Seeing Nora Aunor in Person

by Remedios Dorio


NORA AUNOR, I guess, still many Filipinos knew her. In my opinion no artist in the Philippines could surpass her popularity. She was really a phenomenal celebrity.

She was also named as a Superstar, and I agree. From winning the ‘Tawag ng Tanghalan’,

(Calling of the Stage) liked a rocket, her stardom climbed fast and whenever she goes, there’s this mass hysteria.

A singer, an actress and a movie producer. They said that she was from a poor family and that she only was selling ice water in a train station. Well, just liked the majorities, many successful Filipinos now a day was of humble beginnings and there’s no wrong about it.

I thought once, and still, that many people around her became rich. Some may disagree with me, but I hold to my opinion and they could also hold on theirs. Also, many actors instantly became popular when partnered with her in the movie. I remembered some names liked Tirso Cruz, Edgar Mortiz, Christopher de Leon and more.

Later, as I read some articles about her, things seemed were not going well. She came up, she came down; her life liked a roller coaster. I could not give my opinion about many things that happened to her because I knew nothing, so I only would tell or write about that memorable day in seeing her, Miss Nora Aunor in person.

If I am not wrong, the year was in 1970 or 1971. There’s a film of Nora Aunor with actor Edgar Mortiz, premiered in Iloilo City. The downtown was full of people, one could hardly walk forward; to imagine Iloilo was a big city.

Although Nora Aunor appeared on many films, I only saw two films of her, the film ‘Himala’ and the film ‘Banaue’ but I idolized her liked most of the Filipinos. So, when I heard that she and Edgar Mortiz were coming I was so excited. I said to myself; I must see her in person.

I found a nice spot where I believed I could see her better. It was in the gate at the back of the theater. But I was not alone, we were many, you hardly could move.

When we heard from far the hysterical screaming, we knew that she was already coming and we were right; we saw the car where she was in but when it passed the gate, we saw she was covered with a blanket and you could not see her face. When the car with Nora Aunor and some of her entourage in it entered thru the gate, the gate was again closed; I thought when Nora Aunor got out the car, they would take out the blanket that covered her and I was right. I saw the blanket was off and there she was, a petite young teenager surrounded by securities. So that I could see her better I climbed the gate and hung in there and also at the same time freed myself from the pushing crowd behind me that each tried to scuffle to have a good spot, at the same time the deafening screaming, ‘Nora! Nora!”.

I also shouted with might the name Nora when she was out the car, and at the same she looked at our direction, I felt a hand squeezing my sacred genitals, so I clearly did not see the face of Nora Aunor as I was angry looking down who did it. I saw a grinning face of a maniac liked he had a big victory in what he’d done to me. So angry I was, that without thinking, I kicked him on the face, and it was a strong kick that he falls down together with some people behind him. Commotion and the crowd was angrily squabbling, throwing bad words to each other. I leaved.

Home, I was still angry, and it stayed for a long time. I did not see the face of Nora Aunor because of that crazy man. This fragment of my life I never could forget. Before it was anger, but now that I am old and remembering it, I just smiled. ****the end****