THE LETTER OF EVELYN -1                                                                                                                                                        Note: I had this novel serialized once in an online platform.     



As Doctor Edgar Montero enter his clinic there were many patients in the waiting room. The patients greeted him ‘good morning’ which he replied, greeting them too, good morning.

He quickly entered his consultation room then call his secretary inside. He told his secretary to hold the patients for a moment. He wanted first to read the letter in his hand given to him by a woman outside the clinic. The woman seems familiar, but he could not put in his mind where did he, the woman had seen or met. He thought a patient but at the same time also not. The woman said to him that he must quickly read her letter because it is a question of survival.

He had no chance to talk to the woman because the woman after handed him the envelope, hurriedly went away.

Puzzled, he wanted to read immediately the letter as the woman said, it is a matter of survival. Survival of what? He opened the envelope; a key fell. He picked it up and wonders why there is a key and for where? He saw the letter was long. It has several pages.

The letter begins with.

🤦️Hello Doctor Edgar Montero,

I did not know that you are a doctor but of course how could I know, when we only had meet once. Where did we meet, you may ask? We meet in a party, it was a party to honor medical people, doctors, nurses, etc.🤦

The doctor remembered then; it was a party in the big hall of a Medical Institute, inaugurating the one-hundred-year jubilee of the Institute that had produced many doctors and nurses, medical technicians and many more professionals that have something to do with the medical world. The party was two years ago.

🤦️Of course, you are a doctor, but it did not get through in my mind. The party was for the people in the Medicine World, but I am not a doctor or a nurse or what, yet I am there also. Besides, you look not like a doctor, I mean it not negative. I saw you someone very charming especially when you cannot take your eyes away from me and when I looked at you, you gave that wink that made my night. 🤦‍♀️

  Now, he knows why the woman outside his clinic looked so familiar. He remembered, it was Evelyn, that woman in the party that had caught his eyes. The face was so pretty with a melancholic eye. To his perception, Evelyn was a very modern woman as that night, she dressed herself with a deep décolleté purple blouse paired with a jersey pants of the same color that almost hug her body and wearing a very flaming red high heel shoe. Evelyn was the star of the night. Men had enjoyed the sight of her, while women giving their disapproval glare.

“Hello!” he did approach Evelyn who was in the company of another woman named Adora, a well-known socialite and daughter of a congressman.

“Hi.” Evelyn answered him with a smile.

They shook hands and talked for a while. That's all, but before they parted, he had secretly handed to Evelyn his calling card, and whispered to her, “Call me, sometimes!”

🤦️Yes, you really made my night. Especially when you come to me and began a conversation. It was just a casual talk, but I felt a sensation of feeling I could not explain. Then you gave me your calling card and had managed to whisper in my ear to call you sometimes. 🤦

Indeed, he was attracted to Evelyn but a friend that saw him giving his calling card to her, told him something he hardly cannot believe.

“I do not blame you; she is a very attractive hooker!” his friend, a fellow doctor whispered it to him.

He looked at his friend in disbelief. Evelyn, a hooker?

“You do not know it? Most of our friends know she was a hooker!”

Evelyn was a hooker! But how come a hooker like Evelyn has a rich socialite friend, a daughter of a prominent politician? How come she is in the jubilee when all the attendance of that party are people of stand in the society?

“You give her your calling card and I assure you; she will call.”

His friend was right. Evelyn did call her in the telephone. He could not explain it, but he was glad upon hearing her voice.


“Oh, you remember my name.” Evelyn softly chuckled at the other end of the line. It was like music.

“You call me!” he was excited about Evelyn calling him.

“If you don’t mind, I am inviting you to escort me.” Evelyn said to him.


“Yes, in a fine restaurant that will open soon for business. I am the one who will cut the ribbon.”

He had and could not understand it. His friend told him about Evelyn as a woman of pleasure yet is mingling in the high society. His curiosity urged him to accept the invitation of mysterious Evelyn but before he could answer her yes, he saw out the window, his wife and three children stepped out from the auto that just stopped in front of the clinic. He managed well to say, “Sorry, Evelyn, I cannot, I have no money!”

🤦️I did not understand. You said, you cannot because you have no money? Where does money fit in with my invitation? Do you know what your words did to me? That day, the whole day, I drink a lot, I was so drunk I did things a woman must not do. Shameful and degrading things but I will not elaborate. What I can tell you is that what happened that day dig me deeper to damnation as I always did to my life. 🤦

You may ask, why I am so hurt from what you did? If someone refuse your invitation it is no end of the world? So, what if you said you have no money? For many it was just casual words with no other meaning but only the literal meaning of nothing. But to me, the words hit my personality as I take it that you think I am a hooker, a gold-digger. If I am indeed a hooker, I will only shrug my shoulder and talk to myself ‘okay, the man has no money, he is nothing to me’. But the thought that bothers me is how come you think that I am a hooker? Did you hear talks about me?

Frankly, taken noticed by you that night, lifted my soul! Like I am walking on the clouds enjoying the wonderful refreshing cool breeze of life. Home from that party I could not sleep thinking and enjoying the sensation of feelings your whispers had given to me. ‘Call me sometimes’ casual words with nasty meaning as you had thought I am a hooker, a mere nobody that wanted to cling to you because of money, how could I mistaken that whisper of yours to a kind of fascination that maybe later could be a love, a love that would be given to me by you.

I fantasized already how it would be when we will be lovers, because only by that short encounter I feel something to you, a crush, and I ask myself, am I in love with you at the first sight? I imagine already how happy I will be if you hug me and kiss me and make love to me.

I was excited when I dial your phone number, but I did not expect your answer to me ‘sorry I have no money’. Well, if you only know who I am, what is my financial status in life, you will not say to me those words.

That words of yours extinguished the fire of my dreams and expectation and the feeling I thought I had to you. Now I ask myself, how could I know now, that the love I thought I feel for you was just a moonshine of maybe my sick soul? A kind of fata morgana? A mirage? An illusion?

I could not understand myself, but I have this urge to explain to you or tell you about who I am, first, I will tell you where I was born and grew.

Doctor Edgar Montero continue reading the extremely long letter of Evelyn, like he was watching a film, like he was there in the place where everything happened and witnessing it. He can see the face expression, every gesture of Evelyn and the people in her life even wink of their eyes was registered in him. As he is a Neurologist and the same time a psychologist, he could even read their mind.

 Evelyn told in her letter that her birthplace is Negros Occidental. Her parents were wealthy. Negros Occidental was known as Sugarland of the Philippines. The father of Evelyn was a planter of sugar canes, belong to the so-called Sugar Blocks, extremely wealthy people.

Evelyn was the only child of her parents. Spoiled by love and material things, she has no notion what life really was. She even could not understand how other people are so poor that could hardly eat. She is sharp in character and has no empathy at all, everything must exist only for her. What she wants she gets, no less no more. ****to be continued****Remedios Dorio.