The Letter of Evelyn - #27


🤦‍♀️Doctor Edgar Montero, the fight between John Mar and Olivia was fatal. Olivia fired the gun and had shot John Mar. John Mar was directly brought to the hospital. It was in the news. Olivia is according to the news, accidentally shot John Mar. There’s no intention, it was just an accident.🤦

“Now, you see what happened. Olivia shot John Mar. It is your fault!” Adora was blaming Evelyn to what had happened to John Mar and Olivia.

“It was an accident!” Evelyn answered Adora.

“You know it by yourself that it was not an accident!” Adora said.

“That says the newspaper. It was an accident.” Evelyn told Adora that it was an accident according to the news.

“You just will not see it, Evelyn. I’ll tell you; it was not an accident.” Adora insisted.

“How do you know? Why are you insisting it was not an accident while the news said so?” Evelyn became irritated.

“Because Olivia told me. I went to the hospital, and that is what Olivia told me!” Adora answered Evelyn.

“You went to the hospital? How is John Mar? Is everything with him okay?” Evelyn upon knowing that Adora was in the hospital she asked her how John Mar was.

“He will survive!” Adora answered Evelyn.

“Thank God!” Evelyn was relief. She already had a thought that if John Mar die, it is her fault.

“Not so fast. According to the doctor, John Mar will never walk again!” Adora said.

“What? John Mar will never walk again?” Evelyn could hardly believe what she heard from Adora.

“The bullet hits his spinal cord. That’s all I can say. He was lucky that he survived, but he must spend his whole life in the wheelchair!” Adora told Evelyn what the condition of John Mar was.

“That is not true! How do you know it?” Evelyn does and will not believe what Adora told her.

“Olivia told it me, I said it you.” Adora said that it was Olivia self that told it her.

“You and Olivia are very close to each other!” Evelyn commented about how close Adora, and Olivia were.

“Of course, Olivia is my cousin!” Adora told Evelyn that Olivia was her cousin. Evelyn looked at Adora. Evelyn did not know that Adora and Olivia were cousins.

“I did not know that you were cousins.” Evelyn said.

“Third cousin, far relative.” Adora told Evelyn that Olivia was a far relative, that they were cousins in the third degree.

“I will visit John Mar in the hospital. I want to see him.” Evelyn said that she wanted to visit John Mar in the hospital.

“Very bad idea! Evelyn please don’t. Think well, I beg you don’t do that.”

🤦‍♀️Doctor Edgar Montero, I want to go to the hospital to visit John Mar, but Adora begged me not to. I am so worried, I cannot sleep. I really must see John Mar. Against Adora’s advise, I did go to the hospital, but I cannot come near him. Olivia was there and she looked at me angrily. If her look can burn, I am already on fire. So I decided to just leave and when I went away, a middle-aged man follow me.🤦‍♀️

“Wait, I want to talk with you.” The man said he wanted to talk to Evelyn. Evelyn stopped walking and looked at the man.

“Yes.” Evelyn askingly looked at the man.

“Are you Evelyn Romano?” the man asked Evelyn.

“I am Evelyn, yes.” Evelyn answered the man.

“My name is Oscar. We came from the same place. I know your father.” The man introduced himself as Oscar, and Evelyn remember, the man is the father of Olivia. “Can we talk without your bodyguards?”

Evelyn gave a nod to the leader of her bodyguards, and they went a little farther away.

“What we have to talk, Sir?” Evelyn asked Oscar, the father of Olivia.

“As a father, I do not like that my daughter suffer what she is suffering now and that is all because of you.” And the father of Olivia came near to Evelyn and whispered “I understand John Mar was crazy about you, but I will tell you this, back off or you will regret it! That’s all!”

🤦‍♀️The father of Olivia threatened me. With my love to John Mar, it’s not only Olivia that was my enemy but her father too. I do not know what to think. I began to analyze my life; what is happening to me. Misfortunes after one another and it started when my father went bankrupt. It was a mistake in accepting the money of Nelson that my parents thought was a blessing. From there, everything went wrong, and it won’t stop. The Law of Murphy! When the begin was wrong, it goes wrong all the way. And there’s also the money. Money, the roots of all evils. And there’s me, I thought I am a jinx. I brought misfortunes to everybody along my way. How many times I tried to do good things but then always the bad follows. Or the Death is playing with me, dancing around. How many deaths happened within the brief time, Nelson, my son Sonny, Amalia, my father, Roy and his wife Trudy, my mother and now the chance is big that John Mar also will die. Am I to blame with these all? 🤦‍♀️

“You are becoming a busy body.” Adora commented to Evelyn as she saw Evelyn always going out together with her bodyguards.

“Yes, you are right Adora. Now that John Mar could not do his work I have to come in. You can manage the foundation by yourself I guess.” Evelyn suggested to Adora that she was busy and that Adora in the main time could manage alone the foundation.

“What a pity for John Mar. I heard he was like a vegetable. Totally paralyzed.” Adora brought Evelyn some news about John Mar.

“Had you seen John Mar? Is he already home?” Evelyn asked Adora.

“For more than four months already. Did you lost counts with the time?” Adora answered and questioned Evelyn at the same time.

“You know that I cannot come near John Mar,” Evelyn answered Adora. But Evelyn knew that Adora was right. She was so busy for many things she wanted to settle, and she did lost count of the time. Time travels fast. It was four months ago since John Mar was hospitalized, and she hasn't seen him yet.

“Evelyn, I don’t know how I would say this to you.” Adora want to say something to Evelyn. Evelyn looked at Adora and waited for more words from her.

“Olivia was busy with the annulment of her marriage with John Mar,” Adora told Evelyn about Olivia, who was busy working for the annulment of her marriage with John Mar.

“What?” Evelyn could not believe her ears. Olivia was busy with the annulment of her marriage with John Mar.

“Well, she was my cousin, remember third cousins very far relative but I do not agree what she was doing.” Adora said.

“Adora, will you please say what you have to say?” Evelyn was impatient to Adora’s way of telling things.

“Olivia told me that John Mar was useless, that John Mar was nothing anymore, so she worked for the annulment and why? Because she has a boyfriend. Imagine, she was the one who shot John Mar. Gosh, I really could not understand.” Adora said.

Evelyn looked at Adora searching if Adora was telling the truth. Sometimes she could not understand Adora, and Evelyn could not decide to herself if Adora was really a friend or enemy. There’s still the accusation of Roy hanging in Evelyn’s mind that Adora was in the complot. Complot of a group who were after Nelson’s wealth.

“For only a fleeting time, I thought she loved her husband, but I was wrong. And do you know what is worst? She already has her boyfriend when John was with you in America, that’s why he shot John Mar, to get rid of him, what a woman?” Adora continued with her gossips about her cousin Olivia.

“Where is John Mar?” Evelyn asked Adora.

“I think his family was planning to bring him back to Bacolod.” Adora answered.


“I do not know!”

🤦‍♀️I am hurt to know that John Mar was and will be totally abandoned by his wife Olivia. I knew a little about the character of Olivia. She was once my childhood friend. She was an egoistic and envious person. She do not like that someone will surpass her. I am one of the reasons for the annulment of John Mar and Olivia’s marriage. And I know, the annulment will be sure granted because of her father’s influence.

I went to see John Mar and my heart melts Doctor Edgar Montero. How I pity John Mar. John Mar was sitting in the wheelchair with stoma at his side and his body corseted. I cannot controlled myself, I breakdown in tears especially when our eyes meet, and I saw a little gladness that shines when he saw me.🤦️****to be continued****