Reflection of a Vampire #12


Rosalie stopped the car as Queen Riza requested it. Queen Riza waves her hands to the four boys and said, “Hey Boys, wan'na ride?”


Rosalie laughed upon hearing what Queen Riza said and asked her. "Wanna ride? Where did you learn to talk like that?”


“I have my ways to learn things so don’t ask, and I will tell you, I will learn more.” Queen Riza answered Rosalie and she was smiling at the boys that were approaching to their car.


Rosalie saw the approaching boys and she noticed they were just teenagers. She quickly drove her car away from them that she almost hit one of them.


“Hey, look out!” the teenager that was almost hit shouted to them.


“What are you doing? Why did you drove away from them?” Queen Risa sounded disappointed and asked Rosalie because she drove away.


“What will you do with them, they were just boys!” Rosalie answered Queen Riza.


“I just want to talk to them! So, what if they are teenagers? They can also talk?”


“You want a snack? ” Rosalie changed the topic as she saw Queen Riza was frowning. The pancake bar was still open that was just ten meters walks away.


“Okay, let me out here. ” Queen Riza said.


“I will park here. Where are you going anyway?” Rosalie asked as she saw Queen Riza was looking far away, her look follow a man who was mounting his bicycle.


“Don’t ask. I want a man and I saw one. You also can look for a man if you like.” And before Rosalie can do a wink, she saw Queen Riza was already talking to the man on the bicycle. How did Queen Riza manage it? The man was more than ten meters away from them but Queen Riza was there so quick.


Rosalie shrugged her shoulders and walk toward the Pancake bar. She saw Queen Riza and the man on the bicycle no more and she's asking herself where they went.


She ordered two pancakes to go. She was planning to eat the pancakes in the car or maybe at home.


When she has the pancakes, Rosalie went to her car when a police car stopped next to her car. She saw Daniel, her neighbor policeman. Daniel saw her walking and greeted her.




"Good evening, Daniel. I am just buying pancakes." Rosalie said to Daniel.


"This late at night?"


"I am going home already. " Rosalie opened the door of her car and get in.


"Rosalie, can I invite you this weekend?" Daniel asked Rosalie if he could invite her to the weekend.


"What's the occasion?" Rosalie asked Daniel.


"We go out dining, you and me," Daniel answered Rosalie.


"That would be nice. What time?"


"Seven o'clock."


"Okay, seven o'clock,"


When the Police Car of Daniel and his partner drove away, Rosalie was relieved. She expected Queen Riza to come back soon and she doesn't like that Daniel would see Queen Riza.


Rosalie just stayed in her car waiting for Queen Riza when a car slightly approached and stopped at the side. 


The driver was a man and Rosalie was struck, the man was good-looking and was charmingly smiling at her.


"Hello, beautiful! Good evening. Waiting for someone?"


Rosalie looked at him, and the urge for sex she has for a few days now aroused. Rosalie thought, she must have sex tonight and this man was a good candidate.


"Maybe, for someone who could satisfy and make me happy," Rosalie answered the man. The shy Rosalie was seducing a man she just met.


"I could be that man, wait." the man properly parked his car and get out of his car, and walked toward Rosalie who also came out of her car.


The man holds the hand of Rosalie, "Am I the man you are waiting for?"


"You can kiss me!" Rosalie asked the man to kiss her. The man lost no time. He quickly kissed Rosalie and pantingly asked her, "We do it in your car or my car?


"There!" Rosalie wanted to make love with the man in the park.


And they walked toward the dark side of the park where high trees were growing.


The lovemaking was wild and satisfying for Rosalie. Her bodily yearning for days was answered.


Rosalie quickly stood up and walk toward her car. After the lovemaking, she felt shame to herself.


"Wait, you did not know yet my name! My name is Martin!" the man told Rosalie that his name was Martin.


Rosalie suddenly stopped. Martin? The man could not be Martin her ex-husband, or Prince Suryabhan as Martin. Rosalie returned to the man who was still busy wearing up his pants.


"What is your name, you say?"


"Martin, why?" the man was surprised why Rosalie comeback just to ask his name.


Rosalie looked at good to the face of the man who introduced himself as Martin. She looked straight in the eyes and she was relieved. Martin was not her ex-husband Martin and not Prince Suryabhan as Martin.


Rosalie being assured, walked toward her car and to her surprise, Queen Riza was in the car. She gets in her car and put on the key and started it.


"Enjoying yourself?" Queen Riza asked Rosalie and then laughed.


"Hide yourself, he is coming!" Rosalie told Queen Riza to hide as she saw Martin approaching her car.


"Don't you worry, he could not see me, nor hear I am talking." Queen Riza assured Rosalie that Martin could not see her.


"I heard you're talking, I thought you call me," Martin said to Rosalie, then he takes out a calling card from his wallet and gave it to Rosalie.


Rosalie accepted the card.


"May I know your name, please."


"Tell him your name." Queen Riza told Rosalie to give to Martin her name but Rosalie kept silent.


"Rosalie." it was Queen Riza that says the name of Rosalie. Martin looked around; he heard the name Rosalie but saw Rosalie was not speaking. **to be continued** Remy Dorio