The Letter of Evelyn - #22


🤦‍♀️The death of Roy had given me a kind of pain, but I easily could stop the pain with thoughts of all that he had done to me and that he existed no more. The death of my father was still a guilt that keeps hammering, the death of Nelson and the death of my son. Physically and mentally I am battered. I do not know anymore what to feel or what to think. My life is useless, and I thought why I was still living, living for what? Then, the final nail that will close my coffin came hard. My mobile phone rang, and it was the number of the mobile phone of my mother. I was happy because at last my mother contacted me, but I am very disappointed. It is not my mother who called.🤦️ 


“Ma’am.” Lolita was crying in the phone.

“Why are you crying? What is wrong?” Evelyn was puzzled why Lolita; her mother’s helper was crying.

“There are many police here, will you please come home?” Lolita was panicking.

“Police? Why, what happened?” Evelyn wanted to know why there were police in her mother’s house.

“It is your mother. Something happened to her. Please, quickly come home.” Lolita asked Evelyn to come home quickly.

🤦‍♀️Lolita was in panicked. She said something happened to my mother and there were police in the house. I am very worried, something happened to my mother, and I do not know what, Lolita do not want to tell me on the phone. The same moment, I went home fast with a little two-sitter private plane I just bought a week ago. Nelson with his money did not own a private plane or even a yacht so as most of the people that are rich. Within the two hours, I am already there. There are still a police car and an ambulance.🤦

“Your mother committed suicide!” the police officer said to Evelyn.

“My God!” Evelyn was shocked. “That is not true!”

“She wrote a short letter. For you!” the police gave Evelyn the brief note that Teresa wrote. Evelyn with a trembling hand accepted from the police, the note, her mother wrote to her and read it. It is indeed a very short letter. ‘ I am sorry Evelyn. There’s nothing more for me to live. Goodbye. I love you!’ A very short line seemed unpersonal, no connection. The verge of tears in Evelyn’s eyes started to stream down her cheek. She felt her knees trembled and a swirling feeling, Evelyn collapsed.

The paramedic helped Evelyn to regain her consciousness. She was already sitting on a chair when she opened her eyes.

“Mrs. Romano, I hope you are okay?” the paramedic asked Evelyn.

“Mrs. Romano is there’s someone we could call to manage everything about your mother?” the police officer asked Evelyn. And Evelyn just shook her head.

🤦‍♀️Doctor Edgar Montero, imagine, my mother committed suicide and left me only a brief note. What would you think about that? Who would I call on this time of sorrow? In whole of my life, I never saw relatives on our house. I never had an aunt or uncles or cousin. I never thought about that when I grew, it was just normal. I knew my mother was an orphan and in her whole life she never talked about family. My father was an only child and his parents all deceased when I am still a child. I realized, I never had a grandma or a grandpa. And now that my mother was no more, it is frightening the thought that I am alone, I had no one. Lolita, the housekeeper standby me. She treated me like her younger sister.

After the funeral of my mother, I do not know what to do with the house and the hacienda of my parents. Alone, only with Lolita, the house was very lonely. The house where I grew and had my happy youth, the silence was deafening. Thinking back those happy days of my youth made me sad. I ask Lolita what I would do with the hacienda and the house. Lolita simply answered, why not divide the hacienda to the people that had worked with my parents for a long time. Lolita said, I am alone what will I do with all my money? Better gave it away to those who needs. Lolita was right Doctor Edgar Montero. I am swimming in money why not gave it to the needy. For what will I do with so much money. Money, after all, was the source of all miseries that has been happening now in my life. I now believe about the phrase, that money was the root of all evils. I contacted the Law Firm of John Mar and his associates. They must work for the distribution of land to beneficiaries. The house I like to keep it as memory of my parents, so I thought to turn it into an orphanage. Money could not make a person happy, but a person really needs money. I know it, because of my money just a snap of my finger everything were done for me. I am happy that I can do it because I have money? No! The word happiness was long gone in my vocabulary.

I already had forgotten about that box that my father do not like that somebody know I have it, but Lolita reminded me.🤦

 “Of course, I forgot. Where is the box?”

“In my room.”

“Take it and bring it to my room. I will look what’s inside.”

“Yes, Ma’am and I want to give this to you.” Lolita take out from her body an envelope.

“What is that? Why are you hiding it in your body?” Evelyn asked as she saw Lolita take out the envelope she hidden in her underwear.

“Psssttt!” Lolita made a gesture of letting Evelyn know that it must be secret. Evelyn was puzzled.

“A letter from your mother. She emphatically ordered me to not let it see by others and that I will only give it to you.” Lolita said.

“Okay, bring that box to my room. I will read this letter inside my room and after that I will look at the box.” Evelyn said to Lolita and went into her bedroom.

🤦‍♀️Doctor Edgar Montero, I thought that mother had only that brief note the police had given to me, but she had a long letter, and you know, I was shocked, shocked from what she wrote. Here, Doctor Edgar Montero, I write it so as she wrote for you to read. It says, “Dear Evelyn, my beloved daughter. When you read this letter, I am already gone. I go to join your father. As you already knew, I’d taken my own life. I am asking your forgiveness for that. Please, Evelyn, know that my love to you as my only daughter has no measure. I love you very much. What I am going to tell you, I hope you understand it. Your dying father had a wish to me. He said, Roy was all the fuse of everything that’s happening in your life. Seeing your life deteriorating with drugs and everything I am also slowly dying. I will not mention one by one what you had done to yourself and your husband and your child because your father and I know that it all happened because of Roy. Your father request was that I must do everything to eliminate Roy from your life. It means hook or by crook, Roy must go. What your father means was that I must hired a hitman to eliminate Roy, so I did. I paid a big amount of money to let it happen, pity his wife was a collateral damage. That was the reason I drove you away, so that if something goes wrong you have nothing to do from what happened to Roy and his wife. Remember Evelyn. I love you; I love you very much. Forgive us, your father and me, but we must do it, forgive us Evelyn. Doctor Edgar Montero, what would you think about that? I had made my parents criminals. It hurts to know that they do not hate me but love me that much. How did I waste the love of my parents? I brought them no happiness but problems and sorrows, God forgive me.

The box contained papers, all papers concerning properties and wealth of Nelson. My father also had a letter for me. He said, I must take care the papers. He had taken it from the house of Nelson. Nelson had a vault, but there’s nothing on it. My father found the vault wide opened, as it was on the fatal day that the robbers shot Nelson dead on the head. The papers he hides in a secret closet beneath the floor under the small table at the side of the windowpane. It was only accidentally discovered when her father let the house be renovated. Her father said, he tried to check with the Law Firm that’s managing Nelson’s property and I must let it be investigated because my father discovered many anomalies. Someone or the Law Firm gradually stealing properties and money from Nelson.🤦****to be continued****