The Letter of Evelyn - #19


🤦‍♀️I don’t know what to do. I could ignore Roy, but what does he mean that the Hell will explode? I understand his words as that many terrible things will happen if I do not talk to him. Again, I asked the opinion and advice of Adora, this time also with the opinion of Greg, Adora’s husband.

“If you ask me, you must not let Roy do these things to you.” Greg said.

“That’s what I said. Who is he to demand? Twenty-four hours, he is crazy.” Adora also commented.

“Roy already had taken from me a lot of money.”

“Give him no more money. Do not let him intimidate you. If he does that, we will bring him to the court.” Greg told Evelyn what she must do.

“So, I will just ignore him.” Evelyn said.

“Yes, ignore him; he can do nothing!” Greg said.

🤦‍♀️I listened to the advice of Adora and Greg. I ignored Roy. I did not tell Adora and Greg about the video film Roy had, I could  not for whatever reasons. If I go out, again, I have my bodyguards. I concentrate working in the foundation. But Doctor Edgar Montero, ignoring Roy was a big mistake I’d make.🤦‍♀️

“Your father is in the hospital!” Teresa was crying when she called Evelyn with her mobile phone.

“Why, what happened, Mama?” Evelyn asked Teresa why her father was in the hospital.

“Will you go home?”

“Okay Mama, I am coming as soon as possible!”

🤦‍♀️My father had a heart attacked. The reason was because of the film video my parents received through the mail. The film video that Roy had, about that wild party where all presents abused alcohol and drugs. That film video I did not fully seen because Roy let me see only a partial of it, the part, where I am doing it with the actor. Me, myself did not want also to fully see it before because I am disgusted from what I saw. That actor making love to me while Roy laughingly urging him. But if I did fully see the film video, I will be more disgusted of myself, because Doctor Edgar Montero, there’s a scene where five men were doing it with me, they were laughing, rejoicing as they abused my body, worst I am not complaining, I am enjoying it, that’s why that comment Roy said to me, that I could be an actress, a porno actress. You know, Doctor Edgar Montero, like the heaven stumbled on me, like the ground where I stood sank. Why is he doing it to me? I do nothing wrong to him? Am I wrong for loving him? I did everything for him. I gave him money, a lot of money. While I am writing this part of my letter to you, Doctor Edgar Montero, my heart like going bursting, I pity myself. Am I that stupid? I am a good-looking woman, and I had money but why, why Roy did and can do these horrible things to me. I gave up my family because of him. I neglected my child because of him. I destroyed myself because of him. I did not believe what Amalia suggested that he had something to do with the death of Nelson, I also ignored the possibility that he had killed Amalia. Now, I believed that you could do all your best to a person; you can give everything but if that person does not love you, he doesn’t love you! I found it terrible that he gave a copy of the film video to my parents. He said the Hell would explode, and I think Roy was right, because what he had done, I am now the one who will say, yes, the Hell will explodes.🤦

“Why, Mama, why I cannot go to the hospital to visit, Papa?”

“Evelyn, please understand. If your father sees you, he will not survive, he will die!” tearfully Teresa answered Evelyn.

“Mama, forgive me. I know nothing about what happened in the film. I am in drugs I did not know what I am doing.” Evelyn had tears in her eyes.

“Evelyn, you are my only child. Heavens knows how much I love you. With your many faults and mistakes, my love to you as a mother never dies. I do not know where I went wrong as a mother why you are doing the things that hurts your father and me?” Teresa’s voice trembled as she talked.

“You made no mistakes Mama; you and Papa made no mistakes. It’s me; I am a terrible person. So, please, Mama, do not blame yourself. Please.” And Evelyn hugged her mother. They both sobbed painfully.

“I called you, because I am afraid your father will die.” Teresa said.

“No, Mama, no! Papa will not die.” Evelyn answered her mother.

“If your father dies, what will happen to me? What will I do when I am alone? I cannot think that your father will die. I cannot accept it; I cannot!”

“Mama, Papa will not die. He will not die, Mama!” Evelyn gave her mother the words of consolation that Carlos, her father will not die.

🤦‍♀️But my father died, Doctor Edgar Montero. So sudden, and the death of my father, I gave the blame to Roy. He killed my father. If the death of Nelson and Amalia were only suspicions, now the death of my father I am sure and convinced, Roy did, or caused it. The funeral of my father was somber. My mother just keeps sobbing. I pity her.

After the funeral, my mother gave me a box. She said to me, that my father whispered to her when he was dying, that I must have the box.🤦

“What is it, Mama?” Evelyn asked her mother, when Teresa said that before Carlos died, he whispered to her about the box that Evelyn must take good care.

“I think it was papers, papers about your property here in the Philippines and in USA. Your father said, nobody must know that you have the papers!” Teresa told Evelyn the last request of her dying husband.


“I don’t know, Evelyn. I do not know.” Teresa could not answer the question of Evelyn why her father doesn’t want people to know that she has the papers that were in the box.

“I could not understand, why if it’s only papers of my property, why it must be a secret?” Evelyn really could not understand what the secrecy is about.

“Your father worked hard about these properties of yours. It had consumed all his times when you signed the paper that you fully authorized him to act and decide on your behalf. I have no knowledge about those papers, and I am just giving it to you as your father’s request.” Teresa said to Evelyn.

“Okay, Mama.” Evelyn agreed what Teresa said about the papers. Then she asked her mother how she is. “How are you, Mama?”

“Evelyn, you do not have to worry about me. I will be alright.” Teresa answered her daughter.

“Is it okay, if I will stay here with you for a while?” Evelyn asked her mother.

For a moment, Teresa did not answer Evelyn. There’s something in her mind, and she doesn’t know how to say it to her daughter.

“Mama, is it okay that I will stay here with you for a while, maybe days or weeks or months if you like?” Evelyn again asked her mother.

“Evelyn, I think you better go back to Manila as soon as possible.” Teresa said to Evelyn. And Evelyn could not believe what her mother said to her.

“You don’t like I stay with you for a while?” Evelyn asked a confirmed answer from her mother.

“You heard what I said. You better come back to Manila as soon as possible.” Teresa repeated what she said.

“Okay, Mama, if that is what you want.” The voice of Evelyn sounded she was disappointed.

“And never come back again here in this house!” Teresa told her daughter not to come back again.

“What do you mean, Mama?” Evelyn was aghast. Her mother just told her that she must not come back again.

“I do not want to see you again!” Teresa made her words clear. She doesn’t want to see her daughter anymore.

“I could not understand.” Evelyn cannot understand why her mother didn’t want to see her anymore.

“Mama, please, why? Are you that angry to me?” Evelyn asked her mother.

“Evelyn, I want a quiet life. Sorry, please forget me as your mother, because I will also forget you as my daughter.” Teresa firmly said it to Evelyn, and Evelyn could not understand, what Teresa was talking.

“Mama, I could not forget you as my mother!” Evelyn was shocked. She could not understand why the sudden change of mood, that her mother will not recognized her as daughter. Teresa, her mother will forget her, as her daughter, and that Teresa also urged her to forget her, as her mother. **** to be continued****