Reflection of a Vampire #10


Rosalie found it strange that Martin was wearing a cape.


“What is that cape for, look strange!” Rosalie said to Martin.


“Do not mind about that, come here.” Martin grabbed Rosalie and kissed her on the lips. It was a very passionate kiss that made Rosalie’s body warm. “I really love you, Elazora.”


“You named me Eliazora. I am not Eliazora, my name is Rosalie.” Rosalie said and push Martin a little away from her. She saw the eyes of Martin was red.


“What happened to your eyes? Why it was red?” Rosalie asked looking straight to the eyes of Martin. When their eyes met, Rosalie was like hypnotized. She did not protes anymore when Martin held her and dragged her to the bed. She lied down and just waited for the next move of Martin.


Martin went on top of Rosalie and he covered them both with his cape. But after a few moments, Martin made a sound of liked he was in pain. Rosalie was off from her trance and she saw Martin running toward the mirror and disappeared.


On bed, Rosalie saw the band aid she put on her neck that day, but the crushed garlic that she just let in her neck when she covered it with band aid was gone. She thought that Martin had just eaten it accidentally when he was kissing her neck around, but to scream hard and ran away she could not understand. Garlic of course burnt but the reaction of Martin on it was just bizarre.


Rosalie stood up and went out the bed, heaving a deep sigh. She thought, a suspension again of the satisfaction of her bodily desire. She could not explain why when she was already all in for the love adventure it was always been interrupted and it only made her to want or yearn more for a man that could satisfy her desire.


Rosalie stood in front of the mirror. She wondered, where is Queen Riza.


“Riza, where are you?” Rosalie talked to Queen Riza and waited but there’s no Queen Riza.


Rosalie put her hand on the mirror and to her surprised, the mirror was splitting and she again saw the ally that she had seen before.


Rosalie stepped in, until she saw a door that was closed. There were many doors and Rosalie could understand that the ally seemed endless. The more she walked farther the more she saw closed doors.


“Rosalie” someone was calling her name and she identified to whom the voice belongs to, it was Queen Risa.


“Open the door, I am here inside!” Queen Riza said that she must open the door. Rosalie opened the door and she saw it was a very small room, liked a prison cell. She saw Queen Riza was chained in the corner.


“What happened? Why are you chained in here?” Rosalie asked.


“Quickly loosen me before I can answer your question!” Queen Riza told Rosalie to unchain her.


“How can I do it, I have no key?” Rosalie answered Queen Riza that she had no key.


“There, in the hole there’s a key.” Queen Riza was pointing where the key was with her mouth.


Rosalie went to the corner Queen Riza was pointing with her mouth. On the floor there’s a small hole and there’s a key. Rosalie picked the key out the hole and came to Queen Riza to unchain her.


Queen Riza was relieved when she was unchained.


“Thank you, Rosalie. It is really good to have a sister that could help at any moment if you needed.” Queen Riza was thankful to Rosalie for freeing her.


“I do not know why he was running hard and so screaming wild.” Queen Riza said.


“Martin? Now, he was in my room.” Rosalie was telling to Queen Riza that Martin was from her room.


“It was not Martin; it was Prince Suryabhan!” Queen Riza said. “Come, I will let you see where Martin is.”


Queen Riza opened a room near the room where she was chained. Inside was also small and in the corner, Rosalie saw Martin. He was also chained.


Martin pleaded Rosalie to help him.


“Rosalie, please help me. I am begging you, please help me.”


“We have to free him!” Rosalie said to Queen Riza.


“No, let him there. He is your ex-husband, remember?” Queen Riza do not like to free Martin.


Rosalie as she looked at Martin, now she knew that it was not Martin who was in her room but indeed Prince Suryabhan as he called her Eliazora. She nearly had made love with the husband of Queen Riza.


Rosalie, before they leave the room, threw again a look to Martin. When their eyes met, she saw the eyes of Martin begging for help. She felt pity for him.


“Do not pity him!” Queen Riza said liked she was reading the mind of Rosalie.


“He cannot be freed ever. Prince Suryabhan owned him. Besides if he will be freed, you will have a problem about this house, a problem with his crazy girlfriend, or he will go to the police. As I said, he could not be freed ever!”


They go out the room and closed the door. Rosalie still heard how Martin begged for help. “Rosalie, help me please. Help me!”


Rosalie returned to her room through the mirror. Queen Riza followed her.


“What did Prince Suryabhan was doing her in your room?” Queen Riza asked Rosalie.


“I did not know; he was Prince Suryabhan. It was Martin I saw. He was trying to make love to me” Rosalie told Queen Riza what she and Prince Suryabhan was doing.


“That sybarite wolfs! He never had change!” Queen Riza mumbled. “And why he was running away wild and screaming?”


“I do not know why. He was kissing my neck and I thought he accidentally had eaten the garlic that was in my neck. That’s what I am thinking,” Rosalie said.


What Rosalie was telling made Queen Riza chuckled and her chuckles turned into a loud laugh that filled the room of Rosalie. **to be continue** Remy Dorio