Reflection of a Vampire #11


The loud laugh of Queen Riza filled the room of Rosalie and Rosalie could not understand why Queen Riza was so happy to what happened to Prince Suryabhan. Rosalie looked at Queen Riza.


“Good for him, it will calm him for weeks! Imagine, he chained me!” Queen Riza said.


“Why he did that? Chained you like an animal?” Rosalie asked Queen Riza why Prince Suryabhan chained her.


“He was jealous with my romancing with your ex-husband Martin.” Queen Riza answered Rosalie still laughing. “We half-immortals also have jealousy!”


“That’s why Martin was also chained in that small room. His girlfriend was looking for him.” Rosalie now understood why Martin was also chained.


“It’s another story. He held Martin in there because he uses the reflection of Martin.” Queen Riza told Rosalie that Martin was being held for Prince Suryabhan to use his reflection.


“Why you have garlic in your neck? I do not like the smell of garlic!” Queen Riza asked Rosalie at the same time told her that she hated the smell of garlic.


“Because of this.” And Rosalie let see her neck to Queen Riza. Queen Riza saw the two-punch bite in the neck of Rosalie.


“What is that, a bite? What bite you or who bite you?” Queen Riza asked Rosalie.


“It happened I guess while I am sleeping. I do not know what bite me, I guess an insect!” Rosalie’s answer to Queen Riza.


“If you sleep, protect your body, like what you’d done, with a garlic. Prince Suryabhan hated garlic you know and to think he had eaten it. Hahaha!” Queen Riza again laughed seemed she enjoyed what happened to Prince Suryabhan.


Rosalie laughed with her although she does not know what was she’s laughing of.


“What happened if I did not free you?” Rosalie asked Queen Risa.


“Nothing, he would free me later when he liked it, but because he was busy with you, he will let me be chained for a quite of time.” Queen Riza answered the question of Rosalie and Rosalie did not understand it, and she asked.


“He was busy with me. About what?”


“Later, you will know and understand. For the meantime I like to go out.” Queen Riza suggested to Rosalie that she like to go out the house.


“Where, I do not like to come out the house. I want to rest; I must work tomorrow.”

Rosalie replied to Queen Riza that she does not like to go out the house.


“Come on, Rosalie. I want to explore this modern world you are living now. It’s different when you live as Eliazora.” Queen Riza insisted.


“What will you explore? It is night! And besides, you always insisted I am Eliazora, but I am not.” Rosalie reasoned out to Queen Riza that she was not Eliazora.


“You only do not know that. You are Eliazora, you are the same as me. Our blood is the same because we are sisters. Do you know that you have a power within you? But you had not used that power, one time you only showed it me, but you never use it.” Queen Riza told Rosalie that she has a power, and that Rosalie doesn’t know it.


“What power?” Rosalie was curious to know what power Queen Riza was talking about.


“You can try it outside if we go out.” Queen Riza answered Rosalie.


“You only will lure me out, talking about power.” Rosalie mumbled.


“I am telling you the truth. You have a power more than you can imagine. You are half-immortal, we do not die, we live forever.” Queen Riza was trying to convince Rosalie.


“I died, that woman told me I died, and die in a horrible death.” Rosalie said to Queen Riza that she had died.


“Yes, but it’s a long story and you was re-incarnated in the body of Rosalie meaning you come back!”


“Ah, you just making-up unbelievable stories. If you like to get out, okay, we go out but we must not stay long. Where will we go?” Rosalie asked Queen Riza where they will go.


“Do not ask me! You are the one who know better this modern world you are now living. Like that in your hand, you always have that in your hand, what is that?” Queen Riza have it about the mobile phone of Rosalie.


“A phone, mobile phone and you can carry it anywhere and you can talk to people whenever they are far away.” Rosalie answered Queen Riza.


“Oh, really? That is magic, that is power! Talking to people at far away!” Queen Riza said.


“Before we go out, I like it that you changed your dress.” Rosalie said to Queen Riza.


“Change my dress, why?”


“You cannot go outside with that old fashioned dress of yours. You can wear jeans, I let you borrow mine.” Rosalie went to her closet and take out a shirt and jeans.


“This, you can wear this!”


“I do not know how I would look if I wore that?” Queen Risa lifted the jeans and scrutinized it. “This is a man’s clothes. Like Martin was wearing!”


“Yes, both man and woman can wear the jeans, we called it unisex mode. Try it.”


Queen Riza listened to Rosalie. She took out her old-fashioned dress that smells moth and wore the jeans and then the t-shirt.


“Now, you can look to the mirror and see yourself.”


Queen Riza walked toward the mirror and she saw herself in jeans and t-shirt. She was surprised.


“Is it me? I look like you, you are me!” Queen Riza exclaimed.


“Yes, you could say we are twins.”


“Prince Suryabhan would not know who is who! We look exactly the same!”


“We go. I said already, I want to rest because I must work tomorrow, so, let’s go!”


Out they go. Rosalie thought she will bring Queen Riza to Kralingse Bos for fresh air. Rosalie was driving her car on Prinses Beatrixlaan when they spotted four boys, Queen Riza let stopped the car and waved her hand to the boys, “Hey, Boys, wanna ride?” **to be continue**Remy Dorio