Reflection of A Vampire #5


AFTER Rosalie seen the news coverage about the death of a homeless man in the Noordplein, the square where Queen Riza was out for fresh air, she thought Queen Riza was lucky that she was not the victim as the crime happened according to the police around midnight. Yet, Rosalie wants to ask Queen Riza about it if she noticed something in the square that night.


Rosalie entered her room and stand in front of the mirror, motionless to see if her reflection will move or talk to denote the presence of Queen Riza but nothing strange happened so she talks to the mirror.


“Mirror, mirror on the wall, I want to talk to Queen Riza.” Rosalie waited for response but theirs no answer from the mirror.


“Mirror, mirror on the wall, I said I want to talk to Queen Riza.” Rosalie repeated her request about speaking to Queen Riza.


“Why?” Rosalie heard a voice asking why but it was not the voice of Queen Riza, but a voice of a man. Riza did not answered but she stayed standing in the front of the mirror.


“I am asking you, why?” the man’s voice sounded upset, very authoritative.


“Who are you? You are not Queen Riza.” Rosalie answered the voice as her eyes was roaming around if there is someone in her room.


“Of course, I am not. I am asking why you are looking for Queen Riza?” the man’s voice answered Rosalie.


“If you told me first your name, who are you?” Rosalie insisted to the voice’s identity.


“I am Prince Suryabhan! Now you know my name.” the voice gave his name.


“And who is Prince Suryabhan? Why you answered me when it was Queen Riza I want to speak.” Rosalie asked the voice who introduced himself as Prince Suryabhan, who is he and why he is the one answering and not Queen Riza.


“I am the husband of Queen Riza!” Prince Suryabhan answered to Rosalie that he is the husband of Queen Riza.


“Queen Riza’s husband?” Rosalie asked.


“Yes, you do not believe me?” the voice of Prince Suryabhan was a little irritated.


“Why you seem irritated when I am only asking you?” Rosalie said to Prince Suryabhan why he was so irritated when she only was asking.


“No one doubted about what I said. If I said so, that is so! Must no question ask!” Prince Suryabhan answered Rosalie.


“Okay, I thought Prince are gentlemen but you, you are hot tempered and bossy!” Rosalie said to Prince Suryabhan.


Prince Suryabhan did not answer. Rosalie waited if the voice of Prince Suryabhan will answer her but no, there is no answer, so she went to her bed and will lay down but suddenly she heard a loud laugh like the sounds of thunder that filled her room.


Rosalie quickly sits straight on her bed. She assumed it was Prince Suryabhan who was laughing loud. She just sits still and waited if she would hear again the loud laugh.


“Rosalie!” it was a woman’s voice that called the name of Rosalie. The voice of Queen Riza.


“Where are you? And who is that laughing, Prince Suryabhan?” Rosalie asked Queen Riza.


“You had talked to my husband. Would you please stand in front of the mirror?” Queen Riza was asking Rosalie to stand in front of the mirror.


Rosalie stood up from her bed and face the mirror that was on the wall next her bed. She saw her reflection in the mirror but no actions or something that would denote about Queen Riza’s presence.


“I am now in front of the mirror!” Rosalie talked to Queen Riza to let her know that she was already standing in front of the mirror.


“I cannot borrow your reflection, the sunlight that entered in your window is so fierce.” Queen Riza answered Rosalie.


“Wait.” And Rosalie walked toward the window in her room and closed the curtain. Her room became dark even it is high noon. She switched on the table lamp that was on the small table between her bed and the mirror on the wall. Then she faced the mirror and spoke.


“I already close the curtain, there’s no sunlight anymore that came through the window.” Rosalie talked to Queen Riza in front of the mirror.


When Rosalie had spoken it, the mirror became blurred and when it cleared, Rosalie saw in the mirror a silhouette of a man, but Rosalie sees no reflection of her because Queen Risa was already standing beside her.


“Hey, Rosalie, I am here besides you!” Queen Riza said.


“Now, I know. I saw a silhouette of a man in the mirror.” Rosalie acknowledges Queen Riza but also let her know that she saw a silhouette of a man in the mirror.


“Prince Suryabhan.” Queen Riza replied.


“Why only a silhouette? Why can’t I see his face?” Rosalie asked Queen Riza.


“He needs to borrow a reflection. Because he is a man, he also needs a man’s reflection.” Queen told Rosalie why she only saw the silhouette of Prince Suryabhan.


“Okay.” Rosalie understands.


“Now, here I am, what do you want from me?” Queen Riza asked Rosalie what she want from her.


“Last night, you were there by the square. Did you notice something?” Rosalie asked Queen Riza.


“What will I notice? No, nothing special, why?” Queen Riza asked.


“Something terrible happened there last night.” Rosalie told Queen Riza that there is something terrible happened in the square.


“I noticed nothing, well I saw two men sitting on the cement bank, they were drinking, and they were already drunk.” Queen Riza told Rosalie about the two homeless men in the square.


“Yes, that is what I am trying to tell you. The other man was dead, he cut the head!” Rosalie was telling Queen Riza about the crime.


“Who did it? Who cut the head of the man?” Queen Riza.


“One of the men, but he was caught by the police!” Rosalie continued telling the story of what happened in the square.


“That is good. Is that the only reason you are calling on me?” Queen Riza asked Rosalie.


“Sorry that I disturb you but there’s no one to talk to about it.” Rosalie apologized to Queen Riza of her disturbing.


“Okay, do not think about it. Hey, you want to see your kingdom?” Queen Riza asked Rosalie.


“My kingdom? My kingdom of long time ago?” Rosalie asked.


“Yes, you were a queen before, remember?” Queen Riza let Rosalie remember who she was before.


“How can I see it?” Rosalie was curious.


“Look!” Queen Riza let Rosalie see what she did. She put her hand to the mirror and Rosalie saw the mirror split in two as it opens.


Rosalie saw a long ally, just like what she saw in the films, it was an ally inside a palace. Queen Riza holds the hand of Rosalie and together they stepped to walk the ally where at the side, standing a man whom Rosalie only saw his silhouette in the mirror but now she saw his face, Prince Suryabhan and when Rosalie looked straight to his face she remembers Cristopher Lee, the actor who played Count Dracula on some films. *To be continued*Remy Dorio.