Reflection of a Vampire #3


 ROSALIE was nailed where she stood. As her reflection in the body of Queen Riza came out the mirror. She must be afraid but she was not, she just stood there in trance.

“Hey, now I am not only a voice, I am like you! I have now a body” Queen Riza said to Rosalie as she bring her face straight to Rosalie’s face that Rosalie could felt the breathe of Queen Riza.

“You are me! You look exactly like me.” Rosalie said to Queen Riza as she move her face away from her. “You must only be my imagination but you smell moths!”

“Now, I agree with you, here is so fresh!” and Queen Riza snipped her nose as to inhale the air. Rosalie just follow Queen Riza with her eyes as Queen Riza roamed her bedroom. “Your things are simple but clean and nice!”

“Thank you!” Rosalie answered Queen Riza. “What do you want from me?”

“Help! I want your help.” Queen Riza answered Rosalie as she walked toward her and touched her in the neck. “Your neck looks nice! Beautiful!”

“Why you have it about my neck?” and Rosalie pushed away the hand of Queen Riza who was holding her neck .

“Well, I am only curious. You have to take care of your neck!” Queen Riza laughed. “So attractive, if you damage it, what a waste it would be!”

Queen Riza laughed heartily but Rosalie did not. She do not understand what was happening. She could not accept it yet to herself that she was talking to a person of her imagination. It could not be true, a person coming out from the mirror and was talking to her.  

“You’d touch me already but seems you still do not believe that I am alive!” Queen Riza said to Rosalie, and walked toward the window. “The streets outside are so quiet.”

“Of course, it’s night, the time is almost 12:00 o’clock midnight.!” Rosalie answered Queen Riza who could not take out her eyes in looking outside from the window.

“Let us go outside!” Queen Riza asked Rosalie that they go outside.

“Almost midnight, and you want to go outside? Not me, I want to sleep.” Rosalie answered Queen Riza.

“Please, I like it very much to go outside. As a gift for our reunion as sisters, please let us go outside.” Queen Risa was begging on Rosalie.

“You always is talking that we are sisters, we are not sisters!” Rosalie really could not accept that she and Queen Riza were sisters.

“Do not believe it now if that’s what you like, but later you will know that we are really sisters. We have the same blood running in our veins.” Queen Riza answered Rosalie. She was uneasy as she walked hence and fort inside the room of Rosalie. Once for a while she glimpsed at Rosalie’s neck.

“I have headache from what you are doing! Please stop walking hence and fort. It makes me dizzy!” Rosalie told Queen Riza to stop what she was doing because it made her dizzy.

“I need food!” Queen Riza said that she need food. “I need food quickly!”

“I have food in the refrigerator, I prepare food for you.” Rosalie open the door of her bedroom to go to the kitchen to prepare food for Queen Riza.

“No, I want food from outside. Let go outside, please.” Queen Riza said to Rosalie that she want food from outside. She’s begging Rosalie that they must go outside.

Rosalie was silent. After a while, she take her car key and said, “Okay we go outside. But wait you cannot go outside with that dress of you. I do not know if that dress of you was before Christ or after.”

“I change my dress on next time we go out, not now. I cannot wait, we go out now!” Queen Riza was in a hurry. She liked it that they directly go out. She was very excited.


Rosalie was opening the door of her car and she did not noticed Daniel, the policeman, her neighbor.

“Rosalie?” Daniel seemed surprised that Rosalie was still outside. “You are going away?”

“Oh, Daniel! We only want to buy food.” Rosalie answered Daniel, who was surprised from her answer ‘we’ when he saw nobody but only Rosalie.

“We?” Daniel repeated the word to Rosalie. Rosalie look around but she do not see Queen Riza.

“Ah, did I say ‘we’? What I mean I want to buy food. I am hungry and I do not have in house.” Rosalie said to Daniel while her eyes were roaming around looking for Queen Riza, but she saw her not.

“Food in the middle of the night?” Daniel hardly could not believe the words of Rosalie, Looking for food in the middle of the night.

“There’s a snack bar downtown and they were open 24/7.”

“Would you like I accompany you?” Daniel asked Rosalie if she liked it, he would accompany her.

“Oh no, thank you, it’s not necessary. I’d ordered already by phone and I will just pick it up. Thank you anyway.” And Rosalie stepped inside her car and closed the door. When Rosalie started her car and drove away, Daniel just shrugged his shoulder and walked toward his apartment.

“Who is that man?” Queen Riza asked and Rosalie was startled. Queen Riza was besides her in the front seat.

“Where are you? You suddenly disappeared?” Rosalie asked Queen Riza. She also do not understand how Queen Riza was suddenly inside the car sitting besides her.

“I am your shadow, your reflection, remember? I just come back into you.” Queen Riza answered Rosalie while her attention was outside the car that was slowly running. “Where are we going?”

“I drive to a snack bar that is open 24/7. You said you are hungry. I thought maybe you like to eat hamburger.” Rosalie answered Queen Riza.

“Aw, okay. Wait, is that a square?” Queen Riza asked Rosalie when they passed the Noordplein.

“Yes, a small plaza, square.” Rosalie answered.

“Will you drop me here?” Queen Riza asked Rosalie to just drop here by the square.

“I thought you are hungry?” Rosalie asked.

“You can drive through to buy foods, I will sit here and enjoy the silence. Just picked me up here.” Queen Riza said while her eyes were on two people she saw in the square. Rosalie noticed that Queen Riza was heavily breathing. To be continued