The Letter of Evelyn  #16    


Roy was loud and clear. He does not want money from Evelyn; he wanted Evelyn. As Roy was firmed about what he wanted, Evelyn stood up to leave.

“Ho-ho, where are you going? We are still talking!” Roy stopped Evelyn.

“There is nothing to talk about, Roy.”

“Okay, I will give you time Evelyn. Remember, just remember.” Roy said.

“Remember what?” Evelyn asked.

“You know what you have to remember. You know! Here is my phone number. I have this new gadget. A mobile phone. Handy, very handy. You can call me, and I hope as soon as possible.” And Roy gave Evelyn his mobile-phone number. Evelyn accepted it.

🤦♀️Doctor Edgar Montero, my mind is totally in the war. Roy does not like to be bought. He doesn’t want money but me. When he said to me that I must just remember, I asked what I should remember but he gave no specific reasons and that made me more suspicious. To check out, I called my parents. I dialed the number of my mother.🤦♀️

“Evelyn!” Teresa was excited. The first time she received a call on her mobile phone.

“Mama, how are you and Papa?” Evelyn asked her mother.

“We were okay, only…” Teresa at the other end of the line heaved a sigh.

“What Mama? Only what?”

“It is almost a week now. Your father and I noticed some people like following us wherever we go.” Teresa answered Evelyn.

“What people?” Evelyn began to panic.

“I don’t know. It is nothing. You have nothing to worry.”

“Mama, where is Papa?”

“Mama, I will call him. He has his mobile with him?”


“Bye, Mama. I love you!”

🤦♀️When my mother told me that there were suspicious people seemed shadowing them, my parents, I panicked Doctor Edgar Montero. I called my father, but he doesn’t reply, and I became afraid. I don’t know, but I really thought that Roy would harm my parents. My suspicion about him, with the death of Nelson and Amalia was strong. I decided to talk again with Roy.🤦♀️

“Evelyn, I am surprised and glad!” Roy exclaimed when he answered Evelyn on his mobile phone.

“Roy, we have to talk!”

“Of course! I did not expect that you called me so soon.” And Roy chuckled. It irritated Evelyn but she controlled herself.

“Met me on the same restaurant.”

“With pleasure, Evelyn. With much pleasure.”

“This afternoon at 3 o’clock!”

“Wow, Express! Okay, I come. At your service Ma’am!”

🤦♀️Roy was the same as the first time I met him, nonchalant, charismatic, and too confident on himself. I do not know why I thought that talking to Roy could solve the problems that were forming in my head. I really could not explain it, Doctor Edgar Montero.🤦♀️

“I am happy you want to talk with me again.” Roy said.

“I am glad for you that you are happy!” Evelyn answered Roy with a bit of sarcasm.

“Evelyn, we could start to be friends. Why do we not forget the past and start again new?” Roy said to Evelyn.

“Please, Roy, be honest. What do you really want from me?” Evelyn looked at Roy directly when she asked him the question.

“Evelyn, you know already, I want you to be my girl again. We have our good times, doesn’t it?” Roy directly answered the question of Evelyn.

“I had changed. I don’t touch any drugs anymore. I am clean.” Evelyn told Roy that she was out from her drug addiction.

“I admire you. Your will was strong.” Roy replied.

“What I mean is that are you clean? Or you are the same Roy that was addicted with Meth and cannot without.” Evelyn wants to know if Roy was clean with his drug’s addiction.

“Frankly, I still use Meth.” Roy answered.

Evelyn was quiet. She said no more words. She looked at Roy for a moment and then stand up.

“Roy, I am sorry, I think we have nothing to talk anymore.”

“Where are you going? You just cannot leave me here?”

“Roy, you are a very dangerous man to be with, especially for me.”

“Because I am a drug addict?”

“Sad, but yes, because you are a drug addict.”

“Evelyn, will you please sit down? I am not trying you to take drugs in here. How could we understand each other if you just suddenly stop and go away?” Roy asked Evelyn to not go away. Evelyn after a while sat down again.

“ Thank you.” Roy thanked Evelyn.

“Okay, Roy, I will be honest with you. If you want to have a relationship with me again, you have to clean yourself from drugs.” Evelyn said to Roy. Evelyn did not really mean what she said because she was convinced that Roy cannot live without the Meth.

“Do you mean what you said?” Roy wants to hear again from Evelyn, that if he is clean with drugs, him and Evelyn could have again a relationship.

“You heard well what I said. We can again have a relationship if you are clean from drugs.” Evelyn repeats to Roy what she had said to him.

“I am not a junkie. I use drugs, but I am not a junkie.” Roy said.

“That says all drug addicts. If you want me back to your life you must rehabilitate.” Evelyn answered Roy.

“You are really serious.” Roy wants to be sure that Evelyn was serious about him to rehabilitate from his drug addiction.

“I am very serious!”

“Will your foundation accept me if I will rehabilitate with my addiction?”

“The clinic in the foundation is only for women, besides, it is not my foundation; it is a foundation with board members and that one person cannot decide alone.”

“The foundation is on the name of your late husband and son.” Roy said.

“The name, but I do not own it.”

“Okay, Evelyn. I will find a clinic that will accept me for their rehabilitation program. I do not know how long it will take but I will call you if I am already clean.” Roy said to Evelyn that he will let himself be rehabilitated.

“Do it, Roy. And for the meantime, please leave my parents alone.” Evelyn asked Roy to leave her parents alone.

“I can not understand. Leave your parents alone; I am doing nothing to your parents.” Roy replied to what Evelyn said.

“Roy, you know what I mean, you understand it good. Better yourself if you want me to be back in your life and stop dealing drugs.”

“Evelyn, I am not a drug dealer! How come you think that I am a drug dealer?” Roy denied the accusation of Evelyn that he’s a drug dealer.

“Are you sure? If you said so, I would believe you now, but I hope you are not lying to me!”

🤦♀️Doctor Edgar Montero, I said to Roy that he can have me back if he is clean with drugs. I thought it could not happen because he will not do it anyway. He denied that he was a drug dealer and had nothing to do about the people that shadowing my parents. For a year, he did not contact me, and I was glad. I thought he wouldn't bother me anymore. I asked my parents about suspected people shadowing them and it was no more, it’s gone. My life and of my parents were back to normal. I continue my work with the foundation and together with Adora, we managed it exceptionally good. But one day I received a call from Roy.🤦♀️

“Evelyn, congratulate me!” Roy was excitedly happy.

“Congratulate you, for what?” Evelyn cautiously asked Roy, she suspected already that Roy will bring her the news that he succeeded the rehabilitation, and that Roy was clean from drugs.

“I just walk out from the clinic. I am clean!” Roy answered Evelyn.

For a while Evelyn doesn’t know what to say. Roy was clean from drugs.

“Evelyn, are you still there?”

“Yes, yes, I just could not believe what I heard. Really, are you clean from the drugs?” Evelyn hesitated for a while as she doesn’t know what to say.

“You heard me good! It calls for a celebration don’t you think?”


“Well, maybe you can threat me with a nice food in the restaurant we used to meet?” Roy asked Evelyn to threat him in the restaurant where they used to meet each other.

“I have many works at this moment, but I will come to the restaurant. Met me there after one hour.”

🤦♀️With all the blessings of Hell or of Heaven, Roy called me that he was already clean from drugs, and directly asked me to meet him. I really do not know what to do. I said to myself; I must not meet him, that I must avoid him, but should I break the promise I made? And if I do break the promise, what would Roy do? I thought I was in a dilemma. I cannot avoid having again a relationship with Roy.🤦♀️ ****to be continued****