The Letter of Evelyn - #25


🤦‍♀️Doctor Edgar Montero, the sin is adultery. John Mar was married, and he made love to me, me that is not his wife. Fornication, two not married person making love to each other. Someone had given a meaning to the word fornication; I do not know who, but it says, ‘fornication means two wrong people doing the right thing.’  Adultery, fornication or what, I enjoyed my time with John Mar.🤦

“I really enjoy doing it with you. You are superb!” John Mar softly whispered it to Evelyn’s ear, after their very passionate love making. A sweet smile was the answer that Evelyn gave.

“I am very happy, John Mar. So long ago that I did not having this feeling. I love you!” and Evelyn put her head on John Mar’s arm, at the same time hugging him as she put her arm around the naked body of John Mar.

“I am happy too, Evelyn.”

“Too bad, we have to go back to the Philippines within this week.” Evelyn said.

“We could stay longer. You are the boss and if you say we stay, then we stays.” John Mar replied.

“Really, you like it that we stay a little longer?” Evelyn was excited.

“For one month more, why not?” John Mar answered Evelyn.

“How about them, your secretary, and associates?” Evelyn asked John Mar about his associates and secretary.

“They also could have their vacation; they will like it.”

🤦‍♀️We’d stayed one month longer, and I will tell you Doctor Edgar Montero, every moment of the one month was heaven to me. I know that John Mar was a married man with children, but it did not stop me to be happy with John Mar. John Mar and I have an understanding, an appointment that I must not a trouble to his marriage. I had no intention to destroy the marriage of John Mar. I just want to be happy because I also have the right to be happy. The associates of John Mar and his secretary knew about John Mar and me, but they said no words or gave no comments. They just acted like they knew nothing, they just looked at the other side, the other direction. When we were back to the Philippines, I don’t know how Adora know about John Mar and me.🤦

“How could you do that?” the tone of Adora’s voice was accusing Evelyn.

“What are you talking about?” Evelyn was surprised and did not get what Adora meant.

“You and John Mar! You’re having a relationship with John Mar!” Adora bluntly answered Evelyn about her relationship with John Mar.

“Who told you that?” Evelyn could not understand how Adora know about her and John Mar having a relationship.

“Such thing you never can hide Evelyn!” Adora answered.

“There’s nothing personal between John Mar and me!” Evelyn denied the assumption of Adora. “What we have is purely business!”

“Deny it if you like Evelyn but you must realize that what you are doing is destroying a marriage!” Adora insisted to Evelyn about her belief that Evelyn and John Mar have a relationship.

“No marriage will be broken Adora because there’s nothing between John Mar and me!”

🤦‍♀️I denied to Adora everything about John Mar and me. Only I wondered why she knew? Someone told it her, but who? I continue seeing John Mar, and we do our best to keep it a secret especially to his wife. I am contented just to be the other woman. Sometimes, I asked myself; how can I love John Mar again after what he had done to me, throwing me away as dirt because my family became poor? Many will answer that because I am stupid, or some may say because love is blind. Whatever it maybe, my heart is shouting for love and my mind have to concede as my soul also needed a little consolation after the many agonies and sorrows I did had. Doctor Edgar Montero, trouble did come. John Mar told me about the big fight he had with his wife.🤦

“How is Evelyn?” Olivia, the wife of John Mar, asked her husband that night when John Mar came home late.

“What are you talking about? I came from my work!” John Mar answered his wife.

“You think that I am stupid!” Olivia was angry.

“I did not say that!” John Mar said to Olivia.

“But that is what you are thinking. You think I knew nothing because I am not a professional, I am just a mere stay-at-home spouse who must only wait for her husband to come home what ever time he wishes!” Olivia continued accusing her husband, John Mar chuckled not minding Olivia, firing words at him like a machine gun. Olivia became angrier to the nonchalant reaction from John Mar that she suddenly threw something to him. John Mar looked at Olivia that this time was very furious.

“You know what those pictures are.”

John Mar, picked up the photos that Olivia threw to him. In the photos was him and Evelyn in very intimate scenes. The face of John Mar became pale.

“Now, you will still deny that there’s nothing between you and Evelyn?” Olivia angrily asked John Mar.

“Who gave you these photos?” the voice of John Mar raised.

“That is only what’s bothering you. From whom the photos came from? Not the truth that you and Evelyn were busy betraying me?” and Olivia cried.

“Olivia, take out from your mind about these photos. It means nothing.” John Mar heaved a sigh and tried to comfort his wife.

“How could you do this to me?” Olivia was sobbing.

“As I said, it means nothing. Do you really believe that I will exchange you and our children to Evelyn? It will never happen! You are my wife. You are the one I married. You are the one I love.” John  Mar said words that he thought will calm Olivia.

“Seeing that photos hurts me, John Mar. It really hurts!” 

🤦‍♀️Olivia, my childhood best friend that became the wife of John Mar, received photos on the mail. Intimate photos of John Mar and me. Of course, a wife will become hurt and angry. But John Mar said there was nothing to worry, he can handle Olivia. But as always, no one can handle a woman scorned.🤦

 “Olivia?” Evelyn was surprised when she came in her office seeing Olivia already inside sitting. Olivia, who was pouting and angrily looking at her did not answer. Olivia looked at Evelyn from the heel to top as like she was scanning her.

“What can I do for you?” Evelyn tried to be calm in a very tense situation.

“Leave my husband alone!” Olivia sternly said to Evelyn.

“I have no intention on taking your husband away from you.” Evelyn answered Olivia.

“Do you think that my husband loves you?” Olivia asked Evelyn.

“Olivia asked your husband not me.” Evelyn answered.

“Well, I will tell it you. John Mar do not love you!” Olivia answered her own question.

“Okay, so let it be. You have nothing to worry.” Evelyn said.

“I still have to worry. I am worried that my husband will become sick of venereal disease you could transmit to him!” Olivia told Evelyn that she was not worried about John Mar being in love with Evelyn because John Mar did not love Evelyn. What she was afraid was the venereal disease that Evelyn could transmit to her husband.

“You better go home, Olivia. I have works to do.” Evelyn wanted to finish the conversation with Evelyn.

“You do not want to hear the truth. That your body was full of germs you had from many men!” Olivia continued humiliating Evelyn.

“Be careful of your mouth, Olivia.” Evelyn warned Olivia.

“You will not ask me why I said it. I saw a video where you are doing it with many men at the same time, you dirty whore!”

“What video you are talking about?” Evelyn knew what video Olivia was talking about, but she just wanted to know how Olivia knew about it.

“I saw it with my own eyes. You are doing it with several men. John Mar let it me see.” Olivia told Evelyn that it was John Mar self who let Olivia see the video.

John Mar had seen the video and had let it see to Olivia his wife. A kind of anger and disappointment creeped into Evelyn’s mind, but she composed herself and told Olivia to go away.

“Go, Olivia, just go!” Evelyn said.

“I will go, but as I said you leave my husband alone! Leave John Mar alone before you regret it!”

🤦‍♀️Doctor Edgar Montero, again, I am in trouble. The trouble I am talking is me, about myself. Olivia told me that she had seen the video together with John Mar. John Mar had seen the video. What was his thinking? When they were watching together, John Mar and Olivia, did they laugh? The love I thought was blossoming was just a play for John Mar and an illusion for me.🤦️****to be continued ****