The Letter of Evelyn -#7

by Remedios Dorio


“Why not go to your parents? They have money, you can ask them.” Roy said to Evelyn.

“They will not give money to me.” Evelyn answered Roy.

“Why not, you are their only child?”

“They are angry at me.”

“Go to your parents and ask money!”

“No! I will not!”

“I said go to your parents and ask for money!” Roy was angry and suddenly grabs Evelyn and suffocated her with his to hands. “If I said you go, you go, understand?”

“Roy, stop it. I cannot breathe!” Evelyn was gasping for her breath.

“I said you must ask money from your parents!”

“Okay, I will ask money from my parents.”

When Evelyn said she will do it, asking money from her parents, Roy let her lose.

Roy goes with me to be sure that I really ask money from my parents, but I was only until the gate. My parents will not let me in. Roy who stands farther gave a look that made me afraid, seemed he meant I must insist, I must not take the no answer that Lolita the housekeeper told me.

“Lolita, I said you must open the gate!” Evelyn said to Lolita that only shook her head.

“I cannot, your parents strictly said not to let you in!” Lolita answered Evelyn.

“Mama! Mama! Please let me in!” Evelyn shouted to her mother who together with Carlos was in the terrace and just looking. “Mama, please.”

There is no reaction from Teresa and Carlos.

“Mama, please!” Evelyn cried as she begged her mother.

Seeing her daughter slumped on the ground crying, Teresa come to the gate.

“What do you want?” Teresa asked Evelyn.

“Mama, please let me in.” Evelyn was begging her mother.

“I ask you, what do you want?”

“Mama, I need help.”

Teresa for a while said no words. She saw Roy a little farther.

“I let you in but only you, not Roy.” Teresa said.

“Thank you, Mama. Thank you!”

Teresa let her daughter sit on the chair in the terrace. Carlos said no words as he saw his daughter that appeared to him as a drug’s junkie. Carlos and Teresa both knew that their daughter because of Roy became addicted of meth. They knew also that Evelyn has no financial support from her husband Nelson.

“Papa.” Evelyn wanted to break the silence of her father.

“Do not call me Papa. You are not my daughter anymore! If it is not of your mother, you never could enter my house.” Carlos replied to his daughter angrily.

“I am sorry, please forgive me.”

“Asks her what she wants and sends her fast away!” Carlos said to Teresa.

Teresa, being a mother felt pity for her daughter, her only daughter that she loves very much, but she must control herself not to succumb to her daughter’s spill. Evelyn must learn the most important essence of life, love, and empathy.

“Evelyn, say what you want.” Teresa said to Evelyn.

“Mama, I need help.” Evelyn said to her mother.

“What help?”

“I need money.”

“To buy Meth?” Carlos who was listening to angrily asked Evelyn. Evelyn did not answer.

Teresa subdued her husband not to make himself angry as it is not good for his heart.

“She dares to come to us only to ask money for Meth.” Carlos continued.


“You have a devilish character, heartless and no respect to your parents. You never even take a glimpse to your son that was dying in the hospital! You even were not in your son’s funeral! Could you not imagine how shameful was it, when people asked, where is the mother? They asked your husband who said no words, who could not speak because of too much sorrow. I am melting in there, when they cannot take an answer from Nelson, they come to me, to your mother! Until now it stills echoed in my mind, where is the mother? Where is the mother? Do you hear it? Where is the mother?” Carlos was shouting.

“Carlos, please.” Teresa begged her husband, “Control yourself, please.”

Carlos stood up from sitting, walked back and forth to unleash his emotions that made his body trembled.

Evelyn, like a wet bird that cannot fly just stayed silent. Teresa also charged with emotions had the verge of tears in her eyes but said no words.

“Teresa, let her out! And I warn you, give her no even a single centavo!” Carlos said to Teresa.

“Evelyn, please, your father said you have to go.” Tearfully Teresa said it to her daughter.

Evelyn stood up and leaved without saying any words. Teresa followed her daughter up to the gate and saw that Roy met Evelyn and talked to her. Then suddenly Teresa saw that Roy beaten Evelyn. Teresa screamed!

IMAGINE, when my parents gave me no money, Roy was angry and beaten me on the streets. I heard my mother screams as Roy with force dragged me to my car. Inside the car he continued beating me. I could not understand, why he became so angry when I get no money from my parents.

“You did not do your best! They are your parents; how come they will not give you money?” Roy again hit Evelyn.

“Stop it, please, Roy. I can do nothing if they will not give money, they are angry at me!” Evelyn was crying because of pain.

“I will bring you to Nelson, try to ask money from him!” Roy said.

“Do you think that Nelson will give me money? If my parents will not give, why do you think Nelson will give?” Evelyn asked and Roy hit her again.

“Never talk to me like that. If I said you go to Nelson and ask money from him, you would do that. You had not yet tried, and you answered already that he wouldn't give. Try it first!” Roy shouted.

Evelyn keeps quiet. She said no words again because if Roy does not like the words she said, he will hit her.

NELSON let Evelyn into his house. He saw that Evelyn was beaten as her lips were with blood that also can be seen on her blouse the drops. Her eyes were swollen. The fresh, innocent, and pretty Evelyn looks terrible.

“Everything with you is not okay I guess.” Nelson was drinking liquor. “Can I offer you a drink?”

Nelson, as Evelyn knew was calm. He seemed calculating every word he said.

“Nelson, I need help! Will you please help me?” Evelyn was begging of the man that she just ignored before.

“What help?” Nelson asked.

“You need money for what? Food? Or Drugs?”

“For food and yes, for drugs?

“And you are begging from me money?”

Evelyn did not answer.

“You know Evelyn; I had begged you. Remember when our son was in the hospital and I came to you, begged you to let show to our son that was dying, a mother love that he never had? You remember that?” the voice of Nelson was full of pains.

“Forgive me.” The only words that came out from Evelyn.

“I do not know, Evelyn if I ever could forgive you. You did not even show your face at the funeral of your son. Why Evelyn, why? Why you hate Sonny that much when he came out from your body, he was a part of you. Could you tell me, why?”

“I regretted what I did, forgive me.”

“With me, you are swimming in money. You could buy whatever you like. I accepted the way you treat me, because I understand you did not love me, although I had hope that someday you will change. You compensated for your shortcomings in giving birth to my son that you did not love too. I love Sonny; I love my son very much, but God take him so soon.”

“You can curse me; I deserve it.”

“No, you curse yourself. Evelyn, I am sorry. I have lots of money, as you know it already via your lawyer, I am a very wealthy man. But I will not give you even a cent, sorry.”

“Nelson, please.” Evelyn was crying.

“Sorry, Evelyn. Besides, why are you begging for money? You are rich. Were the 25 million pesos already gone?”

“What do you mean?”

“The 25 million pesos I had given to your father, it is your money!”

“I do not understand.”

“Asks your father. He will let you understand.”

Nelson gives no money too, the same what my parents did. Roy, the man I fall in love after my first love John Mar forsaken me, became a different man. The gallant, charming Roy that had conquered my heart, which enjoyed easy life with me, when money was still overflowing, now, always beaten me, every day. About what Nelson told me, the 25 million pesos, I could not understand. I did not tell Roy about it, but it was in my mind, I must confront my father. He must explain to me everything.

My relationship with Roy worsens. I noticed Amalia my best friend was always in Roy’s apartment. I found it good. Amalia was rich. When her parents died in a car accident, she inherited a fortune. Because I have no money anymore, Roy found a financer to our lust of meth, and it was Amalia.

There is a saying; three is a crowd, and it applied to our situation; only I am the unnecessary one. Imagine, Dr. Edgar Montero, what would you feel if you are me, when the man you loved, and your best friend openly did it in front of you? I am in pain, but I stay because the drugs Meth say so. When they kiss, they will call me and let me see they’re doing it at the same time laughing me out. They did it express, a way of saying I must go. I really don’t know what to do. I have nowhere to go, I have nobody.

Again, I knocked on my parent’s door. My mother let me in and my father; he does not talk to me. ****to be continued***Remedios Dorio