The Letter of Evelyn #17


🤦♀️I did met Roy, in the same restaurant where I talked with him the last time. He looks fresh, there’s no trace of drugs. When I come, he was there already sitting on the same table. A big smile appeared in his face when he saw me approaching. He stood and pulled the chair for me. Doctor Edgar Montero, I thought Roy was a totally different person.🤦♀️

“Thank you.” Evelyn thanked Roy and then she sits down. Roy did not answer Evelyn. He just nodded, gave Evelyn a smile, and return to sit down too.

“I am glad you came.” Roy said.

“I want to see how you look when you use no drugs.” Evelyn replied.

“Now you see.” Roy opens his two arms to show his body. “I have a release paper from the rehabilitation clinic. You want to see?”

“Okay.” Evelyn answered. And Roy takes out from the pocket of his jacket a piece of paper and gave it to Evelyn. Evelyn looks at it.

“My proof that I am really clean from the drugs.” Roy was proud of himself.

“I hope it will stay so, maybe after a while you will return to your addiction.” Evelyn said to Roy. “How will you support yourself?”

“You made not a comeback to your addiction, Evelyn. If you can do, I can do it also. Well, I am thinking to find a job. I think I will come back to acting.” Roy answered Evelyn and said that he was planning to go back being a film actor.

“Really? You want to be an actor again?” Evelyn hides her gladness upon hearing that Roy will come back to his former work, being an actor.

“I had no proper education. What I know is only acting, so I will try.”

“I wish you success!” Evelyn said.

“I will do my best. My success is for us both. We could have a normal life. We could marry and become husband and wife.” Roy said to Evelyn his wish, that he and Evelyn will got married and be a husband and wife.

“We could not be married.” Evelyn said to Roy. Roy looked at Evelyn askingly.

“We could not be married? But you promised me. We could have a relationship if I am clean with the drugs. Are you taking back your words?” Roy sounded disappointed.

“I did not say that!” Evelyn answered the question of Roy.

“You said we could not be married.”

“Yes, I said that. Our appointment was that if you are clean with the drugs, we can have a relationship!”

“I want a serious relationship. I said to you; I like it that we will become husband and wife, and we could have children, a normal life Evelyn like the other people.”

“Roy, please, don’t be hurry.”

“Okay.” After pausing for a while, Roy said. “I frightened you, but you must not be afraid. I am really a totally different person.”

“I believe you, Roy. I really believe you.”

“And how would we start our relationship?” Roy asked Evelyn.

 “We are already starting, isn’t it?” Evelyn answered.

“We are already starting, really?” Roy could not believe what she heard from Evelyn.

“I had promised you; we can have a relationship if you succeed in rehabilitating yourself.”

“I am glad, Evelyn, I am glad.”

🤦‍♀️Doctor Edgar Montero, just like that, Roy and I started a relationship. Roy was determined to better himself. He starts to work as an actor, and he bought a condo, and I am always there. I cannot understand myself. I promised on the grave of Nelson that I will not love another man but now I am sharing the bed of Roy and frankly I enjoyed it. Adora could not understand why.🤦♀️

“I really could not understand you. I thought you will totally ban Roy from your life?” Adora talked to Evelyn about what she was doing, having again in a relationship with Roy.

“Adora, he had totally changed himself. You know that he is doing good in his acting career? He is busy filming a film with a co-starring billing?” Evelyn was proud that Roy was doing good in his profession as an actor.

“The question is, are you happy with Roy?”

“I am happy, Adora.”

“And how about your suspicion that he killed Amalia?” Adora asked Evelyn about her suspicion that Roy killed Amalia. Evelyn did not answer. Yes, she thought, how about her suspicion that Roy maybe had killed Amalia and Nelson.

“I do not like to disrupt your happiness, but do not forget that Roy, is a dangerous man. Had you already forgotten what he had done to you?”

🤦‍♀️Adora was right. But I really believed that Roy had change. He already became a good person. I will ask you Doctor Edgar Montero, if a person was bad, does he has no chance anymore for good things when he really had changed? About the death of Amalia and Nelson, there’s no proof that Roy did it or had something to do with it. Do I have no right to be happy just because of suspicions? If Adora disapproved my relationship with Roy, so much my parents.🤦♀️

“Are you losing your mind?” Carlos was furious upon learning that Evelyn was back to Roy.

“Papa, he’d changed. Like me, he rehabilitated and was off from the drugs. He works and becomes a nice man.” Evelyn explained to her father about the changes in Roy’s personality.

“I don’t know, Evelyn. You never can change a person.” Teresa said to her daughter.

“Mama, I had change! So, Roy could change also.” Evelyn replied to Teresa. Teresa did not answer.

🤦‍♀️Doctor Edgar Montero, I thought I had broken again the heart of my parents. But I could not help myself to fall in love again with Roy, especially he changed himself and had done it because of me. I thought about the promise I’d made to Nelson on his grave. But I also thought that Nelson could understand me. I cannot stay alone forever. Besides, I had loved Roy and without knowing it, that love just hide in the corner of my heart and waiting to be freed. Roy did not ask anything from me, but in his birthday, I gave him a present and he was so delighted.🤦♀️

“For me?” Roy could not believe. Evelyn gave him a birthday present that was expensive. A Mustang sports car.

“You like it?” Evelyn asks Roy if he liked the beautiful gift, she gave him.

“Of course, I like it. Wow, unbelievably beautiful! Can I drive it?” Roy was excited.

“It is your car!”

🤦‍♀️Roy was happy, I am happy but not my best friend Adora and my parents too. Sometimes I thought to myself I am stupid, but I cannot resist the utopia that exist when I am with Roy. Doctor Edgar Montero, when I am with Roy, I forgot everything, my senses, my mind, my promises I’d made, what matters was that Roy was with me. Then, Meth has its entry too.🤦♀️

“But Roy, we were both clean, we cannot be a slave again with this drug.” Evelyn protested when Roy handed her the tablet.

“It’s only ecstasy! It is not addictive like meth. Try.”

“I thought you were clean?”

“I am clean. I do not take Meth anymore. But this is different. This is only a party drug.”

 ðŸ¤¦â™€ï¸Sex and ecstasy, I cannot describe it, but the combination could brought you to the seventh heaven. I went one time with Roy to a party. The people there were almost from the film industry, directors, producers, actors and actresses, and the drug ecstasy was distributed. Alcohol and drug, I felt embarrassed to tell you, Doctor Edgar Montero but that party was turned into an orgy. The dance floor that was for dancing became the stage of love making, and those who were in that party exchanges’ partners. I did it too and so Roy. I knew it when the next morning Roy let me see a film video. What happened in that party was fully recorded in a film.🤦♀️

“You let me do this?” Evelyn was embarrassed by herself.

“You did it by yourself.” Roy said with a grin in his face. “And you enjoyed it!”

“And who was that man I am doing with?”

“You don’t know him? He was the celebrity actor many women or girls were crazy of, and you, you had him just for free!”

“Who made this video?” Evelyn asked but Roy did not answer, he only chuckled. “You are also doing it with another woman, who is she?”

“A rising star. Trudy Torres!” Roy replied to Evelyn.

“You are enjoying it with her!” Evelyn was a little jealous.

“The same way you enjoyed also with the actor. The way I see it, you could be a porno star. Never thought to be an actress?” Roy sarcastically said to Evelyn as he continued laughing, seemed enjoying the situation.

“Why is the video made? Roy destroys that video!” Evelyn said to Roy that he must destroy the video.

“Why will I destroy it? This video Evelyn is a gold mine. You hear me; this video is a gold mine!”

🤦‍♀️Doctor Edgar Montero, the seventh heaven I thought I’d reached with ecstasy and alcohol was a gateway to hell. My gateway to damnation because I am again in the Meth. In this pace of my life, I am already standing at the door of the constant burning hell. I already felt the heat.🤦♀️****to be continued****