The Letter of Evelyn - #21


🤦‍♀️Doctor Edgar Montero, when I said to Roy that he must wrote on papers what he was trying to tell me about the people that want my money, he let no grass grow as only one day I received a letter from him, explaining everything to me, why I must believe him about those people he was talking. He really was aiming for my money. Could someone believe that he was asking money from me not for him but for other people? Stupid and ridiculous! Although I do not believe him, I read what he had written for the purpose only of knowing more stupid reasons from him, but Doctor Edgar Montero, after I read his letter, a kind of confessions from him, I started to doubt. I will tell you, Doctor Edgar Montero what he wrote. According to him, these people he was talking about were after Nelson. Nelson had a huge wealth that these people wanted to seize. These people were syndicated criminals. These groups of criminals were from America, and they already victimized many rich people. Nelson trusted his wealth to a Law Firm & Management, and this Law Firm & Management company was the one who manage everything, Nelson has nothing to do but enjoy the harvest, meaning Nelson continues becoming richer while sleeping. The plan was to eliminate Nelson, and one person will take over his place, so simple. A kind of identity snatching. But then, before Nelson could be eliminated, he got married to me. A problem for the criminals because if Nelson died, I would inherit the wealth of Nelson. To have an impostor for Nelson would not work anymore. Roy was then recruited and paid a huge amount of money to destroy my marriage with Nelson, and not that, I must be eliminated too but after only established that I am a junkie, a drug addict. Roy, being a junkie himself, sometimes forgot that he worked for the criminals and had been paid money. Roy if was high with drugs became violent and always hurts me and there’s also Amalia, my best friend who was in love with Roy too, came in between. I rehabilitated myself, and that was the time that Nelson was eliminated. Because I authorized my father, they let me even rest, first my parents will be eliminated and then after, me. The criminals wanted that Roy must marry me but instead he married the actress and now these criminals wanted to eliminate him. The money he was asking from me, he will use it for hiding, he and his wife. Doctor Edgar Montero, if it is true what he was telling me, do you think I will give him the money? Hell, no! Now is my turn! And imagine, he wrote also that I must be careful with my friend Adora, because, Adora was also in the complot. That warning of him about Adora worked because I started to suspect Adora, and Adora noticed that I am avoiding her.🤦️  

“Did I do something wrong?” Adora asked Evelyn, as Adora entered the office of Evelyn.

“Nothing, why you ask?” Evelyn replied to Adora.

“I do not know, but I feel you are avoiding me.” Adora answered then sit down on the chair across Evelyn’s table.

“I am not avoiding you, why will I do that?” Evelyn said to Adora that she was not avoiding her.

“Had you read the newspaper today?” Adora asked Evelyn if she read the day newspaper.

“No, I even did not open the TV for it.” Evelyn answered Adora that she had not read the newspaper and that did not even look the news on the TV.

“So, you haven't heard or know it yet?” Adora asked.

“About what?” Evelyn askingly answered Adora.

“About Roy and his wife Trudy Torres?”

“What is about them?” Evelyn looked at Adora.

“It was the headline of today’s newspaper, and they talked about it constantly on TV. Roy and his wife Trudy Torres were dead!” Adora told Evelyn that Roy and Trudy Torres were dead.

“What?” Evelyn could not believe her ears. Roy and his actress wife were dead.

“Why? What happened?”

“Open your TV.”

🤦‍♀️Together with Adora, we watch the TV in my office. Indeed, the death of Roy and his wife Trudy was the topic of the day. The car that Roy was driving, it was the Mustang car I had given to him, fall down the high canyon of the road going to Baguio. Doctor Edgar Montero, sometimes I could not understand myself. Roy is my terminator, my destroyer, I must be happy that finally he was no more, but that was not I felt. Yes, I did not rejoice that Roy was gone, gone forever.🤦

“Did I see tears?” Adora asked Evelyn as she looked at Evelyn that has the expression of sadness in her face.

“Adora, sometimes I cannot understand myself.” Evelyn heaved a sigh and wiped with her hand the tears in her eyes. “I must be happy that he died, but I am not.”

“You still love Roy.” Adora said.

“My mind says no, but my heart say yes.” Evelyn answered Adora.


“That is an honest answer, Evelyn. I admire you.” Adora after a long pause said to Evelyn.

“Roy did many wrong things to you, abused you, to such level that if I am you, I’d killed him with my own hands. Too bad that Roy did not value such undying love. A pity really.”

🤦‍♀️Yes, I did not understand myself or my heart Doctor Edgar Montero. Why I still had a feeling to Roy. He admitted to me that his mission was to destroy me; he did it because of money. He never loves me but how and why, I felt, he had feelings to me too? Was it because that was I wanted to believe or feel? Adora said I would have a quiet life because Roy is gone, is no more but I still have the letter of Roy about the theory that syndicated criminals are aiming the money or wealth of Nelson, the wealth that are already all mine. Secretly, I contacted John Mar, remember my first love that had forsaken me because my family became poor. John Mar became a lawyer and struggling to make names in the world of Law and Justices. Together with three young lawyers they started a Law Firm here in the big city of Manila.

“ The rich, Mrs. Romano!” John Mar shook hands with Evelyn.

“John Mar, could we talk business directly?” Evelyn said to John Mar.

“Should I invite my associates?” John Mar asked Evelyn.

“Yes.” Evelyn answered.

Within five minutes, Evelyn and the four young lawyers are sitting across each other in a round table. A secretary was also with them.

“My father was the administrator of all my properties and my money. Now my father was dead. I need one.” Evelyn started the conversation.

Upon hearing what Evelyn said, the four young lawyers looked at each other.

“I want your Firm to be the administrator.” Evelyn continued.

“Evelyn, wait. May I ask you a question?” John Mar asked Evelyn if he could ask her a question.

“Yes.” Evelyn answered.

“Why did you come to us? After what I had done to you.” John Mar was talking about the past.

“John Mar, forget about it. You are now married with two children. Be happy with your family. I come purely for business. Why? I will answer you. You are always an honest person. On that matter I can trust you.” Evelyn answered John Mar. John Mar nodded. He agreed what Evelyn said. He's  straight forward honest person and indeed he can be trusted.

“So you want our Firm to be the administrator of your wealth. But what I know is that a big Law Firm was the one managing all of your wealth?” John Mar said.

“Is possible I can designate your firm as my administrator?” Evelyn asked.

“I guess so, unless you had an exclusive contract with the other firm.” John Mar answered.

“Prepare the papers, and I also want a video recording. Could it be possible today?”

“Of course, we will work for it immediately, gave us two hours to prepare everything.” 

 🤦‍♀️I made the Law Firm of John Mar and his associates as my administrator of everything I had. It was in papers and virtually recorded in a video. The previous Law Firm of Nelson still have the same function as they have but the Law Firm of John Mar is above them all, the Law Firm in America included. John Mar and his associates were happy. It was a big break for their company. I am thinking about Greg to be my administrator, but Roy had poisoned my mind. I started to have doubts on them, Greg, Adora and the Law Firm which Greg was already an associate.

I thought the problems left in me were only my nasty thoughts or memories of what happened in my life and my relationship with my mother. I must work to gain again the love of the most important woman in my life. But Doctor Edgar Montero, tragedy is not yet finished with me. ****to be continued ****