The Letter of Evelyn - #29


Evelyn saw in the eyes of Armand Gomez a surprised reaction. Seemed the question of Evelyn about him, having a relationship with Olivia caught him unguard. It was indeed a very personal question.

“Evelyn, how come you ask me that? I have no relationship with Olivia!” Armand answered Evelyn denying he has a relationship with Olivia. “I’d seen Olivia only once; that was on the opening inauguration of this office.”

“Are you telling me the truth?” Evelyn wanted to be sure that Armand was telling the truth.

“I cannot understand. Why such question?” Armand really could not understand why Evelyn thought he had a personal connection with Olivia that was now an ex-wife of his friend John Mar.

“Forget it. I believe you! If you have no relationship with Olivia.”

🤦‍♀️Doctor Edgar Montero, Armand Gomez firmly denied that he had no relationship with Olivia. But why did Adora tell me different story? Why does Adora make stories that are not true?

 I began to have fear and wondered the many mysterious things and people connected to my life. Nelson Romano was a mystery. So Roy Sanchez, Adora and now Armand Gomez. The companies that were disposed or sold without my knowledge were also a mystery, who did it? The firm of John Mar was busy investigating it but with no results and then John Mar became invalid and cannot continue what he’d been doing. Of course, John Mar had his associates, and I guess I must take the pleasure to accept Armand Gomez as John Mar’s replacement to manage my wealth until John Mar’s recovery because I have a strong feeling that John Mar will come back to what he was before.

Doctor Edgar Montero, I don’t know, but there’s also this uneasy feeling in me I cannot explained what. Because I had doubts to people around me, I went to a less known lawyer and secretly made my testament. This lawyer will only let himself be known when something will happen to me, what I mean when I am already dead.🤦

 Doctor Edgar Montero paused for a while in reading the long letter of Evelyn. As a psychologist he wanted to analyze the personality of Evelyn. If what Evelyn wrote were all true, he already can conclude that Evelyn was a traumatized woman and fighting for survival her own way. Evelyn was writing about mysterious things and people around her. He wondered if all the characters Evelyn mentioned in her letters really existed, then he will agree that things were indeed mysterious, if not, then Evelyn have something in her brain. But Doctor Edgar Montero knew too, that he cannot base his analyzation only on letters, so, he heaved a deep breathe and continue reading the letter of Evelyn. He could not just stop reading the letter of Evelyn, he must continue. Doctor Edgar Montero wanted to know why Evelyn was talking about her own death.

🤦‍♀️Doctor Edgar Montero, Armand Gomez wanted that I have to hand on them all the original papers of the property, their Law Firm were disposing via an Estate Agent, but I disagree. I said, they must work first with the copy of the titles of the property and if the transaction got thru, then I will produce the original titles. 🤦

“I heard you were disposing many companies.” Adora started a conversation after she had settled a seat at the living room when that night she knocked on the door of Evelyn’s apartment at the top of the Foundation building and Evelyn let her in.

“Something to drink?” Evelyn asked Adora if she wanted something to drink.

“Do you have red wine?” Adora asked Evelyn if she had red wine.

“I think you are pregnant.” Evelyn knew that Adora was pregnant for three months already.

“A glass could do no harm.” Adora answered. “Greg worked overtime; it is about your transactions. He said you were selling a lot of companies.”

“I decided to sell all of the small companies.” Evelyn answered Adora.

“Why? What will you do with the money? You have a lot of money on the bank.” Adora want to know why Evelyn was disposing many companies.

“I am giving it all to charities.” Evelyn answered Adora.

“Really?” Adora could not believe what Evelyn said. “You are giving it all to charity? Why?”

“I am not happy! Before, I thought I would die when I learned that we were becoming or already poor because my father went bankrupt and he’s losing everything. But now, I realized money is not all in one’s life. Money makes you not happy. If you have money, everything is easy. Whatever you like you can get it in just a snap of your finger. But money could not buy everything. Yes, Adora, money could not buy the two most important thing in one’s life, and that are love and happiness!”

“You will become poor!” Adora answers to what Evelyn said.

“I wish, I am poor and happy!”

🤦‍♀️When Adora talked to me about money in the bank, I then realized no one had talk to me about bank accounts of Nelson, even my father never mentioned it, then I thought I have to go to Lolita and looked at good all papers that were on the box. The box that contained all of the original papers or titles. Why did Adora was talking about money in the bank that I do not know. I take my time to look at good with the papers, there’s nothing about bank accounts, only I saw an envelop with keys, about five keys and to each key was attached a label with only abbreviations or letters and numbers. I decided to take it with me and invited Lolita if she would like to be my personal assistant in Manila. Lolita gladly accepted my offer. I told her, to take no clothes of her, just put all papers that was in the box to her suitcase. I will provide clothes to her when we arrive in Manila.🤦

“You bring Lolita here in Manila.” Adora said to Evelyn when she saw Lolita.

“She looked for a job, and I thought why not here with me? She worked in the family for a long time already.” Evelyn told Adora why Lolita was with here.

“Good idea. I am looking also for a housekeeper. The same age of Lolita because you know if you have a young housekeeper, you cannot be sure with your husband.” Adora said.

“Greg is a good husband; you don’t have to doubt him. It is not nice for him to hear what you said.”

“Maybe I could ask Lolita if she knew someone, about the same age as her.”

“You can ask it her.”

🤦‍♀️The next day, Lolita and I went shopping for Lolita clothes. I secretly had made an appointment with my secret lawyer that nobody knew and in the department store he came. I let him see one key with a label, and he quickly answered me it was a key for a bank safe box deposit. The abbreviation stand for the name of the bank. He said which bank was it. I decided to go to the bank because my lawyer said that the bank confiscated boxes untouched for three years. I called Armand Gomez to standby me in case the bank made problems. Doctor Edgar Montero, I am just on time. One week more, the safe box deposit will be dormant, but the bank said, the heir of Nelson and that was me, will be on time notified and still can claim the box within the grace period. I wondered and so Armand Gomez why this safe box deposit was not in the testament of Nelson. And I thought, the same was true too to the other safe box deposits that the remaining four keys represent. When I together with a bank worker went to the room where safety box deposits were, I only saw in the box a small envelope. It was a paper, a contract to a time deposit of five years. The amount was huge. The time deposit was on the same bank and one year more the time deposit will mature. I let it see to Armand Gomez.🤦️  

 “A huge amount of money, Evelyn!” Armand exclaimed.

“I did not know about this money.” Evelyn also could not believe. The amount is five hundred millions. Every year, it gave an interest of twenty-five million, and this money was deposited to a bank account number that Evelyn also doesn’t knew.

“The Law firm that managed the estates of Nelson must explain this matter. For the mean time we have to arrange this on the bank. The contract must be on your name Evelyn.” Armand said.

“You are the lawyer. Let everything be in order!”

🤦‍♀️Doctor Edgar Montero, Nelson Romano was really a mystery. So many things I do not know. I am pre-occupied with my own life that I just let people managed everything for me. Nelson was overloaded with wealth I do not know anymore what to do about it. I still have four keys, and I do not know what to find in those safe deposits box if I open it. I started to have nightmares. I cannot understand it Doctor Edgar Montero, I have nightmares! ****to be continued****