The Letter of Evelyn  #13


That night, Amalia was accommodated in one available room in the rehabilitation clinic of the foundation. I could not send her to the streets.

In a flash, everything, for her, was arranged. The flight to Bacolod City and the reservation of her intake in the rehabilitation center. One Social Worker was assigned to her, to bring her to the airport with the instruction that she really takes the flight.

That morning I also wake up early. I have an envelope I want to give to her personally.

“For me?” Amalia was surprised when she opened the envelope that Evelyn gave to her. Inside the envelope was money.

“Amalia, I am really helping you. That money you need is to buy your personal needs. If you rehabilitate yourself with success, I will help you to start something. So, please help yourself, only you can help yourself!”

“I did not expect this. Evelyn, whatever I had done to you, please, forgive me!” Amalia has tears.

“We all make mistakes.” Evelyn answered Amalia.

“Evelyn, I do not know how I could tell you, but I must tell you.”

“Tells me about what?”

“About Roy!”

“Amalia, I know who Roy is, I lived with him for a long time, remember?”

“No, what I want to tell you, is that Roy did not drove me away from him. I ran away from him!”

“It doesn’t matter Amalia. Forget Roy. You did right running away from him.”

“I ran away because he wanted to kill me!”


“He always beat me, but the last time, he wants to push me from a high building, but I managed to escape.”

“My god!”

“Also,” Amalia paused for a while. She is thinking if she must tell Evelyn what she is going to tell her.

“Also, what?” Evelyn asked.

“Beware of Roy. Be careful!”

“He cannot touch me, don’t worry about me!”

“I tell you; you cannot be sure about him. You must know this, Evelyn. Roy has something to do with the death of Nelson!”

Evelyn could not believe what she heard from Amalia. Roy has something to do with the death of Nelson!

🤦I did not waste time. A private detective in the name of Rogelio Espinosa was hired by me to do the investigation. He was a retired police. I want him first to investigate about Amalia, what really happened. Did Amalia jump to her death by herself or if someone pushes her?

The family of Amalia totally neglected her. No one even bothers to look at her for the last time. I came home for her burial. Me, my parents and Dennis, the social worker, were the only people in Amalia’s funeral. Sad, terribly sad for Amalia, if she could see or witness her funeral. The price for her mistakes I cannot described. No friends, no family! If what people believe is true, that one has a soul departing from her/his dead body when dying, then the soul of Amalia is sobbing and full of regrets leaving to wherever, the heaven or hell! Pity, really pity, Doctor Edgar Montero.🤦

“I had procured a CCTV from the airport. What happened why Amalia did not board the plane when she already had check-in!” Rogelio Espinosa said to Evelyn when he reports to her the development of his investigation.

“You see Amalia in the CCTV?”

‘Yes, she check-in but did not board the plane. Then she went to a telephone booth inside the airport and called someone.”

“Who did she call?”

“I had secured the phone number and when I dialed it, a man answered. His name is Roy Sanchez.”

🤦‍♀️Amalia did not board the plane and she called Roy. The envelope I gave to Amalia has an amount of ten thousand pesos. I gave her money because even inside the rehabilitation clinic she needs it, for personal things. I regret I had given her the cash. You never can trust a drug addict I had to know it. The urge for meth is strong. Amalia, having that cash in her hand, could not refused the urge for meth. Now, I blamed myself for her death! Again, another guilt.🤦

“Why blame yourself? You only tried to help her?” Teresa the mother of Evelyn said to her daughter when Evelyn told her parents about it.

“I gave her the cash, knowing her situation I must not.”

“Amalia chooses her way of life!”

“Before she died, Amalia had told me about Roy, that Roy tried to kill her.” Evelyn told her parents about Roy’s attempt to the life of Amalia.

Both Carlos and Teresa askingly looked at Evelyn.

“She told it me. Roy tried to push her from the rooftop of a high building, but she was lucky because there’s a couple in there.”

“She was not lucky because she falls from the high building.” Carlos, the father of Evelyn said.

“That’s what I am trying to say. My hunch is that Roy succeeds in killing her.”

“If it is true, why called Roy in the telephone? Why did she not take the plane?” Teresa could not understand.

“Mama, Amalia was a drug addict. I’d been there, I know how it is being an addict. Amalia had no strong will. She thought with the money that I gave to her; Roy will welcome her back and together they can enjoy their way of life.”

“Amalia was already dead; you can do nothing anymore for her. Forget her and forget about the suspicion of yours that Roy has something to do with her death. You have no proof. You cannot accuse anyone without a proof.” Carlos said to his daughter.

“Papa, it is not also the death of Amalia that bothered me. I am also bothered about the death of Nelson.” Evelyn wanted to tell her parents, what Amalia said about what happened to Nelson.

“What do you mean? What is about the death of Nelson?” Carlos looked at Evelyn as he wants more to hear from his daughter about Nelson’s death. ****to be continued****