Reflection of a Vampire #13


MARTIN looked around. She heard someone saying the name Rosalie but he saw Rosalie was not speaking.


"I heard someone saying, Rosalie. Your name is Rosalie?" Martin asked Rosalie who finds it funny the reaction of Martin, she burst to laugh.


"You're playing with me!" Martin said to Rosalie. 


"I am sorry. Are you familiar with ventriloquism? I am a ventriloquist!" Rosalie said. "Yes, my name is Rosalie. "


"Nice knowing you, Rosalie. Ventriloquist, what is that if I may ask?" Martin doesn't know what a ventriloquist is.


"I have no time to explain you, Martin. Consult the dictionary!" Rosalie answered Martin.


Okay, I want to see you again, Will you call me?" Martin asked Rosalie if she would call him.


"We see, bye! I have your calling card," and Rosalie drove away with her car.


"You are something, ventriloquist. What is that? " Queen Riza asked Rosalie who was still smiling to herself.


"You had enjoyed yourself with that man. Well, I'll admit, he is good-looking and very charming." Queen Riza said to Rosalie. " Will you please tell me now what a ventriloquist is?"


"Someone who can talk without opening the mouth," Rosalie answered Queen Riza.


"Oh, and you can do that, you can learn it me." Queen Riza was interested in ventriloquism.


" I can't, I don't know how to do it, I only said it to Martin because I saw his face when you spoke my name, it's so funny," Rosalie laughed again.


"But I think you can do it, you have powers in you, but you don't know it yet." Queen Riza talked again to Rosalie about the powers that Rosalie have.


"We stop the car over there. I bought pancakes and we could eat it." Rosalie slowly drove the car to stop at the side of the road.


"You can eat, me no, that man in the bicycle gave me enough food, and I am full." Queen Riza was full she said because the man in the bicycle had given her enough food. 


"Then I will drive home. I will work tomorrow and I must wake up early." Rosalie started again her car to drive home.


"No, let's come out of the car and go there." Queen Riza was pointing a small square in the middle of the threes.


"What will we do there? Had you not enough action for this night?" Rosalie asked Queen Riza, she could not understand why Queen Riza wanted to go into the square in the middle of the trees. 


"Come, let us do one of your powers," Queen Riza came out of the car, and Rosalie just heaved a sigh and follow her.


When they were in the square, Queen Riza demonstrated to Rosalie the power she was talking about, levitation, the ability to float.


Rosalie saw how Queen Riza float in the air. She later let Rosalie see her flying circling around.


Queen Riza descended near Rosalie and said to her. "You see, it is one of your power, you were the one who learns it me." 


"I do not know how to do that, and how can I learn you, you are from a far distant past and I am in the present," Rosalie answered Queen Riza.


"Just try it, Rosalie, you will enjoy it." Queen Riza holds the hand of Rosalie and told her to lift the back of her two feet and close her eyes.


Rosalie did what Queen Riza told her to do and before she knew it, she was already floating in the air.


"You see, you are floating now in the air!" 


"It's nice, how can I fly then?" Rosalie asked Queen Riza how she could fly.


"Lift your two feet backward and stretch your two arms forward," Queen Riza told Rosalie what she must do.


Rosalie did what Queen Riza tell her to do, and before she knew it, she was flying circling and she enjoyed it. And she did it alone by herself. 


Rosalie after a while flying circling descended where Queen Riza was standing. She was so excited.


"I never know I could fly. I will do it again, it’s so relaxing," saying it Rosalie did it again, flying circling the square.


Queen Riza was also enjoying watching Rosalie liked a child having her toy and could not stop playing with it when she smells something. The smells come not so far away.


While Rosalie was enjoying her flying in the air, Queen Riza walked toward where she thought the smells came from. 


She saw four boys hiding in the thick bushes. Those were the boys they earlier encountered. The teenagers were drinking beers and smoking weeds.


Queen Riza unknowingly had inhaled the weed for quite of time, and she felt or want also to play. And what she had in her thoughts was the four teenagers who were already stone with drugs and alcohol.


The four teenagers were stunned when suddenly in front of them Queen Riza was standing and smiling.


"Hello, boys."


For a moment, the teenagers were speechless, as they could not understand why suddenly there's a woman in front of them, then one of them, the one who earlier was almost hit by the car said.


"You and your twin almost killed me." the teenager looked angrily to Queen Riza.


"It's not express!" Queen Riza answered. "Sorry for that!"


"You must pay!" the angry teenager who was almost hit by the car grabbed Queen Riza. "Come here!"


Off guard, Queen Riza did not expect it. The sudden grabbing of the teenager did pain to her and her reaction was spontaneous that she growled like a cat and the teenager saw her vampire's teeth.


"Vampire!" he shouted and ran as fast as he can. The other three teenagers who had not seen the teeth of Queen Riza laughed but when they looked at Queen Riza, Queen Riza let them see her teeth. The teenagers don't know how they must flee. Passing the square they saw Rosalie was flying and the teenagers shout, "Witch!", **to be continued** Remy Dorio