by Remedios Dorio

If someone will ask or wonder what personality, I have, simply, I will describe myself to them that I am shy, introvert and a loner. I also would like to say that I have done things in my life that contradicted my describing about me, therefore I would describe myself that I am or had a complex personality.

Why am I shy? Because when visitors came to our house I quickly would go inside my room and stayed there until they were gone. My parents could not understand it.

Introvert? Because I preferred to just stay home. Loner? Because I just want to do things alone.

Don’t take me wrong. I am not a weird person. From my adolescent age many said I was a charming person; although in getting older, gradually the charm diminished but once for a while I could still hear some words of admirations.

In my high school days, I shined. Many boys have crushes on me, and many girls wanted me to be their friends. I made friends but only few although I could say that I am nice to everybody. I said not much, but I always gave my smile.

I have two best friends, Carol and Susan. Although we only saw each other in the school but we were always together. Inside the school room, we sat next to each other. During the recess we ate our snacks together and so on that our teacher adviser called us the three musketeers.

We were good girls. We study well and do no rare things, only once for a while, we escaped classes. Why do we escape classing? Mostly we did it, only to see movies.

I do not know the reasons why Carol and Susan have to escape classes just to see a movie, but me I knew very well my reasons. I could not go to see a movie on Saturday or Sunday because my mother would say that I am still studying, I have many works to do at home and it’s a waste of money.

“First you have to study well, finish a profession then work, and when you are already earning your own money, you can see movies as much as you like,” my mother said it to me when once I asked her, I want to see a film.

“And when will it be? I am still in my second-year high school,” I answered my mother. “and besides the movie I wanted to see now, later is no more, is gone.”

I could give many reasons to my mother, but it would not work. Whether you like it or not, as a child you must obey your parents, basta.

Escaping classes therefore was the answer for me to see films I like to see. In my mind, I thought I did pleasure to both of us, for me I see my film, for my mother she thought I am in the school studying; my parents would not notice it at all because I have good ciphers in all my subjects but not for the teachers. They instantly noticed if a student escaped classes.

One day we escaped classes, Carol, Susan and me, of course we went to the theater to see a film. The next day at school, our teacher before starting to give lessons to us students have it about us, Carol, Susan and me.

“I missed students yesterday,” our teacher said. “Carol, will you stand, please?”

Carol stood up nervously, she looked at Susan and me.

“Where were you yesterday? Why are you not present at my class? I learned you were present in another class,” our teacher in Mathematics was also our adviser. We have classes with her in the afternoon. Yesterday we attended other classes in the morning, but we escaped the other classes in the afternoon.

“Ma’am, I went home yesterday,” Carol answered.

“You went home, may I know why?”

“Ma’am I have stomach ache, so terrible I can’t hold it anymore, I have to go home,” Carol answered our teacher.

“Are you sure?” our teacher asked her again.

“Yes, Ma’am, I am very sure,” Carol answered, and she looked at Susan and me.

“Okay, you went home because you had a stomach ache. All right, sit down, but tomorrow brings an excuse letter from your parents explaining why you were not in the class.” Our teacher said to Carol who was relief. Then our teacher called Susan to stand up.

“You also did not attend my class yesterday, would you explain why?” our teacher asked Susan.

“Yes, Ma’am, because I went home,” Susan answered.

“You went home, tell me and your classmates why you went home.”

“I have a headache, Ma’am,” Susan gave a reason that she had a headache. When students were absent or they escaped classes, the teacher always heard those reasons, stomachache and a headache.

“Headache it is. Okay, sit down, also bring a note from your parents explaining that you went home because you had a headache,” when our teacher said that Susan could sit down, I knew I would be the next to be questioned. I panicked a little, I don’t know what would be my reason, I could not used anymore the stomach-and-headache reason.

“You also escaped my class yesterday,” our teacher said to me.

“Yes, Ma’am,” I answered her.

“Why?” our teacher asked. I hesitated to answer. In my thoughts, should I lie or tell the truth? The problem with me was that it was difficult for me to lie, but I also could not put down Carol and Susan. I could not betray them.

“I am waiting for your answer, why did you escape my class yesterday?”

“Ma’am because, I went to the Cinema,” when I looked at Carol and Susan, I saw their face became pale and they became nervous.

“You went to the Cinema, with Susan and Carol?” our teacher asked.

“Oh, no, Ma’am, I went to the Cinema alone!” with my answer I saw on the face of my two friends that they were relieved.

“You only went alone, but you three, are inseparable, how come? Or you have a date?” our teacher asked.

When our teacher asked or suggested that I just went alone because maybe I have a date, it formed in my thoughts a naughty answer.

“Yes, Ma’am you could say that I have a date,” I answered her.

“You’re dating already? How old are you, twelve, thirteen years old? Who was your date, you have already a boyfriend?” our teacher was a little shocked about my answer to her.

“Not really, Ma’am?”

“What not really, what do you mean?”

“I have no boyfriend.”

“And who was your date?”

“Christopher Lee, Ma’am.”

“Christopher Lee, the Hollywood actor?” our teacher asked me, then when I answered yes, she asked me again after a paused; “And how is he, Christopher Lee?”

My classmates were all eyes on me, waiting for my answer.

“Good, Ma’am, he was superb,” I answered.

“Okay, come here in front of the class and tell us all about your date with Christopher Lee,” our teacher told me to stand in front of the class. I did, I told to all my classmates who really believe I have a date with Christopher Lee, the Hollywood actor, behalf Carol and Susan because we three were together going to the Cinema.

“I escaped classing because I have a date with Christopher Lee. I enjoyed it very much,” that’s how I started my telling; and of course, my telling continued how the film was. The film we see that day when we escaped classes was THE MUMMY starred by Christopher Lee. I guess I did the storytelling well because my classmates were all carried about as they all concentrated in listening.

After my storytelling about the film THE MUMMY, our teacher let me sit down, and then said to me, “You are so fascinated with Christopher Lee, that’s why you did not invite your friends to come with you.”

“Ma’am I did invite them but what can I do? Carol has a stomachache and Susan a headache.” I answered.

“Yes of course,” she said to me. “But you know, you have to pay for your date with Christopher Lee.”

“I paid Ma’am. You cannot come inside the Cinema if you don’t pay,” I said.

“You also have to pay me,” our teacher answered me. “You pay me with an excuse letter both signed by your parents and there should be stated that you escaped classes because you went to the Cinema and had a date with Christopher Lee.”

When I told my parents about it, because I had no choice, my mother twisted my ear, scolded me and punished me, by cutting my everyday allowance to half. That time I find my date with Christopher Lee was very humiliating and expensive.****The End****