Do You Believe in God, Father?


Herman was a silent type man, quiet and seemed could create no trouble at all. What people did not know was that Herman was a psycho killer, he killed already five people.

One day he went to the church for a confession.


“Father, bless me because I’d sinned.”

“Bless you, my child, I am listening.”

“I’d killed five people.”


“Because I became angry to them.”

“You don’t killed people just because you are angry?”

“When I’m angry I can’t help myself, Father.”

“You have to control yourself.”

“I can control myself, Father, only one thing I could not.”

“And what is that?”

“When I asked a person if he believe in God and answered me that they do.”


“Because I don’t believe in God, so I hate people that believe in God. Like my best friend, I asked him if he believe in God and he answered me yes, so I stabbed him.”

“It’s a big sin.”

“That’s why I’m confessing. Father can I ask you a question?”

“Go ahead, you can ask me.”

“Father do you believe in God?”