MAMA, Even Only That Word

by Remedios Dorio


The shadow of you,

Keep lingering on me.

Wherever I am,

It always follows me.

So much I hated,

For it’s destroying me.

Opinions of people,

Cared my hatred to you,

You’re my mother I hate you!


Away from us you ran,

As a child then I grew,

Always with a thought that you,

Never had loved and cared.

Yet still I’d yearned for you,

Kept asking myself why,

You did not give me a chance,

To grow liked other children,

With guiding mother on their side.


Then you come back,

Claiming me your child,

Cruelly I said to you,

You never were my mother,

Nor I had a mother liked you.

I saw sorrows and sadness,

Tears fells from your eyes,

It did not bother me,

Cause I hate you. 


I stumbled on your diary,

Horrified what you’d written,

I was shocked and frightened,

I hardly believe it’s true.

Now I understood well,

Your pains and agonies,

They forced you to leave me.

I pity and regretted but too late,

For you’re gone already.


The whippings of miseries,

They had done to you,

It’s hurting I am the same,

We were not so kind to you.

Why I don’t have the power,

To see and understand,

Why I did not realize,

What happiness it will be to you,

MAMA, to hear from me even that word.