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remedios dorio
a year ago

Hello Elsa,, Thanks for your reaction. I am very glad your enjoy reading my writings and that buying of my books.

a year ago

First of all, congratulations to you Manang Remy. I used to call this talented lady "Manang" as a sign of respect in Filipino culture.

I enjoyed reading your latest story about your trip to the Philippines. Undoubtedly, I agreed with your thoughts­čśů why there's no any political party that stands for color white?

Indeed, it means purity, and in the world of politics, no one stays pure & honest. Most politicians are fighting to get position for personal interest not for the country nor for its people. Sad reality­čś¬

Anyway, nice short story!
I love reading though, in fact I have three books (you as the author) in my library.

Hope you have a great time on your holiday.

Albert ten Hooven
a year ago

Today, 20th March 2023, I read the new 2 poems and 1 short story about Potassium. Maybe because the writer is my wife, but every time I love what I am reading! Keep on going Love of my life!!!