of course, honestly, I admire you, your strong will!”

“Roy, I want a quiet life. I had promised Nelson on his grave that I will be a good human being. Strange, but I fall in love with Nelson when he was no more, when he disappeared from my life. And I promise him, he can have my love forever, that I will never fall in love with other man.”

Roy did not reply to what Evelyn had said. Again there is a grin in his face.

“So, Roy, we are now talking face to face. As I said, I want a quiet life. Just tell me how much I must pay, for you totally gone from my life.”

“I don’t want your money, Evelyn!”

Evelyn looked at Roy. She could not believe that Roy did not want money from her.

“You do not have to look at me like that. You heard what I said, I did not want your money, Evelyn.” Roy repeated what he said that he did not want the money of Evelyn.

“If you do not want money, what do you want then? Evelyn asked.

“You Evelyn. It is you what I want, not your money.” The words of Roy were loud and clear. As he said that he does not want money, what he wanted is Evelyn. ****to be continued****