The Letter of Evelyn - #18


🤦‍♀️I am rattled, I do not know anymore what to do. The video, Roy used it to extort people, people of the film world. I suspect Roy was with a group of criminal people. The trade of this people was drugs and extortion. I am one of the victims as Roy always asked money from me, huge amount of money.🤦

“I gave you fifty thousand last week, and now you are again asking money from me?” Evelyn said to Roy when he asked her the amount of one hundred thousand pesos.

“I already had spent it all!”

“I cannot just give you big amount of money every time you ask.”

“Why not?” Roy was angry at Evelyn. He put his hands around Evelyn’s neck. “If I said you give me money, you should give me money!”

“Roy, your hurting me!” Evelyn cried.

“I cannot understand why you always make me angry.” And Roy takes his hands off from Evelyn’s neck.

“I don’t know what you are doing with the money.” Evelyn said.

“You want to know what I am doing with the money. Do you want it that I will tell it you? Okay, I’ll tell you. I am building a house for me, and you know who?”

“That actress, Trudy Torres!”

“You are not stupid then! Yes, I am building a house for me and for Trudy. And if it is finish, Trudy and I will get marry!”

🤦‍♀️ Doctor Edgar Montero, Roy treats me like a thrash. I asked myself why I had got involved again with Roy, why did I let myself be in his life? My mother was right, a person could not change just like that and that includes me. I thought to myself that I’d change, but I did not. I am the same person who does not listen to my parents, I am the same person who only thinks about myself, I am the same person who was stupid to believe Roy, to be in love again with a man who done nothing nice to me. Stupid, I am a very stupid woman. Roy openly is having a relation with the actress, and he was using my money to spoil her, I said to myself I must do something.🤦

“I told it you already. Roy is no good!” Adora said when Evelyn asked her to advise about what to do with Roy.

“Adora, sorry if I did not listen to your advice. If I did, I wouldn't have this problem now.” Evelyn said.

“I don’t know what advise I can give to you. You have to fight Roy.” Adora said.

“How could I fight Roy? He even would do pain to me if I refused to give him money.”

“You have to fight, Evelyn. You must be strong and must have a courage to do that.”

“Besides, I need Roy for Meth!” Evelyn told Adora that she was back on meth.

“My God, Evelyn. That was very stupid of you.”

“I know. I think I must rehabilitate again.”

“You can do that here in the foundation. We have the clinic.”

“It is not a clever idea. I am thinking the clinic where we were been rehabilitated. I have to come back there.”

“Roy could find you there.”

“No, if I will let believe everybody that I go abroad, to USA.”

“Yes, the same what my parents did when I came there in the clinic to rehabilitate. Evelyn, I will help you, but please, promise me; don’t fall again to temptation of drugs and please erase Roy in your life.”

🤦‍♀️That’s what I decided to do Doctor Edgar Montero. To enroll again in the rehabilitation clinic. When my parents knew what was happening with me, they were disappointed and angry.🤦

“It is useless to rehabilitate yourself if only after a brief moment you comeback to drugs and Roy.” Teresa said to her daughter.

“That Roy must be eliminated.” Carlos commented.

“What kind of language is that?” Teresa replied to what Carlos said. “If something will happen to Roy you are the one to be blame.”

“That man was simply a devil!” Carlos continued cursing Roy.

“Papa, please forget Roy. It is my mistake. I will fight Roy but first I must help myself. Again, I must be clean from the poison of drugs then I will see how I can fight the demon that is Roy. Inside the clinic I will plan how I can have the courage to fight Roy. I promise Papa, this time I really mean it.”

“Evelyn, first you have to fight yourself.” Teresa said to Evelyn.

“Mama, I will try my best to fight myself. Not to be weak anymore.”

🤦‍♀️I tried, Doctor Edgar Montero. Only Adora and my parents knew where I was. Everybody that know me thought I was in America. One year again in the rehabilitation clinic, I am readying again to face the world, and this time I must be strong. This second time around, I prayed to God to save and guide me, to help and standby me in fighting the devil that will not go away from me.🤦

“Evelyn, I am very happy that you are rehabilitated again, and I hope this time you hold fast that you won’t comeback to your old ways of life.” Teresa said to her daughter.

“Mama, once I had promised myself, you and Papa, even to Nelson on his grave. But I am weak and never fulfilled it. Now, I will make no promises but just say, I will try my best.” Evelyn answered her mother.

“You must avoid Roy; he is not good for you. With him you forgot what was good and what is bad. That is only what I ask from you, Evelyn, stay away from Roy.” Carlos said to his daughter that she must stay away from Roy.

“Papa, I will try!”

🤦‍♀️I made no promises because honestly, I do not trust myself. I cannot promise to my parents I will stay away from Roy because I know Roy, eventually will approach me. I hope only that if Roy would be around, I will not be the stupid Evelyn that can be easily manipulated by him. I know from Adora that Roy was married to Trudy Torres, the actress.🤦

“That is good news.” Evelyn said to Adora when Adora told her about Roy being married to the actress who was a daughter of a very well to do family.

“Yes, so I think you will have no problem anymore with Roy.” Adora continued telling Evelyn about Roy and Trudy Torres.

“I hope. How about you, how are you and Greg, everything okay?”

“Oh, yes. Everything is okay. Greg is a good loving man, very responsible and his career is also going well.” Adora gladly replied to Evelyn about her life. Adora was happy with her marriage.

“How is the foundation?”

“Also good. You know, we have a lot of donators; besides the subsidy we receive from the government.”

“The sun is shining bright!” Evelyn said.

“Yes, and I know, for you also. Your only weakness is Roy. Now that Roy is married you will have no problem with him anymore.”

🤦‍♀️Doctor Edgar Montero, the assumption of Adora about Roy was wrong. Roy, when I came out the rehabilitation clinic, was just more than a month married, and I am not yet one week in Manila, I received a message from him and do you know what, God, you cannot believe it, he was asking money from me.🤦

“You have no shame on yourself.” Evelyn messaged Roy back.

“I need money!” Roy messaged Evelyn again.

“Your problem, not mine!”

🤦‍♀️I blocked him from my telephone. How he dared contacting me just to asked money? But Doctor Edgar Montero, Roy did not stop. He appeared in the foundation and insisted hardly that he must talk to me. The security guard almost dragged him outside.

“You don’t have to drag me, or you will regret!” Roy warned the security guard.

“Sir, I am just doing my job. Ma’am Romano do not want to see you. You cannot force her.” The security guard answered Roy in a composed polite way.

“She must see and talk to me, or she will regret! Tell it her.”

“Okay, Sir I will tell Ma’am Romano!” the security guard answered.

“Don’t forget it. She must talk to me! I give her twenty-four hours to change her mind. After that, if she does not talk to me, the hell will explode, and she will regret it. Tell it to her.” And Roy went to his Mustang car that Evelyn gave to him and angrily started it and drove fast away.

🤦‍♀️The security guard told me what Roy had said to him. Imagine Doctor Edgar Montero; he gave me twenty-four hours to react to his demands. The Hell will explode! What does he mean? What can he do to me? The video he had on that party that everybody participated the orgy and abusing alcohol with drugs, will he use it to extort money from me? ****to be continued****