Reflection of a Vampire #15


Rosalie returned to her bed and lay down but she could not sleep back again. She’s thinking about her dream. She was inside a palace in a beautiful room and a man in uniform, accompanied with three men also in uniform and that man seemed to be his husband wanted to kill her with a long blade like a kris.


Does her dream a memory of the past? Was that the way she was killed in her past life?


She thought about Agnes, how did Agnes come into her house? And what will happen now that Agnes with Prince Suryabhan stepped-into the mirror?


At work the next morning, as usual the City Stewards were sitting on the long table drinking tea or coffee and talking to each other before time to work.


One steward was talking about his cousin who was in Kralingse Bos last night. The cousin of him was with three more friends drinking beer and smoking weeds when they were approached by a vampire. The vampire has a twin that was a witch who kept flying around them.


Rosalie’s colleagues were laughing for them a nonsense story.


“It’s just the result of alcohol and weeds.” One colleague said.


Rosalie just smiles but to herself, she knew, the story was true.


Then one steward talked about a murder that happened also in the vicinity of the Kralingse Bos. It was in the news. A man was found dead along with his bicycle. The man was decapitated.


Rosalie thought about Queen Riza. She was with the man in the bicycle. Was it the same man that was murdered? But in the Kralingse Bos, many people have bicycled there, so Rosalie just shrugged her shoulder. It could just be a coincidence.


That evening at home, Rosalie was lying on her bed, scrolling with her smartphone when suddenly she saw Queen Riza sitting on her bed.


“How long you’d been sitting there?” Rosalie asked Queen Riza.


“Just now, and I have this.” Queen Riza let Rosalie see a smartphone in her hand.


“Where did it come from?” Rosalie asked.


“From that woman, Agnes.” Queen Riza had in her hand the smartphone of Agnes.


“What will you do with that?” Rosalie asked Queen Riza what she will do with the smartphone of Agnes.


“I see you always looking on that thing, sometimes you talk in it, I also want to have one, and you must teach me how to use it. Teach me what is that thing for.” Queen Riza said.


“You do not need a smartphone. Give me that phone.”


Queen Riza gave the phone to Rosalie. Rosalie quickly put out the phone.


“You cannot use this phone. People will know where Agnes is. I will buy one for you tomorrow. And I will learn it you.” Rosalie promises Queen Riza a smartphone and that she will teach her how to use it.


AS she had promised Queen Riza a smartphone, Rosalie before she went home that afternoon had bought one for Queen Riza and at the same time a new sim card. When she had parked her car at the side of the road in front of her house she was surprised, Martin was standing in front of her when she stepped out from her car. Martin, the man she had an adventure in the Kralingse Bos.




“Hello, Rosalie,” Martin was smiling to Rosalie.


“Martin? Why are you here? What are you doing here?” Rosalie was surprised seeing Martin in front of her house.


“I thought you live here and I am indeed right.” Martin answered Rosalie.


“Why you thought I live here?” Rosalie wanted to know why Martin thought it.


“The plate number of your car. I noted it.”


“You are a dangerous man. You are stalking me.” Rosalie said to Martin.


“I am not stalking you, Rosalie. I just want to know where you live.” Martin answered.


“Why you want to know where I live?” Rosalie asked.


“I cannot sleep. I am always thinking about you. You have me under your spill.” Martin said.


With the answer of Martin, Rosalie chuckled. She found it funny, the answer of Martin.


“What is so funny?” Martin asked.


‘Forget it Martin and go home. I am tired on my day work and I want to rest.” Rosalie told Martin to go home.


“Will you not invite me for a cup of coffee?” Martin asked Rosalie to invite him for a cup of coffee.


“No” and Rosalie walk away from Martin and went inside her house.


When she was inside her house, Rosalie peeped out from the look-hole in her door to know what Martin was doing. Martin for a moment just stayed standing looking to the house of Rosalie and then he walked away.


Rosalie was not yet five minutes inside her house when she heard hard banging in her door. She looked and it was an angry man standing in front of the door.


Rosalie opened the door and asked the man, “Yes?”


“Where is Agnes?” the man asked Rosalie.


“How would I know where she is? I just come home from my work.” Rosalie answered the man. “And who are you by the way?”


“My name is Tim; I am Agnes's brother. She told me if she doesn’t call me after two days, I must look for her in this address.” Tim, Agnes's brother said.


“But I had not seen Agnes.” Rosalie denied seeing Agnes. “And I could not understand why she told you to look for her in my house.”


“Daniel also disappeared from this house.” Tim continued talking and he had it about the disappearing of Daniel.


“I don’t know what you are talking about. I do not know where Daniel is, and I do not know where your sister is, sorry.” Rosalie told Tim that she knows nothing about the disappearing of Daniel and Agnes.


“Let me in!” Tim pushed Rosalie hard and entered the house of Rosalie. Tim at the same time calling the name of Agnes. **to be continued** Remy Dorio